Every year, thousands of people hold weddings, and the popular wedding themes are not the same every year. So what are the hottest wedding themes in 2019? Let’s take a look!

1. Starry sky

Take the entire starry sky, cut a ray of moonlight, and make the most beautiful marrying yarn. On each star in every star, you are willing to “look up the starry sky, low you in your ears. When we came, there was a bright sky behind it. The golden iron arches and the three -dimensional hand -painted planet were inlaid with each other. , Happiness is full of the audience.

2. Bright time


With the embroidery of the heart, the bright time can be woven. Hua Congxiu, the agility of amazing time. The sacred church, make you the motto you love. With the line as embroidery, the graceful stars can be weaved for years. The whole wedding atmosphere was simple, and the church sighing exquisite design to the stage. The tedious structural lines were used, and then the professional sheet sunboard of the building was purchased at a high price, so that every detail of the sight was exquisite and solemn.

3. Honey realm

The heat wave white horse, you are the most dazzling Princess. The door of the secret realm is nestled under your cherry tree. Fantasy and sweet, the secret of the secret situation reappear. Flower Flower Flower, the love story of the day and night acacia, takes more than 40 hours to manually wear the luminous color star light network, all the details are compared with each other, try to choose the candy pink system to lead the typhoon, with 1 meter 8 diameter diameter Iron Anthen thermal air balloon, the sweetness of the wedding is to the extreme.

4. Chi Love

Burgundy is popular, and the bustling love. Love and honey, bloom the beautiful posture for you. Jane Hong classics, show everyone’s bones. Jiaohua Qiao Rui ignited affectionate firework with love. In the wedding ceremony of this mellow fragrance into the wedding ceremony, we chose the velvet roses, metal hollow flowers, suspended floral arts and superimposed geometric frames as wedding decorations. Finally, the Burgundy Red forged in this room to make your own love treasure. Essence

5. Flowers into dreams

The blue -purple sea of ​​flowers, the door of the arbitrarily blooming tea, is delivered with flowers, a handful of star lights and romance, like dreams, remembering the water of the water, loved the flower wall, I want to love you. The wedding is mainly blue -purple, supplemented by silver and gray, and creates elegant small incense wind with a low -saturated, multi -layered simple style. With the low -key and low -key luster of fresh blue, the entire wedding can be described as beautiful.

Encyclopedia of wedding style types in 2019:

Wedding type one: fairy tale style theme

Girls’ favorite style is princess style. Girls have hoped that they were princess since they were young. When the princess was married, they must be like a fairy tale. They could arrange the scene as a castle. The groom represented the prince, the bride represented the princess, and the most matched pair in the world.

Wedding Type 2: Mori style theme

Forest -style weddings are now more and more liked by young people. Everyone likes to be close to nature. Therefore, it is mainly green and white. Wedding will make people very comfortable. Friends who like flowers and plants will especially like such weddings.

Wedding type three: retro style theme

Retro style is a style that Chinese people like very much. This style of wedding theme is very obvious. You can choose some more retro places to arrange the wedding. Let everyone return to the Republic of China. Cheongsam comes to the wedding, as if returning to Shanghai in the 1990s.

Wedding type 4: Chinese style theme

Chinese style wedding is the classic wedding theme of our country. This wedding scene is mainly decorated with red decorations. It can be equipped with red lanterns, red carpets, red candles and other decorations to arrange the scene. Features, the bride and groom are tied to a big red flower in front of the bride, and the guests will feel happy when they see such a wedding layout.

Wedding type 5: beach style theme

The beach -style wedding is also a very popular way of wedding. This wedding is mainly combined with the sea. my country’s Sanya Beihai can complete the beach wedding. Everyone’s needs, the whole set of services of the beach wedding is very complete, and the blue sky and white cloud beach feels romantic.

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