I believe many people have seen lice. The post -70s, 80s, and even part of the post -90s should have been seen. In many rural areas, it can be said that this kind of creature is often seen. Nowadays So few people have heard it. But this creature is not “completely disappeared”, and it still exists in some areas.

No, the news about “the guy treats more than 70,000 (nearly 80,000 yuan) for 4 hours (nearly 80,000 yuan)” has once again aroused heated discussion among many people.


Many people may be unbelievable, why can “cure yin lice” use so much money, do you really need it? here we come to find out.

What is pubic lice?

Speaking of vulva, many people may not know what it is. But we say “head lice”, many people may know. Because the most common or most direct seeing is “head lice”. People with memory should know that in order to cure “head lice”, people in many areas have been sorted out with “mules”, and then they are continuously cleaned with water. However, this method is difficult to eradicate it, and it can only be seen from time to time and continue to clean up.

“Head lice” is a type of “lice”, and pubic lice is also a “lice”. Lice are mainly divided into three types, namely body lice, head lice and pubic lice. Therefore, many people should know this. In fact, the types of “lice” we often call are just one of the lice. In most cases, everyone did not classify in detail.


The head lice are mainly parasitic on the hair, and the body lice are mainly on the human body, parasitic in the hair follicles, and pubic lice are mainly common in the body’s private parts.

Passal lice are not much different from the two other types. But the body is flat, and it looks like a dander in the distance, and it is like a small crab, which is also its main feature. Although it is called pubic lice, it can also be parasitic in regions such as hair, eyelashes, beards, and not only survive in private areas.

Of course, the impact of pubic lice on humans is still not small. , To induce a series of diseases. The biggest feature of pubic lice is “severe itching”, so it is very uncomfortable.

Why are there pubic lice (lice)? Why spend tens of thousands?


Indeed, the entire lice group is actually relatively rare, and few people have heard it, as if they disappeared suddenly. And there is another news about “pubic lice”, and everyone will definitely discuss it.


How can there be pubic lice, in fact, it is similar to how lice is similar. Indeed, most regions are basically invisible with the improvement of living conditions, but not all regional living conditions are good. For example In some remote mountainous areas, living conditions cannot keep up, they are still poor, and pubic lice may also occur.


At the same time, in urban areas, if the hygiene conditions are not good and do not pay attention, pubic lice may also occur. Moreover, even if you pay attention to sanitary conditions, wash your hands frequently, etc., you may still be spread.

The spread of pubic lice is very strong, and most of the pubic lice are spread by husband and wife life. Anyone who suffers from pubic lice will be transmitted to the other party and may also indirect contact. Conditions are the most important.


If you live with people with pubic lice, close contact is also likely to be infected with pubic lice. Common bathtubs, towels, toilets, etc. may also spread. Therefore, the spread of pubic lice is strong, there are many ways to spread, and it is not surprising.

Does “governing the lice” really need tens of thousands of? Men’s longocardial lice are treated with nearly 80,000 yuan in private hospitals. Is this true? Things are true, but it doesn’t need to spend so much.

Public hospitals said that only tens of yuan can be needed, and this Harbin Hospital introduced that the doctor did other projects. For example No, dozens of yuan, but the guy’s treatment is high.


After that, the 22 -year -old little king in Harbin realized that he might have been deceived. The hospital stated that he could pay a total of more than 30,000 yuan for 2 hours, but was rejected by Xiao Wang’s father. Therefore, it only costs tens of yuan, and it costs tens of thousands of yuan. It does make the guy feel deceived, and no tens of thousands of fees are needed at all. Of course, what’s the result of this matter is still under investigation.


From this we can see that there are many factors in the occurrence of pubic lice, such as: sanitary conditions, living together, and co -quilts, which may spread. Fundamentally speaking, the most important thing is to pay attention to the “hygiene” problem. This may be the best way to eliminate pubic lice. This can also be more likely to prevent all lice spread.



The 22 -year -old guy spent nearly 80,000 yuan, which is indeed a bit wrong. This is also a reminder to many people, and more defense should be added to pubic lice. Although human living standards have improved, various bath liquids have sterilization and powerful insecticidal effects, so that there is no room for survival at all, we must see less.

However, the evolution and coexistence of lice with humans are also undeniable. Researchers at the Florida Museum Bret Boyd and David Reed had a detailed study of lice, about 20-25 million years ago. This has not been completely eliminated for tens of millions of years, which also shows that it is indeed a species with strong survivability.

Therefore, we still need to pay attention to personal problems and reduce the emergence of lice. Whether it is head lice, body lice, or pubic lice, we should take a reasonable way to avoid it. God is on myself, and hygiene is one of the most critical factor.

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