Hello everyone, today is



🍊 Dating.

The weather is getting warmer, and the time of Beijing’s park is really beautiful!


Large blockbuster green

Like scenes in French movies.


Such a romantic spring, of course, you need to be concave

Law style


Well, who doesn’t like the floral skirt


Add the time when the topic selection was selected,

Spring Day French wear

I was selected as a high ticket, I heard your voice ~

So today I have come with a good -looking French dress!

I did a total of this time

4 sets

LOOK, thick and thin, even if it is 30 degrees in the south, there are references. Is it HIN intimate? Everyone must remember to read it!

All items


Ways to purchase

They are all at the end of the text, and everyone can also pull it directly to the end of the text ~

Love Mi Lengcui

Spring is

Season of wearing shirts


Ah, so I first used a shirt to set up a beautiful French look.

I deliberately chose this shirt with high saturation green, rich and retro, “


Romantic style

“The colors often appear in wearing.

The design of Cuba is also very wonderful, more French than the basic shirt

Feeling laziness

However, if it is not suitable for this high saturation color, there is no need to wear it hard.

Change to the right color

It’s okay, after all, the essence of the Fafeng is to wear my own fan ~

Most of the jeans that French bloggers love wear

Nine -point micro

, So I chose a piece of nine -point pants with a hard fabric.

The upper and narrow pants shapes are easy

Packal body curve

, Will be more French -style, hehe ~

The last is the shoes, the French style blogger especially likes to use shoes

Create a different style


If you wear a pair of black pointed shoes, the style will be profitable, and it will be replaced by me

Straw shoe


Just one more part

Romantic vacation


I don’t want to go to work ~

This kind of shoes is also very easy to wear, heel high energy

Modification ratio

It is not easy to walk up. It looks good with skirt pants. Sisters who like French romantic style can try it!


Because the color of the clothes itself is very strong, I paired the bag with one


Refreshing white armpit bag


The upper body is directly lit, and the style is also worthy.

The last is jewelry.

Of course

Pearl and metal accessories

La. I have a Baroque pearl necklace. The ring is a very stylish double -layer ring.

Versatile and brilliant

The single product.

I also chose another pair

Green earrings

You can echo the color of the shirt, it looks super spring and summer ~

This look can be worn everyday to work, go shopping, and drink afternoon tea.

The items used are also very basic, and people of different styles can wear it

Simple atmosphere and good -looking

You can copy homework directly!

By the way, if you want to wear a French girl’s random coolness, don’t forget to spend some efforts on the hairstyle, one end

Fluffy curly hair


It will be more vitality ~

Pretend to be Celine girl

When it comes to the Fafeng wear, it is natural to have been created by Hedi these two years

New Celine Wind

Ah, there are really a lot of items!

I refer to the match on the Celine show and made a set


Freedom and exquisiteness and exquisiteness


I chose one jacket

Black thick flower

In addition to laying a sense of exquisiteness, it is also very real. Now when the temperature is low in the morning and evening, it can be worn.

Anti -wind


Golden buckle

Can also play


The role, so it will not be dim in spring.

I took one

Red and white striped shirt

Because this kind of striped sea soul shirt originally originated in France, naturally it also feels like it is.

If you don’t have a striped shirt,

Change to white T and ok

, Will be simpler.


The lower body refers to the show “

Little incense breeze jacket+jeans

“The routine, chose a small and slight blue jeans, and there is a Celine girl’s noble and comfortable temperament ~

You can try the idea of ​​using this sophisticated jacket with casual jeans, which is really easy to wear style.

I chose a pair of black Mary Zhen shoes in the shoes, which added to the whole look

Romantic girly feel

The color can also echo the coat.

The bag is the PECO family’s stick bag. We have used it many times,


Elegant and versatile


The hardware buckle can also echo the button of the coat, and it looks not dull at all.


By the way, after the owner asked, its discount was already on the road, everyone can squat!

Finally, let’s talk about it


I chose one

Gold Coin Jereet

The coin necklace is also a common item that appears in French style, and it feels like “Effortless Chic” with a striped shirt.

Again with


Golden curved ring


The atmosphere and elegance under the black lining, it is indeed my super love “


Black gold combination



No matter how hot the sky is, you can also add a baseball cap or a cat eye sunglasses according to your own style, which is also very colorful!

This set can be worn in spring and autumn, especially suitable for

Morning and evening temperature difference

The place.

Eight people in the early eight people learn it ~

Blue Tulip

Next is a set

Dress look

When it comes to French dress, the floral must have a name ~

Because I was relatively small, I chose a small skirt with a small flowers.

Want to know

How to choose a floral that suits you

You can poke the blue word review.

However, there is one to say that the suspender skirt is still more suitable for vacation dating. It is not appropriate to wear it to work, so I added a piece


SimplePiecess’s suit

To reduce the degree of dew,


Increase a sense of formality

It can be used for sunbathing when it is hot.

This suit color is super beautiful, it is very


The shallow goose yellow


, Match the camisole and suit pants, the fabric is also very comfortable and dry, it is super suitable for spring and summer ~

Let’s talk about shoes.


During the wearing of the breeze, it is basically a sandals or Maryzhen to match the small skirt.

I chose doubles

White Marizhen shoes


In line with the overall sense, it looks elegant and clean.

When the sky is hot, replace it with white sandals.


I conform to the color of the skirt, with Rylan this one

Small blue bag

In this way, the overall color is controlled within 3 types, and you can make colorful and not a whistle ~

The last is accessories.


Because the skirt is highly exposed, I paired with a golden necklace with a strong straight line.



In this way, there will be no too sweet feeling.

I also chose one

Colored hair circles

The color of the skirt and suit can echo.

You can also choose some shark clips and the like,

Increase the beauty of the atmosphere


You can start with these small details and spend small money to do big things ~

This set is the type that can be retired and retreated.

Commute dating

Can be done.

Lunch on the grass

Next is




A set of LOOK, the sisters of Guangdong can also use it.

I chose one on the upper body

Bubble sleeve shirt

There are many such bubble sleeves small tops in the French style, which looks romantic and girl.

But because of the color of the clothes, I paired another one


This will not be too monotonous.

I paired a half -body skirt in the lower body.

The half skirts that often appear in the French style are very good

Highlight the body curve

At the same time, there will be a certain degree of dew.

The one I chose is the side slit, which can emphasize the curve, and the romantic is a little sexy.


Coupled with the wave dot element on the skirt, the whole set of look

Falun style retro

It’s stronger.

Because the skirt itself is eye -catching, I have a pair of shoes

Simple solid color model

, Will not make the lord, but also balance the sweetness of the skirt.

The next step is the bag.

French bloggers almost have one hand

Straw bag

, Especially for vacation, in summer with skirts and jeans, it looks good.

Although I am not able to go out during the epidemic period, holding a straw bag to the coffee shop on weekends, there will also be an atmosphere of vacation in tropical regions ~

In terms of accessories, I also chose a top

Straw hat

Sisters who are suitable for wearing a hat can try it, it will be more

Sense of styling

It can also play a role in sunscreen during picnic.

This look is very suitable for picnics with friends on weekends. If you commute, you can change a simple leather bag.

Alright, today’s content is over!

Finally, let everyone

Take a note

Which one do you like best?

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