Family wiring problems have always been a problem that everyone often mentioned when decorating. As a popular product in the decoration industry, the copper core wire should be paid attention to. So what are the characteristics of the copper core wire, and will it be widely concerned?


First of all, the load that the copper core wires are suffered. I believe everyone knows that when we were in family wiring, everyone often used aluminum core wires. With the increase of household electricity, the load required by the wires is also increasing, and the aluminum core wires can no longer meet the demand for electricity consumption. Therefore, the copper core wires have gradually appeared on the historical stage.

Secondly, the copper core wire, its internal resistance is small, the volume of the load is large, preventing the loss and waste of electrical energy, and the use of the copper core is long, and the corrosion resistance is better. Therefore


So, where is the main use of the BV copper core wire when wiring? Copper core wires are mainly applied to power supply, lighting, sockets, air conditioners, suitable for AC voltage 450/750V and below power device, daily electrical appliances, instrument and telecommunications equipment.

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