The essence of property management is service, and service work is a relatively special industry. It is not only a job, but also another stage for interpersonal communication. The following is the dress and dressing of the service industry compiled by Xiaobian.

1. The role of clothing

Uniforms are also working clothes we often say. It is a clothing that must be worn at work. Because work clothes play an important role in work:

The first is the identification. For example, we can recognize at a glance at a hotel or hotel. The reason is that they are unified. Work clothes have the unique logo of the company, which is obviously distinguished from other personnel. This sign can be manifested in its unique style, color, pattern and other aspects. This will also be convenient to serve customers, so that customers can see at a glance, who can serve him in this place.

The second is the protective role. Working clothes are not just pursuing aesthetics. It also has some other hidden functions. For example, the work during equipment inspection and maintenance has played a role in work free of injuries. In addition, the company’s personnel will also make them proud of the industry, help to maintain self -esteem, and it is easy to respect.

Finally, the role of work clothes is to publicize. The service staff wearing unified clothing are intentionally or unintentionally promoting their units, which is equivalent to the role of a propagandist. This is also conducive to shaping the company’s image and attracted people’s attention.

Dressing requirements

When the service staff is generally working, they are required to wear work clothes, and their clothing must meet the requirements of formal, practical, standardized, and role. Among them, the formal requirement is that this kind of clothing can make people look solemn, rather than “armed” at will; practicality is that the clothing worn by the service staff can help work, rather than let the clothing become an obstacle to work. ; Specifications refer to the uniform requirements of the service personnel’s dress in specific styles, fabrics, and matching.

Generally speaking, the formal dress worn by the service personnel is the most formal. It is a clothing provided by the unit where the service personnel are located. This kind of clothing is completely similar in terms of style, fabric, and color. Generally speaking, it is different from different positions.

Third, category


As far as property services are concerned, the types of clothing are mainly configured in the requirements and seasons of the job.


According to the requirements of the post, it can be divided into management posts and service posts. Service posts can be divided into customer service posts, engineering service posts, security service posts, environmental service posts, etc., and allocate clothing in accordance with the specific requirements of the post.

According to seasonal requirements, it is generally divided into summer and winter, and the area where the job service is also considered is indoor or outdoor factors.

Fourth, wear requirements

1. Tian Jie

This is very important. This is also the case in our usual life. No matter how frugal clothing is neat, it will also look at it. But even if you are better, you can’t dress up, and the clothes will not look good. Work clothes are generally based on the principle of cleanness, stiffness, and fit.

2. Be proper

In addition, when wearing a work dress, you also need to follow the rules of agreed and vulgar. For example, women’s skirts should be matched with shirts, necklines, leather shoes and other; wearing cheongsam should be matched with high heels; men’s suits should be matched with shirts, ties, leather shoes.

Jewelry is a decoration that people do to add bright colors to themselves. In the process of wearing, the decoration plays a unique method of beautifying itself, matching clothing, and reflecting personality, and it is also a unique method of showing charm in clear clothing. The ornaments are generally not within the scope provided by the company, but wearing jewelry is restricted by the company. The principle of standardized ornaments is: in line with identity, proper matching, and less.


3. Specifications

Service personnel must wear formal clothes in accordance with regulations, such as when the company stipulates when to wear a formal dress, specific matters when wearing formal clothes.

In addition to clothing and accessories, the service staff also has a different place from other staff, that is, sometimes they need to carry some work appliances with them. Some people attribute it to two categories, one of which is work supplies, and the other is image supplies. The so -called work supplies are the indispensable daily necessities in service personnel in service work. Such as identity cards, writing pen, etc. Because these things are required, they have to carry them with them, which requires the service staff to prepare carefully.

Image supplies are daily necessities used by service staff to maintain and modify their own image. It can include mirrors, combs, cosmetics, etc., while using these things to enrich their image, please do not forget that these actions cannot be done under the public. The best place is the lounge or bathroom.

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