In the tea industry, the milk cup is not just the physical meaning on a cup. It is not only used as a drink for beverages, but also gives spiritual significance such as sharing and enjoyment.

Open the dimension of time, from the 1.0 era to the current 4.0 era,

Tea drink cups are blessing and assigned to the entire industry through continuous innovation and iteration.

一项微创新 这款奶茶杯解决了很多行业痛点

Today we are going to talk

Zhejiang Xintianli container technology Co., Ltd.

(The following referred to as “Xintianli”) a new cup, which not only solves many industry pain points, can bring real benefits to stores and brands, but also enrich and enhance the links and reached with consumers.

Competitive barriers established on the milk cup

The fast -moving market competition is manifested in spiritual and physical. For the milk tea store, the advanced and iteration of the cup is valuable in the above two dimensions. With these tiny optimizations, Dalong has gradually established competitive barriers and brand advantages.

The significance of cups to tea usually says a word:

The development history of a milk tea is the evolutionary history of a milk cup.

一项微创新 这款奶茶杯解决了很多行业痛点

In the 1.0 era, it provides the most basic dressing function, which has evolved all the way. In the 4.0 era, it has exceeded the physical significance of the vehicle and has both the spiritual attributes of the social level.

For example, in terms of materials, most of them used to use PP sucking cups. The PP injection molding cups now use, and the currently popular environment -friendly material.

In the cup type, U -shaped cups, fat bottles, straight bottles, cup holders, etc., are full of tricks. There is both experience when drinking, but also to take pictures and share, and actively spread.

At this time, we evaluate whether a cup is good or bad, and generally can be settled to three dimensions:

Technology content, practicality and social attributes.

What industry pain points do this new cup solve?

一项微创新 这款奶茶杯解决了很多行业痛点

From the above level, let’s take a look at the newly developed and main promotion of Xintianli, and the value of it from this.

According to reports, Xin Tianli did a lot of market research before research and development.

Many brands have reported that when the shopkeeper operates in the store, there is such a confusion: the amount of cups is very large, but there is a condition of stacking cups and card cups, which will delay the production time and affect labor efficiency.

“How to effectively improve the production time, not stacking cups, no card cups are the first to solve and improve.”

Secondly, how to ensure the quality of delivery and increase the value of drinks through the upgrade of the material.

There are generally two pain points in delivery: one is deformation and leakage; the other is holding temperature. The temperature is high and the temperature is low, which will affect the taste of the drink.

一项微创新 这款奶茶杯解决了很多行业痛点

Third, the cup can speak, can produce content, and let consumers take the initiative to spread.

A high -value -valued cup with its own social attributes will undoubtedly greatly promote consumers’ touch and cognition of the brand, reduce the communication costs of brands and products, shorten the purchase decision -making process, and increase the repurchase rate.

一项微创新 这款奶茶杯解决了很多行业痛点

Everyone in the industry knows that even if it is also made of PP, the suction process is different from the injection molding process:

The advantage of injection molding is high and the feel is stronger; but the disadvantage is that the transparency is not high, the product does not have much toughness, and it is easy to rupture by external forces. It can easily cause external force to squeeze and cause the cup to rupture.

The product’s product toughness is good and highly transparent, but it is not as good as injection, and the feel is soft.

一项微创新 这款奶茶杯解决了很多行业痛点

■ In order to solve the slot of the product and meet the needs of customers and the market, we spent more than two years and increased the conventional 660ml cup from 12G to 19G.

■ At present, the high -gram of heavy product is very strong and intensity. The highest product can be stretched to 180mm to reach the highest level in the world.

Don’t look at the difference between 7G, “Everyone knows that it is very difficult.”

According to Xin Tianli R & D personnel, to produce qualified products, it is necessary to have very high hard power in terms of import equipment, raw materials, technology, molds, etc.

“Of course, some manufacturers can make it now, but it is difficult to ensure the stability of the product in large quantities. This mainly includes problems such as product transparency, brushes, and the thickness of the cup.”

Through technical upgrades, this new product series of Xintianli has reached the feel and support of the injection molding cup on the market, and

一项微创新 这款奶茶杯解决了很多行业痛点

Good toughness, not easy to break, not stuck cups, good extraction, good sealing, not leaking. Effectively solve the pain points in the brand and store operations.

一项微创新 这款奶茶杯解决了很多行业痛点

In social attributes, it also enriches its meaning. E.g,

Customized color printing, high face value. It meets the customization and personalization requirements of the tea market.

一项微创新 这款奶茶杯解决了很多行业痛点

At present, many products of Xintianli have been applied by many domestic tea brands in China, such as COCO, Honey Snow Ice City, Book of Fairy Cao, Black Temple, Xinshiji, Fruit Mai and so on.

一项微创新 这款奶茶杯解决了很多行业痛点

■ Zhejiang Xintianli Container Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. It has focused on food container for 30 years. It has five major production bases across the country. More than 2,000 employees, of which more than 200 professional and technical personnel have been known as “high -end food containers in the industry. expert”.

In the interview, the owners of most brands believe that “the biggest factor with new natural products is to recognize their corporate strength, such as product technology research and development, production process, product stability, and services.”

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