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Summer thunderstorms are as common as watermelon.

Looking at the heavy rain outside the window, I remembered my childhood and liked to watch the rolling Wuyun.

At the speed that they visible to the naked eye, they rushed east to the east, while they were sitting on the small bench next to the window, and they were reluctant to pull the curtains on the wall.

The eyes stared at the clouds without blinking, fantasizing that Sun Wukong and the East China Dragon King was fighting on the heavens.

The rain was small, and it was crackling on the glass. From time to time, there were lightning passing, and the thunder was roaring.

The atmosphere of summer came from the face.

Later, he learned to hug the “Dream of Red Mansions” and hide in the room.

With the natural white noise, it is particularly peaceful, and it has the beauty of “blowing out the lanterns, one is the moon”.

It is actually difficult to read the Red Mansion again and again.

Faced with the four major families of “Jia, Wang, Xue, and Shi”, especially the complex character relationships in Jiafu headed by Jiafu, they often feel dizzy.

However, just read a few more times.

Until now, I have countless times, but every time I read it, there will be new reflection.


The charm of the classic lies in this.

It is more meticulous when reading, and it doesn’t matter if you read slowly. The focus is on persistence.


The relationship between the six major tea is no simpler than the Dream of the Red Mansion.

The most commonly asked is

What is the difference between green tea, white tea, and black tea.

Green tea and black tea are characterized by household names, high popularity, and wide range of penetration.

Among people who have tea habits, green tea and black tea often become necessary ration tea or work tea.

But even if all old and young are known, there are not many people who really understand them.

Coupled with in recent years, the original white tea has suddenly become popular.

Some people say that it looks like green tea, and some people say that it looks like black tea, the emergence of various remarks, and once again covered a mysterious veil for the relationship between the three.

Taking this opportunity, I will be clear for everyone.


In terms of categories, green tea, white tea, and black tea belong to the relationship between the parallel, not each other.

In other words, white tea is neither green tea nor black tea.


It is one of the six major tea. Like green tea and black tea, it has specific tree species and process requirements, as well as its own unique flavor.

The category of white tea can be divided into white mill silver needles, white peony, Shoumei and tribute eyebrows according to the different raw materials requirements and tree species.

When you see the beautiful appearance of white tea buds and leaves, many fresh soup feels, many new tea friends have said: It is much like green tea!

actually not.

Between white tea and green tea, from tree species to crafts, to brewing methods, the future collection direction is completely different.


These issues, we will slowly explain in the later article.

The common green tea in life includes West Lake Longjing, Dongting Biluochun, Huangshan Maofeng, Xinyang Maojian, Liu’an Gua Milk and so on.

Due to the extensive area of ​​green tea, it covers almost half of China and has become the main force of tea sales.

Among them, there are many historical stories.


For example, Dong Ting Biluochun was famous when Kangxi was under the south of the river.

Formerly known as “Scared Man’s Fragrance”, the Emperor Kangxi personally wrote the name, and then renamed “Biluochun”.

For another example, Emeishan Tea, Li Shan in the Tang Dynasty once described this, “There are many herbs on the amount, the tea is particularly good, different from the world.”

If green tea is a “national drink”, then black tea is a world -renowned.

As early as the 16th century, the originator of the world’s black tea, the small species of Zhengshan, was passed on overseas and flowed into Europe, and then swept the British royal family.

It comes from Tongmuguan, Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, and it has also become the birthplace of the world’s black tea, with a long history.

In addition to the small species of Zhengshan, Jin Junmei, Qi Hong, Dianhong, Chuanhong, Yingde, Rizhao Black Tea, etc. are more famous.

If you want to understand tea, you must first understand what tea you usually drink.



Green tea, white tea, and black tea are picked from a tea tree, made of different processes?

The answer is wrong.

In theory, distinguishing green tea, white tea, and black tea are indeed according to the process, that is, the degree of fermentation.

The green tea is not fermented, the slightly fermented white tea, the full fermentation is black tea.

But this is just one of the differences between the three. If it is comprehensive, it is a big mistake.

Tea trees pay attention to adaptability.

