“Can’t sleep and can’t sleep well” is a problem that the Chinese people need to solve, especially the work of the work. Every day, there is a panda eye every day, and the face is full.



A good sleep for 1 day and 8 hours has become “unable to ask for it” in our daily life.

In order to solve the problem of “not sleeping well”, some people started to save money for sleep, from earplugs, to melatonin and incense, but the effect was minimal.

In fact, if you want a deep and good sleep, choose a comfortable mattress, which is the most important.


Princess Pea in fairy tales, even if there are 20 beds of goose down,

It was still difficult to fall asleep by a pea.

Seemingly exaggerated, but it also makes sense.

Regarding the mattress, some detailed differences,


It may affect your good sleep all night.

The most objective factor affecting sleep quality is

“The comfort of the mattress”

, I chose the wrong mattress and sleep until the next day. It is common to have back pain.

Not to mention some mattresses, it is easy to mold and stink, and it becomes directly becoming

“Mite, Bacteria” cultiv dish


, Sleep on it, do you want to have a good sleep? It is undoubtedly a dream.

Choose the right mattress, so comfortable to get up, this is the joy of adult talents. And this “Mu Si Antibacterial Mitter -proof Mattress” is the recent happiness of Uncle Ju, antibacterial+anti -mites, and a mattress blessing by “black technology”, allowing you to have a good sleep.

The best way to buy a good mattress is to experience on the spot. Only by personally experience can you experience the comfort of the mattress.


A good mattress is really important for designers with sedentary for a long time. When Uncle Ju went to the Furniture City, he inadvertently visited the Mu Si Sleep Experience Museum. After a personal experience, he was really fascinated after some personal experience, so he deliberately made a mattress evaluation for everyone.

Technology | 3 major anti -mites antibacterial technology


In this era of “talked about mites”, mites that cannot be seen with the naked eye really invade our lives. Especially mites on the mattress,

Small is allergic, and large affects sleep

However, most people are all

There is no choice for mites.


As a masterpiece of the mattress industry, the antibacterial anti -mites technology of “Musi Liquor Mattress” is considered to be the technical soul of this mattress, because it has its

“Triple Antibacterial Mitter Prostitution Technology”


Only to allow us to feel more comfortable and healthy sleep experience.

防 The first heavy mite: anti -mite fabric technology

The surface layer of the Mu Si Liquan mattress is added with antibacterial anti -mites knitted fabrics. In addition to breathable softness, it can also form a protective layer on the surface of the mattress to effectively block the breeding of mites and bacteria.

◪The secondary anti -mite:

Sanitized® Three Fang Sponge

At the same time, the three anti -sponges of Mu Si Liu Ling mattress use the Sanitized® sterilization of Switzerland. After efficient and difficult to discrete antibacterial technology, it effectively destroys the mite parasitic environment, cuts off the mite’s food chain, makes the mites difficult to survive, and create a clean and hygienic sleep environment. Essence

天 The third anti -mite: natural latex anti -mites

A layer of Thai -defense latex is also added to the mattress. As a natural nemesis of mites, natural latex is rich in latex protein, which can break the food chain of bacteria and mites, inhibit bacteria and prevent mites from survival. Essence

Therefore, for the Murseyli mattress, antibacterial, mites, and mold prevention are not nonsense, but under triminal anti -mites -proof techniques to block the reproduction of mites, mold, and bacteria.


Without the invasion of mites and bacteria, it can naturally gain a good sleep all night.

Features | Beauty value, design, fabric strong combination

For the face value, in addition to considering the comfort and use of the mattress, “face value” is also a problem that most people will consider. The unique “design”.




In terms of appearance design, Musi Liquan mattress


Follow the “minimalist aesthetic” law


With the color of blue and white, with a fluffy texture, the entire mattress looks more like a


Cloud -like “Shu Frey”



Sky blue wave line+three -dimensional wiring

, Add a touch of freshness to the mattress,

Simple but not simple, it does meet the aesthetics of most people.



In terms of touch, Mu Si Antibacterial mites -proof mattress looks particularly breathable and refreshing, and the outside is used.

Anti -mite knitted fabric

At the same time, it also has excellent hygroscopic and antibacterial properties.


When touching the mattress by hand, you can clearly feel it

The Q bomb of the mattress is soft

You can also see the surface layer of the fabric, with densely distributed needle -type ventilation holes, ensuring comfortable breathability.

◪ ◪ ◪

In the use of materials, Mu Si seems to be more “handy”. In addition to the delicate and comfortable antibacterial and anti -mites fabric (up to 99%), it also added


High -purity latex, high back sponge

, Give a mattress

Luck -friendly breatha


Sleeping on it, no matter how you turn around, you can feel “mute sleep”, because its spring is used

Independent bag spring

, Each spring operates independently,

Turn over naturally, not affected.

Sleeping | It looks like floating on the clouds


Mu Si did the extreme in the black technology of antibacterial anti -mites. But as a Homeskon blogger, Uncle Ju feels that in addition to black technology,

The actual sleep effect of the mattress is also the focus

The quality of a mattress, comfort, or not, only sleep in person,

Only the body will get a answer


And the sleeping feeling of Mu Si Liquan mattresses has indeed brought me a lot of surprises.

◪ fluffy and soft


First of all, pressing the Mu Sisi mattress with your hands, you can clearly feel the fluffy and soft touch, and then the rebound force can be wrapped and supported by your palms, which is particularly comfortable.


Secondly, when lying on the bed, your body is like floating on the clouds, and the support of the mattress “wrapped up” allows you to have a light sleeping feeling, as if sleeping on the clouds.


◪ Uniform support

In addition to the sense of wrapping, the unique material of the Mu Si Liquan mattress allows it to fit the body perfectly. It can “use Roukegang” and evenly support any kind of sleeping position.


A large part of the reason is because the independent bag spring of the Musi mattress can operate independently and enjoy the mute and good sleep.

◪ Betting speed

The Mu Si Liquan mattress gives a sense of “hard and hard” experience. It originally thought it was comfortable and soft, and the return elasticity might be slightly inferior. Therefore, Uncle Jugu specially tested its rebound speed.

Under the slow lens, you can see the small lemon, the rebound of duang, duang, and duang on the mattress.

◪ Follow the sleeping position


The fit of the mattress is also the standard for considering a mattress. During the test of sleeping, Uncle Ju found that whether he was lying flat, sideways or lying down, the mattress could instantly neutralize the pressure of the waist, hips, cervical spine, and shoulders.

For friends who love to turn over, even if they change their sleeping positions at will, they will not affect comfort, let alone affect the other half around them. High -quality sleep naturally captures it.

The original Musi bedding, the feeling of the price is slightly “unattainable”. After all, the quality and technology are first -rate. Whether the price or the style, it looks tall.


However, the “Mu Si 3.21 World Sleep Day” is coming soon.

The price of less than 5K (40 % off discounts)


You can start this one that is dreamy

“Mu Si Liudi · Antibacterial Anti -Mitter Mattress.”

Summary | Write at the end

A high -quality sleep is more important than anything. Want to harvest a mattress of 1 day and 8 hours, a role played by an excellent mattress, which is beyond our imagination.


This evaluation allows Uncle Ju to feel the charm of Mu Si, strong support, high -return elastic, antibacterial mites, and mites. Comfort, I really don’t want to get up at all.


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