Not satisfied with the monotonous color, do you want to change a little more? Don’t want to change the color of the wall, but do you want to change a certain color at home? Life is becoming increasingly described, and want to break the calmness for a dazzling force? … A colorful cabinet may realize your wishes and make your mood up up.

Macaron green with milky white, like sweet ice cream in summer, is cool and fresh. The clean lines make the cabinet full of texture. Such a bright small fresh tone is also suitable for small units, which will make the space look more open.

Red and black cabinets are not uncommon. This set of cabinets use dark red and white brightening cabinets, and with black countertops. Three contrasts collide with large contrasts, bringing a strong visual experience. Black and deep red are stylish, while glass texture and futuristic streamlined islands make the kitchen a trace of modernity.

Too many dazzling colors will have a dazzling feeling, so although this set of cabinets use lemon yellow, it uses a large area of ​​gray wall as the overall embellishment. The visual experience of dazzling colors.

2021最新橱柜设计配色方案 厨房里大胆玩“颜色”

The peaceful dark blue cabinet and striped marble table form a low -key but not -losing kitchen. The wooden bar chair and the chandeliers above the island are interesting. Except for the flowers and fruits on the table, there is no other complex embellishment, but it shows a different kind of beauty.

If the kitchen space is sufficient, this noble taro purple is a good choice, simple line sense, simple cabinet structure, but it looks particularly elegant and noble against the lining of a large white background wall.

The macaron powder cabinets make the entire kitchen soft and waxy. Many embedded storage space uses the overall space of the kitchen to make the kitchen that was originally miscellaneous look clean. Put dead branches as furnishings, and then match with unique chandeliers. Anyone who watches will not help but praise: It’s a lively girl heart!

If you have other kitchen decoration, you can



2021最新橱柜设计配色方案 厨房里大胆玩“颜色”

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Tucao ~

2021最新橱柜设计配色方案 厨房里大胆玩“颜色”

Righteous decoration, scientific lightning avoidance pits, choose

2021最新橱柜设计配色方案 厨房里大胆玩“颜色”

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2021最新橱柜设计配色方案 厨房里大胆玩“颜色”

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