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With the development of the times, online costume dramas have “evolved”.

One Reading Jun wrote “Why does the current costume of the costume drama?” “, But recently, Yiyi Jun discovered that the online costume drama has entered the” headband era “.

Some netizens turned over the many “hair hoop shapes” of recent costume dramas, indicating that the shape of costume dramas is really increasingly perfunctory …

Some “hair hoop shapes” in some costume dramas

Some people tease: This is a group of fresh hair hoop purchased by the film and television city, which is conducive to conducive



The costume of the costume is a personal aesthetic problem, but the costume drama using this “suspended painting circle” type of hairband may be slightly stable.

Ancient Chinese head hoop is a kind of jewelry worn on the forehead

It is very different from the position of modern hair hoop. There are aliases such as wiping, forehead, head hoop, head hoop, eyebrows, brain bags, etc., which once appeared in costume film and television dramas.

The amount of the face value of the ancient style handsome guy

Actually everyone is right



(A kind of alias of hair hoop) is no stranger. In the costume drama “Chen Qing Ling”, the “long” on the “things” on the heads of Gusu Lan family’s heads is the applied amount. After that, some netizens are nicknamed “the stumbling block of the handsome guy”.

The long face with a thin fine amount of the material, lined with a longer face …

But Yiyanjun feels that this aspect is the same as



Related, on the one hand and actor

Face shape

related. Whether the face value of the handsome guy was tripped over, and finally looked at his face.

The shapes of these ancient handsome guys obviously have not been “tripped” by the amount

According to the documentation,

The rally was invented by the ethnic minorities in northern China, which was mainly used for warmth. Later, it slowly evolved into a decoration

The north is cold, with a mink warp, which is attached to the crown, and it becomes a jewelry, which is the origin of the applied amount. —— “Continue Han Book · Public Service”

In the long history, among the related cultural relics related to the unearthed, the earliest is the humanoid carving jade piece of the Shang Dynasty.


This cultural relic has also become an important reference for costume film and television works of costume film and television works

This stuff is a suitable jewelry that is suitable for men and women in the early days. The styling style and production process reached its peak in the Ming Dynasty. After the Qing Dynasty, it gradually became a special accessories for women. , Also embroidered exquisite patterns and decorated with pearls.

The real wiping shape classification of the folk spread

The important use of decorations is to modify. In order to adapt to different faces, the applied amount has also developed a variety of shapes. In the costume drama, the well -made amount of materials and suitable styles seem very grade.

How “fragrant” is the applied amount? Just look at neighboring anime works. In “Naruto”, the amount (original work is called the protection) is an important iconic item for the ninja.

In “Sailor Moon”, the mulberry is not only the standard of the beautiful women soldiers, but also the offensive weapon of Shui Bingyue.

But this protection is the all -metal structure


Princess Diana, who was at the forefront of fashion, also occasionally wiped out the amount. But Dai Fei’s applied amount

Actually it is necklace


The reasonable use of Dai Fei has played more decorative value.

Perhaps it was inspired by Dai Fei, and people found that the amount of pure jewelry was also beautiful.

Art is derived from life and is higher than life. Some costume dramas have made subversive innovations on the amount of appliances, which greatly increased the decorative effect, and also increased the role of the character.

Each amount has its own characteristics

The ancient Chinese hair hoop is located at the forehead, and it has a certain relationship with its warmth. Why do the modern version of the head hoop generally wear on the hairline?

Because most of the modern version of the hair hoop is mostly western -style hair style.

Hair belt transferred from the king’s to civilians

Hair belt is one of the common head decorations in life, which originated from the first crown of ancient Greece and ancient Rome.

