The new crown virus is still raging worldwide, vaccination and mask are effective double protection measures. Recently, the effectiveness of domestic vaccines has a new and convincing data.

According to the First Financial Report, on March 22, the University of Hong Kong Li Ka -shing Medical College released a study entitled “The Five -Plastic Plan for the Fifth wave of Hong Kong”. For elderly people over the age of age, the three -dose of Koxing and Fuxitai (BNT162B2) vaccine, the effective efficiency of severe diseases and deaths exceeds 90%.


Specifically, after a three -dose for vaccination after completing three doses of people over the age of 60, the effective rate of preventing severe diseases of the Koxing vaccine is 97.9%, and the effective rate of Furtai’s severe disease jointly developed by Pfizer and Biontech is 98%; Kexinghe The effective rate of Defense Death of Fubai reached 98.3%and 98.1%, respectively.

Studies also show that for people ≥60 years old, in the case of completing two doses and full vaccination, the effective rates of Kochi and Fuxitai’s severe disease were 72.2%and 89.6%, respectively; 92.3%.

This also means that in the face of the mutant strain of Omikon, the vaccine developed based on prototype strains is obviously effective in the protection of intensive/death. Especially after the third dose is vaccinated, the protection effect of intensive/death has reached 98%. about.

Facing the tricky epidemic, Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infectious Department of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University, posted a Weibo yesterday: “The new crown is not so scary, but the battle is difficult to fight.” At the same time, he also mentioned the research on the role of vaccine in Hong Kong. He said that the results were very heavy. The three -dose in vaccination of the two vaccines could provide very high levels of prevention and death protection. The protection rate reached more than 95%. This data lays the confidence of China’s future outbreak.


In addition, the epidemic is severe, and large -scale nucleic acid testing is in order. Some experts said that do not “ah” when measuring acid! Liu Lei, director of the National Infectious Disease Clinical Research Center and secretary of the Party Committee of Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital, reminded 5 points to do nucleic acid in an interview with Jing Pao: Do ​​not chew gum betel nut to drink; Keep one meter from chatting at a distance of one meter; do not place personal items on the detection table; it is best not to make a sound during testing, do not shout “ah”.

Last year, according to the analysis of the Foresight Industry Research Institute, the size of the new crown vaccine market in the future will be further expanded.

According to Morgan Stanley’s calculation analysis, the new crown vaccine may become vaccines that people take over every year. To a certain extent, the new crown vaccine may become one of the daily vaccines in the future.

According to the Coherent Market Insights (CMI) forecast, the size of the new crown vaccine market in 2021 will reach $ 14.5 billion, and it will maintain a rapid expansion of 30.90%of the annual compound growth rate. After preliminary accounting, the global new crown vaccine market will reach $ 55.7 billion in 2026.

For more data, please refer to the Foresight Industry Research Institute’s “2022-2027 China Vaccine Industry In-Deeper Report and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report”. , Park Planning, Industrial Investment Promotion, IPO Research on Research, and Prospectus writing.

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