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When I went shopping with my wife on Saturday, I saw free glasses and went in and washed. Waiting for a walk around, good guy, take a closer look, look at it,

Is the frames so expensive now?



I also deliberately picked up the materials, that is


Ordinary metal alloys or plastic steel

Dare the price

Sell ​​799 yuan

I don’t understand why it sells so expensive?

Taking advantage of time today, I will summarize some of me these years

“Turn a small money to do big events” online mirror frame

Small experience.

After reading this article, help you solve the problem of “fear of buying big/buying small”, “I don’t know how to buy size” and so on.

If you can’t find your own frame, you can comment on your needs, let’s help together.



“ID card” of glasses rack/frame


When we test wearing glasses offline, the size is also suitable, the weight is also suitable, and everything is suitable.

But when the price is inappropriate!

In fact, you can write down the “ID card” of this frame.

Generally on the inside of the left -leg frame

This parameter is actually


The model and size of the frame


Frame model: Generally consisting of letters+numbers

Frame size: Number+symbol form

Example Figure-Model of Frames: SP202

Example diagram-The parameters of the frame: 52 port 16-140, which means that the frame width of the frame is 52mm, the nose bridge size is 16mm, and the size of the mirror leg is 140mm.

There is a reference on the Internet

Wear a comfortable formula: (frame size+nose bridge size-pupil distance)/2 value is best less than 3

Essence If it is a large -frame glasses, it is best not to be greater than 5.

In fact, buying a frame can except for good -looking needs

We are most concerned about weight and size.

1. Weight source-material

Now glasses frame

The mainstream materials are titanium, titanium alloy, RR-90, board


Today’s space is limited, and the advantages and disadvantages of various materials are not described in detail, and a simple form comparison is made.

2. The parameters of each frame-size

Now when buying a frame online

At the bottom of the details page

, Generally there will be this

Detailed parameters of glasses

Essence After testing online, if the size and weight are suitable, you may wish to find a perfect alternative frame according to the “ID card” of the frame.

Of course, some inappropriate places can also adjust themselves.

For example, I looked at a frame with a frame width of 52mm and 17mm between the bridge of the nose, but the mirror legs were only 13mm short. Then when buying online, you can choose the frame with a longer mirror legs, but the frame and nose bridge width are not width. Change, or change in an appropriate amount.

But it should be noted that the angle of the abduction of the mirror leg

Thin face

Choose this

The front and back of the mirror are straight

Face wide/fat face

s Choice



Straight line



Precautions for Middle and High Myopia

According to the level of myopia, it can be divided into light, medium, heavy, and super high myopia.

Within 300 degrees, it is called mild myopia; between 325-600 degrees, called moderate myopia; between 625-900 degrees, called high myopia; above 900 degrees, called ultra-high myopia.

Is it important? No, the higher the degree we have, the choice

The thicker and heavier the lens, the more uncomfortable it is


Middle -high myopia and admire people every day




Light, the first essential righteousness

1. Try to choose a pure titanium frame. Basically, the weight will be controlled at 10g. It is not enough that the budget is not enough. You can also choose the TR material.

2. Try not to choose a large frame. Although the face of large -frame glasses is small, the lens of the large frame is also large and the weight will increase. Long -term wearing will still have a “nose feeling”.

3. Try not to choose a frameless frame, not easy to process (after all, we can not see the processing adjustment on the spot when we match the mirror on the spot. The problem really affects the mood and life)


7 cheap glasses brands

According to the average price of each house from low to high, the price range is 200-500.

1. Loho

The first new retail fashion glasses brand in China,

The characteristic is that the design trend is rich and cost -effective

Essence LOHO’s production line comes from Italian imported equipment, which can respond quickly in production, so the products are rich and there are abundant inventory, especially most products are available online and offline.

You can try it offline, squat online discount

Frame frame lens full titanium material

, Frame 6.2g, frame with 14.8g, can meet most of the daily life scenes.

2. BOE Tokyo’s own brand products are all produced by members of Yifan Road Group (neglect, can be changed, anyway, will change the lens), but processing is a foundry of Wanxin Optical (produced by enterprises under the road). A major advantage of Internet+product portfolio is -the pre -sale and after -sales experience.

This one supports 0 yuan free test frame, and send it back to the mirror after selection

Essence This can avoid buying a frame with a large size when buying blindly.

The material of TR-90 takes into account the lightness and durability. The classic black model is not obtrusive.

3. Han han

The fast fashion brand glasses launched by Shanghai Cursor Group 2010 are similar to LOHO. Relying on the technology production and sales of the Internet, they are determined to create a new generation of glasses.


New lightweight exploration and colorful colors, whether it is business style or fashion, can find adaptive products.

4. Weigo

Weigu is a polarized sunglasses brand under Hangzhou Jiujing,

Always focusing on creating professional men and women polarizing sunglasses, polarizing driving mirror brands

Although it is a shop that starts with a sunglasses, it has already begun to expand the business of frames and myopia lenses.


The online mirror service can be completed from customization to the fastest 3 days. The emergency ability is very good

5. AHT

The predecessor was Laiming Industry (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., which began to engage in the production and research and development of sunglasses as early as 1983, so

For performance glasses such as blue light, they are still their home

The main feature.

The AHT AB0059C1 Black Mirror Frame is selected as the top ten brands of radiation -proof glasses in 2020.

6. Pa Limon

The domestic brand founded as early as 1992, after two brand upgrades, mainly attacked the field of fashion and youth, so the product’s upper face is very good.

The product skills of my own are also sophisticated. Pure titanium 83608 frame titanium alloy weight of 5.6g is equal to the weight of 4 back-shaped needles, wearing nothing-it is it.

7. Precision


Seiko Seiko is a century -old brand from Japan and is known for its high -quality optical mirror frame.

Although it is not a whole titanium, the durability of a good balanced alloy and the lightness of titanium.

Using vacuum ionic electroplating, it ensures that the mirror legs are not corroded by sweating

The quality is trustworthy.

Recently, we have prepared a small tool for myopia remote friends- “Mirror Guide”, which has just opened internal testing. This contains some ginsengs that need to be understood in the process of matching mirrors


Mirror experience sharing


Frame lens

Good price products, all mirror friends pay attention to discussion and sharing ~

If you are not sure about the mirror problem, you can be together together


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