Men may never understand women’s dedication to skin care products and cosmetics.


For example, the Double Eleven just passed, and the number of online celebrities brought the goods on the same day, but the number of goods was tens of millions, which was inseparable from the support of tens of thousands of beautiful women.

However, there is also a girl who can never understand the attachment of a girl, and that is the attachment to the underwear, and it is the attachment of old underwear.

For most boys, once a pair of underwear is determined, the underwear will follow him for a lifetime.


In other words, it will not be abandoned by boys without completely disappearing.

For girls,

Boys’ underwear is always a mystery.

Why do boys do not want to change their underwear?

Many boys can be worn in the sky. They think that the older the underwear, the more comfortable they are, because they have adapted to their body shape and become part of their bodies.

Many female friends will spit on the Internet and buy new underwear they buy for their other half. They are unwilling to wear them.


For old underwear, boys will never give up, wear dark colors into light colors, and then wear transparent, until they wear it and wear a hole, they will be reluctant to throw it away.

If you put on new underwear, they will feel difficult to move, like wearing other people’s underwear, and they are full of shame.

I can’t wait to let others wear it for two months for themselves, and take it again.

In addition to dislike changing new underwear, they are usually reluctant to take off the wearing that day to change a pair of clean and refreshing underwear.

Because in their hearts,

My own underwear is very clean!

Because of the different physiological structure, there will be some secretions on the underwear of girls, and the underwear of healthy boys is dry under normal circumstances without any secretions.

Therefore, in the cognition of boys, your underwear is not dirty, and there is no need to change it every day.

A foreign underwear manufacturer investigated 1,000 people, and found that the probability of not changing underwear a week.

Men are 2.5 times that of women.

Tell a boy: Your underwear is much dirty than you think

Journal of Infection published a research report for student underwear, which shows that the average dirty underwear is carried

0.1 grams of feces


Salmonella, E. coli

Wait for germs.


Thousands of parasites and hundreds of insect eggs


Even if you can clean it correctly, put it in the sun to dry and sterilize, the bacteria in it cannot be completely killed.


Think about it, there are such bacteria on the dirty underwear that have not been changed a day. What about the underwear that has not been changed in those two days, three days, or even a week?

The bacteria are really dare not imagine.

Studies have shown that the virus contract contained in the stool

10 million, 1 million bacteria, 1,000 parasites, 100 insect eggs.

Based on Journal of Infection’s investigation of dirty underwear, the most one of them contains

10 grams of feces

Calculate this,

Wearing a pair of dirty underwear is simply wearing a biochemical weapon!


Therefore, boys must not affect their health for laziness.

If you wear only a pair of underwear, the breeding bacteria will cause inflammation, odor, and even various lesions.

So, once you find that the underwear is a little damaged or


You can discard the new one.

For their own health, men must set a period of love for underwear, and the most perfect period is


Six months.

Six months later, disconnected!

For boys, how should I choose their favorite underwear?

Consider from three aspects:

First of all, the best color

Don’t choose dark or colorful.

Because once men suffer from certain reproductive system diseases, there will be secretions in the urethral opening. It is easier to find if wearing light -colored underwear, early discovery and treatment early.


Second, don’t choose in material

Chemical fiber




Because chemical fiber underwear is neither breathable nor sweat absorption, if it will be too high in summer, it will be unfavorable to sperm.


Finally, you must choose to be loose and moderate in style. It is best to be slightly loose. Don’t be too tight. After all, it is too tight and uncomfortable.


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