It was said that the long march of 25,000 miles, the shoes at that time were a realm and tempering that could not be measured compared to the current shoes. This brought the liberation of New China. So today, if you let you also wear straw shoes to come to a trip, climb, walk, wad, jump, etc., are you willing? Insert a historic picture and the pavement of time -responding scenes, please see the big screen.

Today, you may not be able to understand that wearing straw shoes at the time, stepping over the swamp, crossing snow mountains, eating bark, drinking rain -like bitter days, but I think if they can use the water and land amphibious, the fast and breathable Salomon outdoor stream shoes. Presumably their schedule will be more beautiful.

The clouds are smooth, and it is not afraid of rain. The rainy weather can be held in the rainy weather! Why don’t it rain yet? It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t rain, let’s take a break by the pond and talk casually about Salomon outdoors.

With the description of the above text, everyone must also guess the protagonist today, that is, the Salomon outdoor stream shoe provided by the wild player platform. I am male, Zhuo Ran chose a cherry berry color, neutral color, I hope everyone, everyone, I hope everyone like. This time it is mainly divided into outer packaging, boxing, details, wearing, comparison, and shooting.


1. Packaging

This time the Salomon outdoor streaming shoes, the packaging is made of cowhide paper. This material can be repeatedly used repeatedly, playing a good effect on saving resources, and has played a good role in promoting the construction of the earth’s environment. The LOGO of Salomon in the lower right corner, Salomon’s URL in the upper right corner. The overall front style of painting is the heroic style of the mountains and mountains, indicating that Salomon is going to conquer nature.


I do n’t understand a lot of things on the back. I blame myself shallow and no culture. I still have a certain impression of the Arabic numerals of the size. For others, I am omitted here. Please forgive me. Please translate yourself, and won’t go into details here.

It can be seen on the side that for the flip -type opening method of the outer packaging of the product, there is a hole that can be opened at the edge of the upper cover that can be placed on the finger, which is convenient for opening. Humanized design often makes people look comfortable. The international barcode and specifications of white paper and black types of the outer box are information such as white paper and black.

Passing the overall browse of the outer packaging of Salomon, each angle has its mark of logo. Therefore, for product publicity, any angle can clearly understand and understand it.

Second, box dismantling

Open the packaging, what I presented in our vision is the full picture of the Salomon outdoor creek shoes I want. The red appearance is equipped with a white sole, and the red coat with a pull -net leather cyan lines, making the red shoes help more beautiful. Against the leather pinhole of the tongue, the overall grade of this shoe was put on one section. When I got this shoe, I felt like it was in line with my imagination, suitable for my personality.

The red shoes are a little eager to try in the box, and they can’t wait to replace the shoes under the master’s feet. There is a saying that the old one will not go. When you come to new shoes, the old shoes will be retreated to the second line.

As a brand with Oceanic experience, the internal accessories and facilities of SALOMON outdoor streaming shoes are also available. Three packages regulations, qualified certificates, use of life, and English instructions, coupled with the promotion of wild players Labels make the shoes are absolutely impeccable in regular speaking.

Salomon Outdoor Strole Shoes as a whole, for a person like me who lacks knowledge of imported brands, this shoe is enough to make yourself design, color matching, and logo inlaid. I have a certain understanding of the demand for products and personalized.

Three, details

The product outer packaging box is introduced above. Many people have no good concept for the word “stream”. In order to better explain here, a small episode is first, and you are familiar with the stream.

The so -called streaming is an adventure activity on the downstream of the Canyon stream to overstream, overcoming the obstacles on the terrain, the source of poor water, and the top of the mountain climbing. Streaming independently from the mountaineering campaign, to go up along the valley, it is necessary to climb technical climbing depending on the terrain, such as waterfalls or boulder.

With the understanding of the words of the stream and the overview of SALOMON outdoors. Next, let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of this Salomon outdoor stream shoes from a bit by bit. From top to bottom, from the outside to the inside, describe.


1. On the surface, large -scale anti -crushed and dry -air -breathable red mesh cloth is used to avoid falling into the shoe from the gap, ventilation and breathable, and quickly keep dry. The end of the shoe is closely integrated with an impermeable PU design with the upper to prevent falling off.

2. The toe adopts the TPU design style to protect the toes well, avoid damage, and relieve the foot impact.

3. The shoelaces adopt a combination of mesh design and two shoelaces holes to make the dress more firm and secure.

Sensifit fitting technology

1. From the bottom to the lace system, it is like a cradle, which accommodates the entire foot, which makes people feel comfortable and compact. Effectively reduce exercise resistance, and the running process is safe and stable.

2. This SALOMON outdoor streaming shoes can be different from various ways. This multiple ways are manifested after foldable.

Outside the sole

1. The sole is a wetland traction type Contagrip. On the soles of sneakers, you can see the word “Contagrip”, which represents the best combination of non -slip performance and abrasion resistance. A pale yellow translucent sole is named after its color and characteristics. The beef tendon can be made of rubber or plastic, and it is most convenient to make with hot plastic rubber (TPR).