Just like what the “teacher said”: Wen Dao has the successful, the surgery industry has special attack, just like that.

Even if you are genius, you know the geography of astronomy, but there are places that are proficient. Some people are good at fine arts, some people are good at mathematics, and some people are good at physics …


The same is true of tea making.

In the national standard of white tea, the tree species made a detailed explanation: the large white tea, narcissus tea trees and group tea trees were made as raw materials.

In other words, the tender shoots from these tea trees are not processed by white tea.

For example, take the raw materials of West Lake Longjing for white tea. Even if we promise, the tea farmers in Longjing Village in Shifeng will not agree.


Although the tree species of green tea are not stated in the national standard, there are also relevant regulations in the industry standards of various geographical logo products.

For example, West Lake Longjing should be used to plant tea trees with No. 43 Longjing and group.

For example, Anji White Tea uses a kind of fresh leaves called “Baiye No. 1” as raw materials to make a unique flavor.

As for black tea, it is more detailed.

For the small species of Zhengshan, it is necessary to use Tongmu Village, Xingcun Town, Wuyi Mountain, and vegetable tea in the natural protection area of ​​Wuyishan as raw materials.

Cai tea is actually another name for group tea trees.

Under the local natural climate of Tongmuguan, after thousands of years of sexual reproduction, it has become a raw material for making small seeds.

In other places, the small species made by other tree species are all counterfeit goods.


Which one can be more and more fragrant in green tea, white tea, black tea?

The answer is white tea.

This is due to the simple craftsmanship of white tea. It does not stir -fry or kill the green. By withered and dried, the nutrients of white tea are kept a lot.

Not only that, there is also great room for transformation in the later period.

Because there is no killing, the activity of tea polyphenol still exists.

After the year, the content of tea polyphenols will decrease day by day. The longer this white tea exists, and the more tea polyphenols are reduced.

Therefore, white tea has the characteristics of long -lasting.

In addition, there are other substances increased year by year, such as flavonoids.

This is a natural antioxidant, so it is often said that old white tea is more friendly to middle -aged and elderly people.

In the continuous pursuit of everyone, the reputation of white tea “one year tea, three -year medicine, and seven years of treasure” is becoming more and more widely known.

The most important processing steps for green tea are killing green.

After killing youths, the activity of tea polyphenols is destroyed or passivated by high temperature, which will always be kept in tea.

Even if the green tea has been stored for a long time, these tea polyphenols will not weaken much, but the freshness is oxidized.

Therefore, green tea advocates “drinking fresh” is exactly the truth.

It is the best choice to drink within half a year to one year.

Black tea, killing green, twisting and fermentation. Under the good preservation, the soup will really turn mellow, but there is no value for long -term storage.

If the shelf life is exceeded, the aroma of the tea will become faint and the soup will turn weak.

Even inaccurate storage, after absorbing excess water vapor, it will make black tea pantothenic acid.

The rational practice is still choosing to drink early, and then buy the next batch of black tea you want.



If you want to understand the Red Mansion, you will inevitably work hard.

If you forget the previous plot, go back and read it again.


Because the relationship between the characters is too complicated, the incident is very cumbersome, and you forget to read it. If you ca n’t pick up, you must return to the review in time.

And drinking tea is also the reason.

When I did n’t understand at the beginning, I drink more, learn more, and can make up for themselves.

Or, start learning from the tea that is easy to understand.

The first is to cultivate interest, and the second can solve a lot of confusion.


If it is really difficult to understand, if you work hard to study a certain tea, there will always be the day when you keep the clouds and see the moon. “

More original knowledge about tea

Osmanthus white tea, jasmine white tea, rose white tea, they are not the same tea as white tea, don’t confuse

White tea is cold, white tea is sugar, do you misunderstand the effect of white tea like this?

Regardless of the white tea or old white tea, is the fragrant incense of white tea?

From a small planting black tea to Kung Fu black tea and red tea, talk about some disconnection of black tea

How to distinguish white tea, black tea, green tea, green tea, black tea, yellow tea? Is it judged by color?

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