In the autumn and winter seasons, if you want to rank the most practical and versatile items, it must be the name of the sweater. However, it is precisely because of the characteristics of all -match that almost everyone is wearing it, whether it is more colorful to make your sweater look more colorful, you must spend some careful machine on matching or OR selection!


If you want to wear a sweater out of tricks, you may wish to learn from Zhang Jiani. Zhang Jiani, who is never disappointed in the clothes, is also “shaken”. , I ca n’t accept it! How did she wear this effect? What kind of selection and matching skills do this shape use? Let’s analyze them one by one!

Gray sweater is low -key and neutral and very versatile

In the autumn and winter seasons, more people are pursuing fashion and versatile. In order to meet these wear needs, we must first learn to choose a sweater that suits you. Like Zhang Jiani’s gray sweater, this gray sweater is very low -key and versatile, neither picking skin tone nor picking temperament, and strong plasticity. Whether it is creating a casual vitality or a handsome and trendy style, it is very good to use to use it. Essence

Use a white T -shirt to lighten up the shape to create a sense of layering

When wearing a sweater, many sisters prefer to use the method of stacking to wear a bottoming shirt to enrich the shape of the shape on the inner layer of the sweater. This shape is no exception. The inner layer of the gray sweater is cleverly matched with a white T -shirt. It also plays a role of brightening the shape while manufacturing the level of wearing. When choosing a single product that is overlapped in the inner layer, it is recommended not to choose the color that is too high -profile jumping. It is best to use the principle of “the same color system” with the outer sweater. If you really do n’t know how to choose, go to the white inner in the PICK’s lowest error rate!


Knowledge point:


However, when creating a sweater stacking shape, pay attention to exposing the inner hem or cuffs and neckline to achieve a rich sense of layering. At the same time The exposed white edge should not be too long, so as not to look procrastinating and burden!

What are the style advantages of “sweater+black silk”

The biggest highlight of this shape is also the use of the “sweater+black silk” matching method. It is paired with shorts and black stockings on the lower body of the sweater. Heroes and handsome, creating a diverse and individual sweater look. This matching method is not common, it can give people a refreshing freshness, and make your sweater look more outstanding in the crowd. However, this method of matching is more tested and matched. If you accidentally wear the effect of tacky light and a strong sense of violation. So how to avoid these problems?


How to wear “sweater+black silk” to wear it?

Aspect 1: Color tune

Speaking of the matching method of “sweater+black silk”, maybe many sisters think that this way of dressing is not tuned, and it will be full of sense of wearing. In order to avoid the emergence of this problem, it is recommended that you start with the color, and weaken the sense of disobedience of the mix and match style through the harmony of the single color matching. For example, this shape has a black and white gray system that is simple and versatile and is not easy to make errors in color matching design. The tolerance between single products and items will also make the shape look more integrated.


Aspect 2: In the middle with a transition single product improvement harmony


When creating a “sweater+black silk” shape, everyone can also cleverly match a transition item between two items to enhance the harmony of the shape. For example The role of “upper up and down”. However, it is not suitable for the leg conditions such as shorts and short skirts, so it is not suitable for sisters with more leg fat or straight legs. If there is a problem with the above body, it is recommended to use a knee -knee boot to modify the leg lines. If it is reasonable, it can make the shape look thinner and taller, and wear more handsome and stylish!

In fact, if you want to wear a “sweater+black silk” out of the charming effect, you can also work hard on the selection of the sweater. For example, a Pick’s Oversize version of the sweater, or the long sweater in the middle and black stockings, a “disappearance of the shirt” to wear, can play a thin role by showing slim leg lines, and it can play a thin role, and This method of dressing is more profitable than stacked methods, making the shape look more feminine.

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