Net yarn slim T -shirt top

At first glance, I feel very atmospheric, a very high -grade one, a thin version, simple and charming, showing your unique personality, the upper body is very comfortable

Lace mesh plus velvet underline jacket

This lace bottoming shirt is designed with a slim -fit version, highlighting the good figure, and the soft temperament is displayed. Whether it is used as an inside or outside, it is charming and beautiful.

Half -high -neck long sleeve bottoming shirt top


The semi -high -necked design is more elegant. The solid color design is very temperament. It is also very good with the loose version and thin.


Gao Ning long sleeve plus velvet thickened bottoming shirt


The high -necked bottom shirt, long -sleeved and velvet style, thickening makes the winter more perfect to show the elegance, the color is also amazing, natural and high -level.


Long -sleeved round neck thickened and velvet bottoming shirt

Simple and not simple version design, the outline of fit is given a relaxed fashion fan, showing your graceful line in all aspects.

Chausu hem T -shirt in the T -shirt

The designer of the tassel is fashionable, soft and comfortable fabric skin and skin -friendly, very vertical, adding three -dimensional cutting design, the effect shows femininity, giving people an elegant style!

Add the velvete, v -neck to repair the body

Thick and warm, comfortable and soft, bringing you the most comfortable wear experience, both beautiful and practical, with a pair of thick heel boots, casual and age -reducing

Selling a thickened T -shirt


Elegant posture, effectively covering various fatty, perfect version, showing a woman’s tenderness while letting you walk into fashion easily.


[This article is released by “Ben Qing Fashion”, December 01, 2017]

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