The horizontal meter is a common measurement instrument for precise measurement. In the manufacturing of the mechanical manufacturing and instrument panels, it is used to accurately measure the flat angle of the relativity in the level, the smoothness and peace of the machine equipment of the CNC, and the level and vertical parts of the level and vertical parts of the installation equipment. According to the appearance of the horizontal meter, the design can be divided: the level of the universal ball, the cylindrical level level, the integrated level instrument, the mini -level level, the camera horizontal meter, the level horizontal instrument, the ruler level instrument; Can be adjusted and the unseen level.

The horizontal tube of the horizontal meter is made of mezzanine glass. The horizontal tube cavity is a slope with a certain curvature radius. The tube is equipped with liquid. When the horizontal instrument is crooked, the bubbles in the horizontal tube move to the horizontal rising end, and then clarify the plane on the plane. Site. The larger the diameter of the inner tube, the higher the screen resolution, the smaller the radius of the curvature, and the lower the screen resolution, so the horizontal tube radius radius determines the precision of the horizontal instrument. The key to the level to detect the flatness, parallelity, flatness, and level of installation equipment of various CNC lathes and product workpieces. Especially during the tinning integration, the magnetic horizontal meter can instruct the surface in vertical work without manpower assistance, and the efficiency of labor, preventing the data errors from the horizontal meter from the body’s heat radiation source.

The horizontal and side side length of the horizontal instrument is a diagonal angle structure with a length of 2000mm. The precision is generally (0.02-0.025) mm/m. If the customer has special requirements, it can be customized independently. The horizontal zero zero structure is different, compared with basic structures: 1. Zero -zero is very easy. 2. After adjustment, zero position is not easy to change. When the horizontal groove rot is rotated for 5 rotation, if the air bubble moves, it can be regulated according to the adjustment screw 2. This item has been adjusted at the original factory, and it will generally not change.


The structure of the level instrument is different and different. The horizontal level is generally composed of components such as horizontal behavior subject, horizontal level, heat insulation handle, main level device, rear cover, and zero adjustment equipment. The ulnar level is generally composed of components such as the horizontal active subject, the back cover, the main leveler, and the zero adjustment equipment.

The horizontal meter is a measuring instrument with a standardized metering and reading device. The standardizer is a sealing glass test tube. The vertical section of the inner surface is the curved surface with a certain curvature radius. The glass test tube of the level device is equipped with a liquid state with less viscosity index, such as ethanol, medical ether, and binding. Some parts without liquid are generally called horizontal bubbles. The curvature radius of the vertical section of the inner surface of the glass test tube has a certain connection between the middle of the demonstration value. According to this association, the slope of the flat map can be measured.

common problem

The horizontal instrument belongs to the measurement instrument, and the packaging regulations are strict. Each horizontal instrument needs to be packed in the shock -resistant box made of foam plastic. The bag should be applied to the rusty agent and packed in the packaging bag before the sealing bag. The shock -resistant box is packed in a firm carton or wooden box packaging, and there are required signs on the box. The horizontal instrument should be stored in a warehouse of dry, natural ventilation, and corrosion resistance. During transportation, it resolutely put an end to falling and rain.

The horizontal meter is the angle measuring instrument of accurate measurement plane. The key part of the horizontal instrument -the inner surface of the main air bubble pipe is carried out, polishing and polishing, the outer surface of the bubble pipe is engraved with a ruler, which is filled with liquid and bubbles inside. The main air bubble pipe is always prepared to adjust the length of the bubble. The bubble pipe has always maintained the level of the bottom edge, but it is likely to change during the application period. Therefore, the adjustment screw is set.

1. Before the precise measurement, the application heart is cleaned up and precise measurement surface and wipe it. Check whether the precise measuring surface has the disadvantages of scratches, rust, and wool edges.

2. Is it appropriate to check the zero position. If it is forbidden, adjust the adjustment level instrument, and the adjustment method is below: put the horizontal meter on the tablet, read the ruler of the bubble pipe. At this time, the flat map of the tablet is the same position, and then flip the horizontal instrument 180 ° up and down. Then Read the ruler of the bubble pipe. If the read value is the same, the bottom edge of the horizontal meter is parallel with the bubble pipe. If the read value is not consistent, the reserved adjustment needle is applied. After inserting the adjustment pores, the adjustment is developed.

Third, during accurate measurement, the temperature of temperature should be reduced as much as possible. The liquid state in the level device changes greatly to the temperature hazard. Therefore, the harm of the horizontal instrument of the horizontal instrument should be paid attention to the fever, the solar irradiation, and the air.

Fourth, in the application, the reading value should be carried out on the part of the vertical level to reduce the harm of the precise measurement results of the vision.

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