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People came in the cold winter, and they all put on heavy clothes, but there was no season for giving birth to babies. So do parents know what the newborn baby wore in winter?

Every family attaches great importance to the child. If you are a novice parent, then you may not have enough experience in your child’s care, and you will be helpless about the various conditions of your baby. Is it easy to have children and raising children? For the cold winter, some people say that they cannot wear more for children, and some people say that they must wear more for children. So what kind of statement is correct? What should babies born in winter usually wear?

Based on the different concepts of taking care of children in each family, with the progress of the times, in terms of education and care, parents are requested to be scientific and rationalized as much as possible. Some customs that have passed down may not be so scientific, so for the sake of the child’s health Parents must have the ability to distinguish.

What do you just wear in winter?


1. First of all, the skin of the newborn baby is very delicate. When parents prepare clothes for their children, they must choose Class A clothing, because only Class A clothing is dedicated to infants and young children. Moreover, the newly bought clothes must be cleaned. After drying, it can be worn on the newborn, otherwise it will have a certain impact on the delicate skin of the baby, and it is easy to cause allergies.

2. Babies born in winter are much more complicated than babies in other seasons. First of all, the underwear wearing the innermost requires at least three sets, especially in the winter of the southern winter, the clothes are not easy to dry, and it may be better in the north. It is recommended to buy a dryer in a conditional family, which can ensure that the child’s clothes are dry. These three sets of underwear can buy a split type and two sets of one -in -one.

3. You also need to prepare 2 set of slightly thicker warm clothes, which must be cotton and Class A. If a baby born in the north is so best to choose a thickened warm clothes. Then prepare a few jackets. It is best to choose an integrated style, because all -in -one clothes will not be separated from the baby’s clothes because of incorrect positions or other reasons. Don’t cool.

4. It is not recommended to wear down jackets for newborns. The coat still needs to buy type A material. The main thing is to fit. Don’t think that you can wear it for one more year. The baby who does not fit the baby will not feel warm.

5. Then you must prepare at least two bags. If you have a certain thickness, you must choose a certain thickness. When you take your baby, wear all the clothes, and then wrap the baby with the bag.


Therefore, newborns in winter, you only need to wear one underwear, a slightly thicker heating jacket, a coat, and a bag. In fact, this way of wearing is the most scientific and most reasonable, because the baby is still young, and their own calories are higher than adults. In addition, the newborn is almost held, so they will not feel cold.

But there is another thing about the thick situation of the baby’s wearing, that is, parents should check whether the baby’s urine is not wet in time. Because the newborn is relatively small, even the NB’s urine is not wet. Parents must find out the baby’s leakage in time. After cleaning the butt with hot water, in exchange for clean clothes in time, so as to ensure that the baby will not catch a cold. Therefore, for babies born in winter, parents should prepare the above recommended clothes, especially integrated clothes to protect the baby’s small belly, but pay attention to the thickness and heat, so as not to cold and heat, so as not to cold.


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