Today, as people’s economic conditions are getting better and better, they have bought private cars for people to use them for basic travel. The car is used as a little wife. It is often maintained for cars and often replaces some car interior such as cushions and foot pads for cars.

Moreover, Xiao Man has passed now, and when the weather is getting hotter, many car owners have begun to figure out how to face the upcoming high temperature weather. Many car owners should know that driving in summer and sitting on the cushion is like a fire. Even if the air conditioner is turned on in the car, it seems that there is no mitigation of the buttocks at all, which is really uncomfortable.

Therefore, it is very important to replace a cool cushion for the car. But now there are various car cushions on the market, and people are dazzling. It is really a headache to choose. However, don’t worry, let’s take a look at the cool cushions popular in summer together, say goodbye to sour fatigue, increase comfort, and make you drive more safely.

1. Car “3D cushion”, ventilation cushion that can massage

As we all know, the correct sitting position and a good sense of sitting are an important prerequisite for ensuring safe driving. However, maintaining a sitting position in the seat for a long time makes people feel sour and tired, especially in the hot summer. And wanting to avoid traffic accidents, it is necessary to change such cushions for your car.


This type of car silicone gels can also be called “3D cushion”. It is made from a high -density and waterproof composite cloth material. It has the characteristics of safe and breathable, refreshing and comfortable. Easily massage some acupoints such as hips, heads, waist, etc., promote blood circulation, relieve stress, and better ensure driving safety.

Second, car ice silk cushion, ventilation and ventilation

If you run a long distance for a long time, then it is recommended that you prepare this ice cushion before the summer is coming. In the summer, the scorching sun can feel the rolling waves even in the car. Although the air conditioner can alleviate the temperature in the car, it is not helpful for your hips.

This type of ice cushion is built for summer, allowing you to stay away from the sultry of summer. In line with ergonomic design, make the back more fit and make driving more comfortable and stable. The comfortable and breathable production material has a good heat dissipation function, so that you will not feel tired no matter how long you sit. At the same time, it is also very convenient to clean the ice cushion. Very convenient.


Three or four seasons linen cushions

Many car owners must not be unfamiliar with the linen cushion. After all, this cushion is very popular with the owner. It is also known as “natural air conditioning”. The raw materials used in this cushion are mainly natural linen fibers. The heat dissipation is very fast. At normal temperature, the temperature of the human body can be reduced by 4-8 ° C. Summer is also very considerable.

Rather than saying the linen cushion is the most popular cushion in summer. It is better to say that this is the most common cushion in the four seasons. However, the linen cushion is not without disadvantages, that is, because it is limited by its own material, if the linen cushion is washed, if it is not mastered, it will make it more humid and expand, affecting the beauty and texture. Therefore, you must pay more attention when washing.


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