After seven days after the Spring Festival of the Year of the Roosted, the majority of office workers returned to work and entered a new round of cycle looking forward to the Qingming small holiday. Saying that starting a good FLAG, it is estimated that most friends in 2017 still can’t escape the situation of “no money is no money”, so just chop your hands as a respect to inspire yourself to “not eat soil in the year of the chicken”.

鸡年开工先剁手为敬 适合打赏自己的创意数码

Here are a few interesting small digitals for you. I also sincerely wish everyone that they can lying steadily while getting the pleasure of consumption.

Bird cage LED smart voice control light

Brand: Teamwork

Price: 48 yuan

The year of the chicken is very appropriate. A small night lamp designed by the post -80s team in China can charging, sound control, and touched lighting. It was charged for 5 hours, long light for 15 hours, and once for half a year.

Nut mini sound

Brand: JS

鸡年开工先剁手为敬 适合打赏自己的创意数码

Price: 65 yuan

In the past few years, the number of wood products has been popular in the digital product industry. From early bulky wooden speakers to the current wooden headsets, wood humidifiers, and so on. Of course, the trend of going back and returning is not only reflected in the speaker as an enhanced sound quality, but also the improvement of touch and beauty. It can be said to be the original ecology of literary and artistic fan, which is the product of the metal line that represents the ultimate metal lines. JS’s portable Bluetooth speaker is 48*48*57mm, weighs only 75g, it is also natural to hang it on the bag. The built -in speaker parts are produced by Denmark, and the price of wood is still affordable.

Creative hourglass night light

Brand: Nine pigs

鸡年开工先剁手为敬 适合打赏自己的创意数码

Price: 119 yuan

鸡年开工先剁手为敬 适合打赏自己的创意数码

It is also a night light, but this routine is a lot more complicated. Without lighting, it can be used as ordinary hourglass. When making night lights, you only need to put the hourglass on the base. As the sand particles accumulate, the light will become darker and darker, and it will automatically turn off after 15 minutes. 15 minutes is also a healthy time for humans to fall asleep from scientific verification.

Rainbow manufacturer

Brand: Uncle Milton

Price: 339 yuan

鸡年开工先剁手为敬 适合打赏自己的创意数码

A atmosphere light produced by well -known American lamps dealers is more suitable for coaxing children. The principle is not too complicated. It combines different colors of LED lights. The effect of the night is still very realistic through the projection system on the wall or ceiling.

鸡年开工先剁手为敬 适合打赏自己的创意数码

Suspended bulb

Brand: Toolman

Price: 358 yuan

During the work, the light bulb will be suspended on the base, and the magnetic suspension technology is used to power the wireless power through the air. Through the Law of Tesla, the light bulbs are placed directly on the base. During the power supply process, it will continue to rotate without any friction.

Retro chocolate fountain machine

Brand: Nostalgia Electrics

Price: 399 yuan

You can also engage in the machine of chocolate fountain at your own home. The shape is small, the size is 17*17*31cm, weighs 1.5kg, and the power is only 1000W.

Personal food scanner

Brand: TellSpec

鸡年开工先剁手为敬 适合打赏自己的创意数码

Price: $ 499

鸡年开工先剁手为敬 适合打赏自己的创意数码

At present, a food scanner with strong practicality in the civilian field can obtain the ethnic groups contained in food, including heat, nutrients, fiber, sugar, and sugar lift index (GI Detection of parameters such as index); the same can also help users record the food component intake of daily, weekly, monthly, and even every year.

Due to the complexity of food varieties, Tellspec will regularly update the detection module to ensure that the algorithm can accurately reflect the various parameters of the corresponding food.

(Zhou Jing, a reporter from Qingdao/Qingwang)

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