2. There are more contagrip on the soles of sneakers. Before, I had a pair of hiking shoes, Hi-TEC OX mid-length hiking shoes. The soles of this hiking shoes are Michelin. Therefore, different types of soles of sneakers, hiking shoes, and casual shoes are also very different.

It feels that the contagrip bottom is better on the humid road than the V base. As for asphalt pavement and marble pavement, the anti -slip performance of the contagrip bottom is good.

3. A groove design in the field, quickly discharge the sludge, the fine sand does not stick, and maintains stronger grip.


1. This time the insole is used with a breathable design. From the position of the shoe barrel to the inside of the shoe, you can clearly discern the Salomon icon logo. The logo uses white, echoing the color of the insole, and setting off each other.

2. This insole can be taken out, and the shape of the insole is also matched with the shoes; it is very stylish.


3. Flip the insole, place the three adhesive places on the back of the insole to prevent movement from the three adhesive places on the back of the insole to prevent the formation and protection of the foot during the insole.

4. Put the insoles on the road to see the overall effect. Does it feel good? The thick cotton shape plays the effect of buffering and the effect of anti -foot fatigue. The insoles are covered with fabrics.

5. Look, the insole can also perform the difficult movements of the lower back.

Inner feet and upper grid design of the shoe

1. After removing the insole, the white soles surrounding are highlighted in front of the eyes. At the same time, you can see the light designed by the grid. In this way, you can understand the characteristics of streaming shoes, wading fast dry grid cloth.

2. For the shoe code, a few words to everyone here. Because it is imported shoes, the shoe code cannot be identified according to the domestic common sense shoe code, but it must be larger on the basis of the original, which will better meet the requirements of your shoe code.


1. The soles of the sole use the contagrip sole. The intelligent combination of the geometric pattern, the physical density and the synthetic formula provides good traction to improve the grip and durability.

2. The midsole uses an EVA, insoles, and EVA.


The tongue is designed with a leather, with a total of 46 holes, which has played a good role in breathable. At the same time, the tongue on one side is fixed on the upper to test, so that the tongue is fixed.

The soles of 180 degrees are bent, and it can be seen that the toughness of Contagrip is still very good.

Four, wearing

Test scene: Observation River running through the community.

Tester: a man.

Personnel weight: 70 kg.

Personal height: 172cm.

1. The side effect of the shoe is as follows.

2. Partially displayed on the front upper of the feet.

3. One before and after, walk around.

4. Sitting next to the pool, watching the inside of the shoe, feeling beautiful. Everyone observed carefully, and maybe I can see that I was a bit big in this shoe, because the heel part was a bit vacant, which caused folds. Therefore, it is recommended that you remember to try in the process of buying.

5. Salomon wearing a red upper, looking up at the pool, I really want to step on, try the water nature.

6. In the face of the pool, Salomon’s stream shoe refused to leave for a long time.


7. It doesn’t rain in the hot days, let me try the characteristics of Salomon’s stream shoes. The environment is important.

8. The outdoor temperature is 37 degrees, no rain, sultry. Wearing Salomon’s stream shoes, it feels very breathable.

9. Look at my big red shoes.

10. Run more healthy, see if my running posture is also the rhythm of flying. Looking at the shoes on the back foot below, the bending degree of the soles is not very good.

11. The picture below is the focus of the previous shoe, the Z design of the TPU, which plays a role in protecting the front toe. Dissolved anti -impact.

12. With the above -mentioned run location, the following running is yourself. Look at my true face.

13. Walking on the hill without raining. Seeing the dryness of this ground, I know that it has not rained for a long time. For this trip, I also came to the hills with a hot summer and filmed on the spot. Hehe.

5. Comparison


1. I really like casual shoes, sports shoes, and hiking shoes. Therefore, I often wear more Nike series on the market.

2. From the appearance of the two, the appearance of the appearance of the stream shoes and the casual shoes is quite large.

(1) Different soles, different levels of hard and hard.

(2) The method of laces is similar, but the material is different. The stream shoes feel like running shoes, casual shoes are ordinary locking methods.

(3) The breathability of the upper is also different.

(4) This method of wearing a foldable style is prominent.

(5) The TPU design at the front of the shoe is not much different.

Six, shooting

Water permeability test:

Rope skipping test:

Seven, summary:


1. The shape is beautiful, the upper grade, the color is bright.

2. Packal design is novel and fashionable.

3. Running shoes design style.

4. The outside of the contagrip sole.

5. EVA sole design.

6. Breath -type network upper design.

To improve:

1. I do n’t know if I ’m used to wearing nike or other reasons. I feel that the breathability is not as good as Nike. I am forgive me.

2. The size of the tongue is a bit small, and the regular tongue is exposed to the left and right side.


In terms of price, compared with other brands of casual shoes and hiking shoes, the price of stream shoes is within my tolerance and belongs to the mid -range price. Therefore, it is still worth buying for the Salomon brand.

Do not do any deletion and other commercial purposes without permission


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