Judging from the murals of the Royal Palace of Greek, the ancient Greeks were used to putting the head crown in the hairline position and revealing their heads. This may be due to the pleasant local climate,


There is no need to bear warmth in hair bands

It may also be because

Be happy

The murals on the wall of Knoish Palace

The first crown is called “




“It means” entangled together “. Due to the limited output of early gold in ancient Greece, the first crown is made of a variety of metals. In order to increase the beauty of the first crown, craftsmen will use pressure flowers or other patterns to decorate the head crowns with crowns or other patterns. Essence

After 331 BC, after Alexander’s gold supply opened the Persian Empire, the first crown of ancient Greece entered the “Golden Age”. Closer to the plant -based corolla.


The customs of ancient Greece believed that wearing flowers and leaves decoration, symbolizing


Honor, love or victory

Therefore, the golden crown continues this tradition and is favored by some great men in later generations.


Such as the founder of the Roman Empire, military commander, and politician Caesar Emperor.

Another example is French military and politician Napoleon I of the 19th century.


The husband sings the woman, and the wife of Napoleon’s wife Josephine, wearing a portrait of the same type of crown, also stays in large quantities.

Celebrities have a leading role in fashion trends. Under the “lead” of Napoleon couples, this retro head crown is popular among women in high society.



Compared to the “Tiara), the jewelry hair band is more comfortable and convenient. You can also use a ribbon to fix it to the top of the head, becoming a new popular item for replacing the crown.

Princess Diana’s jewelry hairband

After entering the ordinary people’s homes, the hair band was a little less luxurious and more bright in order to match ordinary clothing, and it was a little more bright, but the bride’s head still exudes bright light.

No matter how luxurious hair bands are, the aura is still a bit worse than the hair hoop in the costume drama. Some netizens have found that the headbands of costume dramas are now closer to



Of course the shape in the costume drama is not so exaggerated


So what is


Forcibly “glowing” Virgin Crown


It is a very exaggerated head hoop that belongs to the classic model in the Lolita headgear. The difference between it and ordinary hair hoop is to force the wearer to add a sacred “halo”.


As the name suggests,

It is the halo on the head of the Virgin Mary (early) in Western religion.


We are not uncommon, standing on the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island in the United States, wearing on our heads


The shape is exaggerated. It is not rare in daily life, but occasionally appears in foreign fashion shows and star red carpet styles.



COS is not just the Virgin. As we all know, the gods and saints on the planet are all their own aura, and the position of the halo is behind the head.

There are many explanations about the sources of sacred halo in the world. A more sci -fi saying: The reason why the fairy is superior is because they come from aliens with higher civilization and advanced technology, so they need to wear helmets and


The helmet was simplified into a “halo” by the ancient people

And scholars think “halo”

It may be from the worship of the sun, and pointed out that the earliest use of the “halo” is basically the sun god

Essence It’s just that the “halo” positions of the fairy fairy with older countries are different.

Helios, the “Helios) of the ancient Greece, is behind the head and is a ranging sun; Horus of ancient Egypt is the guardian of the sun and Pharaoh’s king. Fuxi, the first snake body, also fulfilled the duties of the sun god, so he raised the “halo” in his hand (the son -in -law was the moon)


There is also a saying that the “halo” shape of the same gods in the world is derived from Indian Buddhism.

Behind all Buddha statues, there are backlight “halo” artistic shapes. This “halo” is also called “Buddha light” and “round light”.

This backlight or round light,

It is not only a symbol of the Dharma endless, but also means that the Buddha is a messenger of light

Essence “Hou Han Ji” said: “The Buddha’s body is one six feet, golden, and in the item, the change of light, the change is nothing, so it can be used to all things and help all beings.”

Because the aura at the top of the head is indeed strong, this halo is crazy COS of the global fairy.


The world’s hair accessories are “copied”. There are so many hair accessories and hairstyles in ancient China, and there will

Is the “collision”? Actually there are, but there are no ancient Chinese hair accessories

So convenient,


You need to insert a “halo” with multiple buns.


Figure 1 is the most similar

In contrast, the Virgin Crown is really very time -saving, and it will also allow the female lead to bring the special effects of the “protagonist halo”. As long as it is made of delicate jewelry, even if it is chaotic into costume dramas, the audience will not disappoint.

Well, you like in costume dramas




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