Micro -crystal stone tiles belong to a new type of tiles, and began to gradually enter people’s families. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this new type of tile? Where can I use it at home? How is it different from other ground materials?


微晶石是由微晶玻璃与石材通过高温烧结而成,光泽度很高,能够很好地改善采光,外观犹如玉质材料,晶莹剔透,相对天然石材,它的色调丰富,效果大气,而且The touch is delicate and soft. From its performance point of view, not only has good weather resistance, good corrosion resistance, but also super low water absorption and excellent pollution resistance. Therefore, many cabinets and floor tiles have micro -spar. In addition, the radiation of micro -spar is almost zero, which is relatively environmentally friendly and safe.

However, because of the high degree of light of the micro -crystal stone, if it is scratched by hard material, the scratches will be very obvious and affect the aesthetics. Although it has good anti -pollution, it will not penetrate into the micro -crystal stones, but it will stay on the surface, so it is easy to appear dirty. If the micro -crystal stone tiles encounter a forced impact beating, it will be broken. Its strength is higher than that of natural stone but lower than ordinary polished tiles. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a few more pieces when buying.


At present, the microboli tiles on the market are generally divided into three categories, which are the entire tiles without air holes and miscellaneous spots, high gloss, zero water absorption rate, and polishing can be polished. Oxidation, non -fading, and high -strength general microcrystone; high -tech new product composite micro -spar made of secondary firing.

Micro -crystal stone is well -permeable, and the texture is naturally colorful. It is called glass ceramics by people. It is widely used in the TV background wall, furniture, and basin as small area decoration in home decoration, but it is not recommended to use it on the ground because it is because it is on the ground. Compared to polishing bricks and glazed bricks, it is not resistant. Overall, you can choose according to home improvement style and actual application location.

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