Drawing sketches are actually the least, and it is the most direct and simple. It can be used to draw sketches if you pinch the pencil or anything that can be drawn. But if you want to start a formal sketch, start with basic preparation.

There are a variety of sketching tools and colorful and colorful. It is good to choose the appropriate sketching tool for novices. Here, I will introduce some suitable tools for the sketch self -learning network to quickly turn on the journey of sketching!

What are the necessary tools for beginners?

Pencil+rubber+sketch paper+painting board or sketch version+ai -worker or sword or a pen knife. You can start with these simple tools!

There are many brands and models of various sketching tools. How to choose? Don’t worry … the sketch tool is introduced:

1. Sketch pencil.


Novices only need to choose HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B.

These are the most commonly used pencils for drawing sketches. The H -6H pencil is suitable for the details and very subtle places of drawing sketches. Novices are temporarily used.

The brand, quality, and price of pencils are also different, and I recommend Chinese pencils and Stelou pencils for everyone.


Chinese pencil authenticity method: Choose the redness of wood, uniform paint and thickness of the wood, the printing font is positive, and cut the soft wood as genuine.

The quality of the pencil of Stel Building is better, but the price is higher, the wooden is uniform, the pencil core is delicate, and it is not easy to break the lead. You can choose according to your needs.

2. Sketch paper.

8K or 4K exercises are generally used.

At the beginning of the painting, it can be used with a thin paper. The price is relatively low, generally a few cents per piece. Practice and simple light and dark exercises are still possible. The disadvantage is that this kind of paper is not conducive to repeated wipes, and later drawing sketching is replaced with thick sketch paper.

Of course, you can choose according to your personal conditions. In short, the sketch paper selects thick paper, clear lines, and feel. The rough side is positive, which is used as painting and is easy to color.

3. Pencil knife.

You can choose an art knife.

4. Rubber.

Divided into hard rubber and soft rubber (rubber mud), and only hard rubber can be used at first.

4B of rubber is soft, less scratching, and it is not easy to destroy the fiber of the paper and feel good.


5. Painting board.


Just use 60 × 45.

In addition, you can also use the sketch board, which has a small area, easy to carry, and is suitable for drawing 8K sketches. Drawing or going out of the studio is very suitable in front of the computer. Generally, there are clips on the head to change the paper. When choosing, it is better not to deform and moisture -proof.

After the introduction of this most basic sketching tool, it can meet the most basic sketching exercises.

Others: Different sketching tools are applicable to different places to achieve different purposes. The following introduction hopes to help you more.


7. Drawing liquid:

Fixed drawing fluid plays a role in protecting the picture. It can fix the lead powder and carbon powder on the paper to prevent friction from destroying the picture. In particular, dozens of test papers will be overlapped together in a test room during the art test. After many handling, the paper will be selected. Spraying some fixed drawing solution will better protect the picture.

How to use the drawing solution: 1. Shake the tank with an front to make the internal drawing fluid uniform, and then gently press the nozzle to test the spray and master the strength of the spray head. 2. Main 45 ° angle between 20-30cm from the distance and then spray evenly.

Note: 1. Spray it evenly before spraying for the second time. Do not spray for a long time in the same place. 2. It belongs to flammable items, try to stay away from the source of the fire, and the stored temperature is less than 45 °.

8. Painting frame.

There are generally two types of painting racks:

1. The solid wood painting rack is more made of pine wood. Choose is to pay attention to adjustable flexibility, polish and polishing, and clear liberal arts and science without black spots. Advantages and disadvantages: more stable, better bearing capacity, and convenient adjustment. It can also expand more functions to place painting tools such as pencil rubber; because it is not easy to move, it is more suitable for the studio and room. Pay attention to moisture -proof and not easy to expose the wind and dry.

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