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It’s summer, and many parents will choose to use plastic cups for their children.


Because children can drink water in the summer, they do not need to heat up, and plastic cups are not easy to break. In addition, there are more choices for plastic cups, and the price is relatively close to the people. Therefore, many parents choose to use plastic cups for their children.

CCTV released


The comparative experiment of the Jiangsu Consumer Association for the Plastic Drinking Cup for Children


I bought 50 samples in physical stores and online, from 37 brands, ranging from 4.9 yuan to 135 yuan. Related testing was performed in accordance with national standards.


6%of the samples are unqualified

In other words, three samples are unqualified.

Unqualified is mainly

Acrylite monomer exceeds the standard,

Acrylite is a toxic and high -hazard chemical.


Experts remind: When the child is holding the plastic water cup of this acrylite, when drinking water, the acrylic can be taken in the body at high temperature, and

Severe may cause children to twitch and coma.

It is equivalent to chronic poisoning every day.

Drink water with a plastic cup, to avoid several misunderstandings, otherwise let the baby drink “poisonous water” every day

Misunderstanding 1: Choose cheap ones


I remember going on a business trip before, and I arrived in a small county, but the cup fell into the car, and I thought of buying one in the supermarket.


Seeing the price of the water cup in the supermarket made me stunned. A large plastic cup only costs 9 yuan.


Buy one.

Later, I saw these evaluation videos, and I scared out a cold sweat. Fortunately, I only used the plastic cup a few times.

Cheap plastic cups, the material it uses may be some cheaper materials,

The cheap plastic material may contain acrylics,

Harm health.

It is recommended that when you choose a plastic cup for your child, as much as possible

Select PP material plastic cups.


Misunderstanding 2: Save milk with plastic cups for children

It is recommended that children consider drinking milk with a cup at about one and a half years, because long -term drinking milk will hurt the child’s teeth health.

Use plastic cups for children to drink milk, choose PP materials with plastic cups, and

Do not use plastic cups to save milk

Because milk and protein content of milk are relatively high, it is not advisable to save it with plastic cups.

Misunderstanding 3: Plastic cups or some carbonated beverages with plastic cups for children

Fruit juice, carbonated drinks contain some acidic substances, these

Acidic substances can corrode the composition of plastic

As a result, some toxic and harmful substances in it are analyzed, and the child will hurt the health of the body.

Misunderstanding 4: Put the plastic cup in a microwave oven

In the microwave oven, the plastic cup is easy to release a variety of toxic and harmful substances to harm the health of the child’s body.

Misunderstanding 5: Plastic cup disinfection cabinet disinfection

It is not recommended that the child’s plastic cup is often disinfected in the plastic cup. After the child is three years old, his cup is practically hot. It is not necessary to be disinfected in the disinfection cabinet.

Children have to drink about 600 ml of water a day. If the cup used in water is not safe, it is likely that the water that the child drinks every day is toxic, which will hurt the child’s health.


Choose a PP material or PPSU material for the child’s plastic cup.


Many families like to put a box of water on the car, and the water bottle of mineral water or distilled water uses disposable raw materials




Polyzyenerite ethylene glycol

), The heat -resistant temperature is about 70 ° C.

If the car is often exposed outdoors, sometimes the temperature in the car may be more than 70 degrees, which will cause these mineral water bottles to release toxic and harmful substances, and then drink these water for children, but it is not conducive to physical health.

Therefore, it is recommended to take a child to go out. It will be safer to bring cups to installing water as much as possible.

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