With the popularization of social platforms on smartphone platforms, consumers have put forward higher requirements for mobile phones to take pictures. The quality of mobile phone products has become one of the important factors for consumers to decide whether to buy. It can be described as high -speed, but the space of the internal and inches of the mobile phone has led to a lot of gaps in the traditional micro -single compared to the traditional micro -single in taking pictures. It has become a sign of the current flagship model.


At present, most mobile phones are configured with three cameras: rear dual cameras, front single cameras and front dual cameras, rear single cameras. In the end, there are many disputes in the industry. Based on this topic, we did a set of user surveys online. Through the following series of user surveys, we can see the most authentic voice of users.

The user’s attitude determines everything, and the rear shooting is still the mainstream

In the first group of surveys, the question we raised to netizens was “You use the front camera mostly or the rear camera”. The results of the survey show that 76%of netizens will use a rear camera to take pictures in daily life, and only 24 are 24, and only 24 are 24 %Of the “Selfie Magic” indicates that it will use the front camera for selfie. It is not difficult to see that everyone usually prefer to use the rear camera to record the bits and pieces around them.

Use mobile phone selfie is a way for female users to prefer

In the fifth group of surveys, nearly 80%of users said that in their mobile phone albums, less than half of selfies. Relatively speaking, female users love to show themselves, and men are basically not interested in selfies. Essence This set of data can also be said well that rear camera is the most user usage method.

Then the problem comes. Although there are many people who like to take pictures with a rear camera, the female user group likes to use a selfie to show its own beauty. What about dual camera?


Everyone prefers to shoot with a mobile camera with a mobile phone

For this reason, we also threw two investigations for this question. In the second set of surveys and the third group of surveys, we can find that 84.57%of netizens think that mobile phones are better after taking pictures, and 78.88%of netizens think Essence

The quality of the rear dual camera is huge for the improvement of photos

Through these two groups of surveys, we seem to be able to understand that most of the netizens’ needs for dual -camera mobile phones are now the focus of the current dual -camera. It is also the focus of smartphone manufacturers. It seems that the mobile phone rear dual camera is the most popular. As far as the current smartphone, the best camera effect is the OPPO mobile phone. From the performance of OPPO R9s, after the release of OPPO R11, both selfies or taking pictures have significantly improved. reason.


It can be seen that in the future, regardless of the development of mobile phone products, no matter how much the number of mobile phone cameras will increase, high -quality rear camera camera effects are still the most needed by users.


Mobile phone camera survey: there is no suspense on the rear camera

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