Many people have asked a question. Can we still shoot in the vacuum environment of the universe? What would the bullets like? In fact, this question has long been answered. As early as decades ago, the Soviet Union had been equipped on their space station so far


The first and the only space weapon for human beings


Nudelman-Rikhter R-23 Modified Farm Cannon.

R-23 Modification of Farm Cannons

Universe Novsky, we need weapons!

In 1957, the Soviet Union sent the first satellite of human beings into the Earth orbit, and since then the world wave of the US -Soviet space hegemony has been opened. In this battle, the entire human elite, technology, and funds basically have no bottom line to the bottom line. Space technology is inclined. The space achievements achieved in just decades have exceeded the accumulation of human beings for thousands of years, and

This hegemony process is divided into two stages

USS -Soviet space hegemony

The first paragraph is the Soviet Union pressed the United States

Essence Starting from the first artificial satellite, the Soviet Union relied on the national power and epoch -making outstanding scientists at the time, almost letting the space technology appear. The second female manned aerospace, the first time in space, the Soviet Union was the first of human beings, and the United States was overwhelmed. It was the most glorious period of the Soviet Union during that period, and then the Soviet Union had no money.


Concept of space weapon

The second stage was that the United States later went up

Essence The aerospace technology spends money, which is faster than burning money. In the post -stage period of the US -Soviet space hegemony, the Soviet national strength could not keep up, and there was no research funds. Apollo plan last moon. As we all know, in 1969, Apollo was on the moon. Human beings set foot on the moon for the first time. powerful



The series of rockets failed, and the moon landing became empty talk.

Apollo Lunar

Then the Soviet Union changed his mind,

If I can’t reach the end, then I will build a toll station halfway, you are here, I will get you down, I can’t go, don’t want to go

Don’t say, this trick is really good! The Soviet Union began the development process of establishing a space station, that is, the well -known gift cannon space station,

On April 19, 1971, the Ritual Artillery 1 entered the track, and the first time human beings had a home in space.


From the 1st to the 7th, the Soviet Union consolidated its position at the space station again and again, not only on track, but even the space station docking these technologies was made by them, and although there were only 7 ceremonial artillery space stations, in fact, there were still in the middle there were still in the middle. Many other series, even some of them are experimental military weapons, just wearing the name of the ritual.

Ritual Artillery No. 1 Space Station


What’s more, after the Soviet Union slowly turned the space orbit into its own home, seeing that the United States was still sending satellites. What should I do if I do n’t give tolls? We have to hit them, Universe Novsky, we need weapons!

R-23 Modification and Fllow Cannon Writing debut

Recovery diagram

The prototype of this thing was in the 1950s. The Soviet Union designed the R-23 aircraft guns for high-altitude and high-speed aircraft TU-22. 2600 bullets can be fired per minute, but it is not necessary for space. It is cut into 32 bullets, but the powerful caliber is definitely just now. According to revealed that this weapon caliber is changed to 14.5 mm, and the weight is controlled by controlled weights. In 17 kg, it is a high -speed artillery, and a bullet has 200g. Perhaps this power on the earth is not very great, but for the fragile astronauts or satellites, as long as you have a gun, you will definitely not survive. The truth.


Bullets used


Can space be shot? How many shots?

Can space be shot? Of course, although the early human bullets need oxygen participation to burn the explosion, the bullet itself is sealed in the later period, and there is no external oxygen participation. It only needs to be stimulated. When it was shot, this space weapon in the Soviet Union was fixed on the obsidian military space station disguised as a ritual, and a launch test was launched on the track. There was no problem that stimulated anything.


Machine gun installed in the space station

Of course, there are some big shortcomings in this stuff. First of all, this weapon is fixed, that is, it has no way to change the direction of the muzzle. If you want to shoot, the Soviet Union needs to control the 20 -ton space station to steer, and then The machine gun is launched on the target, and the direction of a 20 -ton object in space is turned to the direction of 20 tons of objects. The most annoying thing is time. It can be said that according to this, there is no way to attack the launching spacecraft, that is, there is hope for the satellite of the fixed track.

The second is heat dissipation. For the powerful weapons such as machine guns, each combustion will generate a lot of heat. It has air cooling, water cooling and so on on the earth. However, what about space? Three heat transfer methods:

Radiation, convection and conduction. There is no air in space. There is no drama in the current. The conduction can only be conducted on the gun. There is no way to go out. This guy is like being installed in a vacuum insulation cup. It can continue to be used for a long time.


Machine gun principle


In addition, a big problem with weapons using space is the recoil. When the huge machine gun bullets are stimulated, the recoil generated makes the posture of the space station greatly changed, like a ship in the waves, and it turns back and forth. If it is shot continuously, it is likely that the space station itself will lose control. In the end, the enemy will not know, anyway, it must be dead. It is said that after the Soviet Union fired, a target satellite was hit, which caused a significant change in the posture of his space station. Of course, this is a gossip. How can only be clear about the personnel of the parties.

Shot in space

I played it! Who fired? Myself!

After the space is shot, if the target is not hit as soon as possible and the speed of the bullet is reduced, then everyone, including the shooter themselves, may become the target of this bullet, because the space station itself rotates at a high track, plus plus the rail, plus plus Fighting, the bullet will leave the space station at a faster speed, turning around the earth. At the same time, due to the huge speed and smaller quality, the bullet will continue to slow down, and the track will be reduced. In the end, it is likely to become the same as the space station as the space station The orbit, after a circle or many laps, hit the space station from behind, so shooting in space may mean the beginning of suicide. Of course, if you are holding a laser gun, then, big guy, please casually.

Laser weapon, please be free

Is it reliable to use weapons in space?

In space, if it is an object on the orbit, then the kinetic weapon is basically not hopeful. This is also one of the reasons why we have not heard which country is equipped with space weapons. Weapons can be used in space and will not hit themselves. Of course, it is hoped that humans will develop space peace. There will be no space wars in the future. Although I know this situation is basically impossible. what do you think? How to evaluate the idea of ​​the Soviet Union?

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Interstellar era


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