15+1 Meow Star’s funny daily 155

One house 15+1 Meow star is much happy, the small daily life of the Taro family is 155 times

The shovel was made into the same pillow of the Meow Star People’s Congress P. Unfortunately, the cats at home were long disabled when they were sent when they were sent.

Big P: shoveling, is this really made by you? Are you sure this product is really me?


The baby has never taken this kind of bubble, the silly photo meow ~

Shovel: There are pictures and really thoughts. You see how cute you want that year. Look at you now, you have been disabled in a few months ~

Big P: What do you mean by shovel? Is it cute now? Do you think the baby is abandoned?


Shovel: The years are meow feed, which can not be completely blame you. Eating too much belly is too big. This is not your fault ~

Big P: You are the fat man who shovel, your whole family is a fat man, now I am obviously more handsome and cute, you do n’t know how to appreciate it ~

Shovel: Big P, how many do you have to control. Essence Essence The world is so beautiful but you are so irritable.

Since the cats at home have cut their eggs, their claws will intentionally or unintentionally block their crotch when they sit down. Essence Essence

What are you looking at? I blocked the sadness of the eggs ~


I ate a pear in shit, um, a pear with a protective cover ~ Then. Essence Essence The cat was played. Essence Essence

Shovel: Taro Lang, how do you think the style of this heart scarf? Is it very thin? Meow ~


Taro: What do you say in shit, the baby can’t hear it, meow ~

Ji Langlang: You can let go of your baby and take this breaking thing to the baby, otherwise the baby shoots you to death, oh meow ~

Pp small classroom

The question of the PP small class in the last issue is: Which one is a big P or Little P, and which one is a younger brother?

For those who have not seen the last issue, please poke here:


The 30 kilograms of cat food on online shopping on the shit is missing and grievances. The cats at home expressed doubt

The correct answer is about to be announced ~ Our little P is his brother, big P is your brother ~~

The friends who answered this issue of this issue include: mobile phone users 51946333145, destiny butterfly, little turtle 6666, the spring breeze is not as accompanied by you, Guan Guan 22, carol0313, laprincessEaurore, 咩 咩 咩 152470488, Liu Silian 1, Yang Fang 104918146, Bigba Baba’s何要姓胡, zs悦, 尊熙华, 神奇的哈, 湘蕭妃子, YY智106604043, V家是我一生的追随, chenxy6, KikooT, 春天的迎春花,残蝶8, kivico, 不吃药也萌萌哒i, 小红小豆, 可不可以再给五十块,手机用户6952930567, 蓝蓝蓝蓝蓝小姐, 大列麻麻, 汤姆于, Decade131691057, 手机用户3205476027, 俞家小祖宗, _凉Dream of people, set up Moon29179706 ~

Congratulations to all the right friends ~ Big P said that it must be a meow when I was a child shovel, and they also had to be my brother meow ~


So, the problem in this issue is coming again ~ May I ask: Which PP in the picture is not sleeping with everyone ~


Please leave a message below to tell the shit, the answer will be revealed in the next issue ~

For more information about the buttocks and the Taro family, please add WeChat: Wolege415092 PPs now have WeChat groups, big pictures, small moving pictures, small videos are waiting for you oh meow ~


By the way, WeChat will soon hold a small event to send PP peripheral pillows. Please pay attention to meow ~

There will be another meow with a meow. A meow star is not only endlessly happy, but also endless shovel.


Thank you for your support of the original pets. I hope that everyone can provide more opinions, and the shit will work hard to improve.

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