Whether you are a family cooked woman or a family cooking husband, cutting vegetables is the first step in cooking. If the cut dishes are different and the thickness is uneven, no one will say that your cooking skills are superb. Bar. Cutting vegetables requires a certain amount of technology, and this technology can not be learned in a day or two, so you need to cooperate with the special -cutting tool to make the cooking more convenient. I recommend a manual cutter, which can slices, shred, or grind garlic. It is really a good helper in the kitchen.

Many friends have experience when cutting the fingers when cutting vegetables. This vegetable cutter allows you to cut the vegetables without a kitchen knife and uniform thickness. Made with 304 stainless steel, easy to prevent mildew and corrosion, safe and healthy, and passed the US FDA Food and Drug Administration.

Its back is a magnetic design, which is convenient to adsorb on the metal. It is recommended that you suck on both sides of the refrigerator when not in use, and will not occupy the place. Commonly used blade stored on the back of the cutting board, which is more convenient to use.

It is equipped with 3 mm, 1.5mm sliced ​​knife and 3 mm, 5mm shredded knife, as well as wave blade and milling blades to meet the requirements of different ingredients.

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Household potato shredders multi -functional vegetable cutting kitchen artifact stainless steel scratch filament wiz. garlic slice machine

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