1. Jeans with self -slimming, of course, in spring, summer, autumn. This jeans are very simple. The body is full of solid color effects. The slimming intensity is very strong, making the lines of the legs clear, high waist effect, stretch our height vision and modify the waist. It has three colors, black and gray, khaki, and are well -matched colors. Coupled with its simple style, not picky tops. Very easy to wear a fan


2. The combination of lace and cowboy is rare. The design is so sweet and beautiful. It is rare. If you meet it, you must grasp it. You like its color. The light blue is very small and fresh. shoe. The pure white lace of the trouser feet adds a sweet feeling. The hole in the pants legs has increased personality fashion. The pants of the cropped pants are long, slightly exposed to the ankle, and tall. The shape of the pencil pants, the straight long legs are easily worn out

3, jeans can be said to be a good matching item. The characteristics of the trousers’ feet have both design beauty, showing the avant -garde personality, and the visually pulled up. We can adjust the edge according to their needs. Polying decoration, comes with fashion street tide, casual and free, publicity. Both pants are real pockets, and small things can be placed daily. The overall version is very stiff, thin and slender, and it will not be wrong if you wear it ~

4. The fashionable jeans that are indispensable in the closet are on the battlefield again. The version of the pencil pants, the thin effect of the top and bottom, set off the straight and straight and thinner of the entire leg, and the slim and thin, let you add the array of the beautiful leg star people Essence The high waist effect enhances the hip line, lengthen the height visual sense, and create a golden figure. In order to break the monotonous of jeans, we made a hole -breaking design. There are also velvet treatment, keep warm. With it, don’t worry about matching!


Jeans are very worn. This jeans made some designs on the basic version. It looks simple and looks good on the upper body. The pants legs are a little bit -breaking design, and their personalized age is reduced. The irregular design of the pants and mouth exposed the ankle, and the street tide was full. The fabric is comfortable and elastic. Following the legs, it is thin and tall. It is time to wear the basic models. It is time to give yourself a different model.

Does the pure -colored denim pants with their own body shaping effect make you unable to move your eyes? The visible comfortable fabrics are soft and skin -friendly, add velvet inside, keep warm, add a circle of tweezers, fashion avant -garde, and show the sense of grade of jeans. A buckle design, simple and fashionable. The details of the high waist can also set off the hip curve, raise the overall curve, and have a sense of fashion and femininity ~ Hurry up and join the long leg camp ~


Spring new wool -edge ripped jeans women’s high waist and thin feet pants irregular pencil pants to repair trousers

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