Feng Jicai’s “Wonderful Strange Man”

A vulgar, a strange, missing a little taste, disadvantage. It will not be strange when it is elegant.

Feng Jicai is best at describing the strange people in these vulgar red dust. A small rumor passed by his writing, and immediately became alive. It is said that this is still written in the gap between the ancient buildings of ancient buildings in ancient buildings, so it is small in a short time, so it is small, but there are already thirty -six strange stories.

Thirty -six articles, different articles. Each has its own characteristics. There are five elements and eight works. There are all the things, there are Wang twelve, there are king of the god doctor, there are swallows Li San who are a thief, some saying a single mouth of a single mouth, a golden finger with a finger, and a medicine selling sugar Yu Liu, there is an antique line.

Anyway, you can’t think of it, without him. Each one is interesting, each of which is strange and strange, each of which is distinctive, never the same, the writing in the pen is different. ) Writing is simply a single -mouth cross talk, the time and technique of shaking the burden, one by one. Presumably, the soil with strong regionality such as “Skinbo” and “Three -inch Golden Lotus” occur here. He should be very hard to search for such strange things and customs. In his own words: “As soon as they lift the curtains, they come in”, maybe this is the so -called “call comes”.

For example, the application of these rows of sentences has been hot and pure, and there are almost some in each article:

There are excellent people, eating ravioli, bright hall, standing in the middle of the street. Unbearable, vegetarian, stingy, staying by side.

The three big things that people eat in Tianjin — the ears of eighteen streets of the ears and the fried cake dogs ignore the buns, isn’t it just a little bit of sugar and a little meat? The three big things to play -the mud man Zhang Kite Wei Yangliu’s youth painting, isn’t it just a piece of mud and a piece of paper?

There are also these place names. As soon as they were listed, people went directly to Tianjin Wei. Although I did not know where these place names were in the north and south, but in this way, I felt very “Tianjin”:

Brush Li is a master of a manufacturer of a manufacturer in Hebei Street. He went to the south of the British Concession to brush the new house for Li Shanren.

The Taiping Bizhuang on the Yiyi Street set up a Jiazi, and set up a banquet in the champion of the Hutong to celebrate. It is said that Ma Er was invited.

Jinmen’s antique shops said that Yu Chenggong of Guodian Street bought a shaft of large polyester Shitao’s landscape.


Da Zhigu has a wealthy family named Yang.

Tianjin Wei is a dock. The ground on the dock is not good at standing, standing up, still standing, rely on -be able to resist.

Don’t look at anything else, just these place names, and some unique nouns in Tianjin. As soon as these words come out, the full Tianjin flavor comes, and you do n’t need to write it. For example:, Ga, Sai, Sai.

There is also the Republic of China pictorial in the book, which is equivalent to the current Weibo. Where did something happen yesterday? The graphics and texts are very interesting. What happened at that time, so I did n’t violate it at all. I lying on the paper to confirm these semi -text and half -white handwriting, only the opponent that was blocked was a bit difficult to guess.


Nine heavy dreams can be filial piety, and Sandouchen has Wate □

The river of the water of the water, the crane is in the clouds and phoenixes in the forest □

There are also comparison of Tianjin and Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai:

Beijing is an officialdom, and people are full of officials in their hearts. Tianjin is a market, and the people are life, eating, drinking, fun, delicious, delicious, fun, and fun. I also like to see a survivor.

Tianjin people do not talk about eating, leaving the things they are talking about to Shanghai people. The Shanghai people have a heavy appearance, and the people of Tianjin are affordable. People live in the world and eat first. Tianjin people said that clothes were wearing people, and meat was eating in their belly. The Shanghai people said that wearing 绫 上海 satin is beautiful, and eating mountains and sea flavors is as good as people. The people of Tianjin asked, so what about the dog ignore the buns? See for who eats, who eats and who is beautiful.

In this way, I classified contemporary local writers who wrote the story of my hometown in my hometown: Wang Zengqi of Gaoyou, Wang Anyi of Shanghai, Mo Yan in Shandong, Jia Pingwa and Chen Zhongshi in Shaanxi, Liu Zhenyun in Henan, Fang Fang in Wuhan , Wang Shuo in Beijing, Feng Jicai of Tianjin.

Finally, the Writer Press’s “The Wonderful Strange Man”, the “Wonderful Football” of the People’s Literature Publishing House, and the “Foreign Phase” of Friendship Publishing House are similar. Anyway, all three publishing houses can come out. I also compared the directory at the time and still glanced.

“The Wonderful Football” is full of thirty -six stories. Each article is equipped with a pair of unsightly stick figures that Feng Lao himself.

There are only eighteen stories in “The Wonderful Strange Man”, but the Republic of China pictorial inside is pretty good.


There are some “vulgar and strange people” paragraphs of “Western Phase”, as well as short and medium stories such as “Three -inch Golden Lotus”.

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