The Chinese have special feelings.

Three or five friends gathered around the streets and lanes, and tasted the skewers grilled in small fires.


It feels like how cool it is!


In 2018, station B launched a food documentary, which took the camera to the late -night barbecue stall.


The good reputation of the two seasons has made it a “golden signboard” for domestic food films.

After a lapse of 2 years, this “Dragus Drama” finally returned–

A series of life in the third season of life


There are wine and meat, and there are stories


Since the first season, “One Strings of Life” have been filled with strong fireworks.

Not only does it include all kinds of foods in the four seas, but also the daily life of ordinary people.

However, due to the epidemic, the show was stopped for a long time.


But when the first episode of the third season was opened, it was still the familiar taste.

Qilu’s brother and


There is an irreplaceable bond.

In Zibo, Shandong, at the barbecue stall operated by the store, the diners’ love for it was overflowing.

Use two pieces of pancakes, add barbecue, and roll a whole green onion.


This perfectly creates the “authentic” burrito in the eyes of the locals.

The old list from Yanji Xueyi has a masterpiece ——

Grilled plum pork

Cut the skin pork belly evenly, and then grill on the fire.

Miao hands let the seasoning rain dew, and bake until it is cooked to the small charcoal furnace outdoors.

The peanuts that are added in the last step are to inject soul into the skewers.

As the saying goes,


A barbecue stall is a rivers and lakes

On the barbecue square in Zibo, the general diners of Lin Lin suddenly painted a very moving beings.

Here is a puppet playground, a sweet two -person small world.

There are also lonely backs of people who are sad.


On the occasion of Dahuang Yi, pushing the cup and changing cups, the world is full of people.

The barbecue of Zibo is reminiscent, and the academic art of Lao Dan is even more colorful.


Cross the Korean light box and go through foraging alleys.

In a blink of an eye, I came to have it

“City of Barbecue”




The authentic Yanji barbecue is very sophisticated from raw materials.

According to President Jin, the owner of the barbecue shop, the barbecue in the shop



The scalpel supplied by the farm.


The way of looming and releasing allows Yanbian oxen to grow wildly.

So with fresh and tender meat, it becomes a unique deliciousness in the local area.


When cutting oysters, you can see delicate texture and rich oil.

The snowflake meat is a superb cuisine at the barbecue feast.



10 heads

In the ox, only one end can have such a stunning color.

Because of its rare, the price of snowflake meat is not cheap.

In order to supplement the energy to the players, President Li often patronizes President Jin’s barbecue restaurant in order to supplement his energy.


Recently, the provincial competition was approaching, and he once again led everyone to come to a lot.

Snowflake meat, pork ribs and flesh


, Give the players the impact of taste buds.


At the same time, they also allow them to improve their fighting spirit and strength in the baptism of food.

Leave the Northeast and come to the Pearl River Delta.

Guangdong’s cuisine rivers and lakes have a different world.

In this place where the gourmet critics pile up, there is such a “gourmet madman”:

Lao Hu

He is happy to comment on his grilled products every day.


Specializing in the strength of a craftsmanship is the same as the town where it is located.

Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, has the largest box pants production base in the country.

And here, in addition to the bottom pants, there is a barbecue ingredients worthy of the benefit of Lao Hu.

Crispy meaty


Because of the crispy meat, it has become a well -known variety of grass carp.

As for why the grass carp is crispy, I also have to ask Lao Hu’s supplier: “Fish farmer” Longge.

It turned out that a dragon brother accidentally fed the fish with broad beans and accidentally harvested crispy and delicious.

As a result, in the long run, mass production has begun.

The crispy meat that feeds broad beans requires a whole year before it can grow into high -quality fish products.

If the muscles are imperfect, you need to return to the fish pond to continue cultivation.

The pursuit of the ultimate Lao Hu is very sophisticated in the selection of materials.


Long Ge’s superior goods needed to be carefully selected.

The crispy meaty fish is the best choice for barbecue ingredients because of meat.

After the cut fish is rinsed, the meat is awakened with salt.

Then, add a little old wine to officially bake.

In order to satisfy the sweet taste of Cantonese, the old Hutti brushed the appropriate amount of honey for the fish, so that the slight sweet fragrance overflowed.

Other condiments, Lao Hu is rich and restrained.

Pepper, fragrant leaf

Add to make the tender fish level clear and unique in flavor.

For Xiaolan people, the pleasure of eating crispy meat is like rejuvenating youth.

While eating and drinking, it is undoubtedly adding a lot of fun to a lazy life.


Yunnan Erhai



“Tea Township”

The reputation.

However, the tea people here do not live a healthy life -like life like the outside world imagined.


Whenever night falls, these tea people still have to barbecue.

Since you come to Yunnan, you must not miss dipping water.

Lemon dipping, dry dipping, braised rot dipping


“Everything can be dipped in water” just writes the unique preference for food for food.

The owner of the Baiwang barbecue restaurant

Red plum

, Love singing and traveling on weekdays.



“Border crazy flower”


In front of the barbecue stall, she has a bold style, and the hodgepodge with vegetarian vegetarian vegetarian has formed a self -made border Fusion.

However, when it comes to her unique crafts, many people will be discouraged.


Taking pig blood as the main ingredient


It is a appetizer for local people to eat barbecue.

Sprinkle the fried meat with peppers, and then add liquid pig blood.

When the pig’s blood solidifies, a raw melody food was born.

Erhai is a gathering place for ethnic minorities, and drinking is common.

In such an atmosphere, it is extremely flavorful

Dai Ethnic Barbecue


First bake the ingredients to eight cooked, and put all on tin foil to heat up.

At this time, look at the local area. There are fish, meat, tofu, and rich roasted products.

Tiannanhai, hot and fresh.

The focus of “Life Strings” is always the most grounded cuisine in China.

As another food documentary “China on the Tip of the Tongue” said:

High -end ingredients often only need the simplest cooking method

Barbecue, this cooking method starting from the Stone Age, now can still bring the simplest and direct happiness to humans.

In addition to the living color of food in various places.

It also allows the customs behind the food to show vividly.

What is more important is–

Under the lens of tenderness, we saw the consistent original intention of the entire team and the love of life.


So, after watching the saliva after watching, don’t forget to pay tribute to the camera group, say:

thanks for treatment










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