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Recent How can there be so many pots in it? Pot, non -stick pot, soup pot, steamer, stir -fried pot … Is this a kitchen or a laboratory? Intersection Intersection How should they use it?

There are many types of pots, each has its own use. Please take a look at some pots commonly used in the kitchen!


Flat -fried pan

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This is a flat, wide and shallow pot, which is usually used to quickly cook thin and large foods in the oil, so you need to choose during the selection process

Thick texture

As well as

Good thermal conductivity

Metal pot. The thick pan can better store heat. When a large piece of food (such as steak) is picked up, it will not cause the temperature of the pot to immediately decrease and affect the taste of the dish.

There are many sizes of flat frying pan. It is recommended that you choose the number of family members and cooking ingredients according to the number of family members. Generally 20cm small pot is suitable for fried eggs; 24cm is suitable for fried foods of 3-4 people.

Why is it so clear? Isn’t it good to get a big pot?

When you use a large pan and fry a little ingredients, the pot that does not contact the ingredients is equivalent to


This will be serious

Affect the service life of the pot

Essence If you fry too much ingredients with a smaller pot in turn, the ingredients are steamed by heating and evaporated

Water vapor


It will work with each other, and it is not easy to form a Marada response (producing scorched scent), which affects the taste and taste of food.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that if there is a large oven at home, then you can consider it when choosing a pan

Long straight metal handle


of. In this way, many dishes that need to be fried before entering the oven will be much more convenient. (For example, Italian Eggbest)


Cooked pot


This kind of pot is called in China

Milk pot

There are different sizes and shapes, some are short and wide, some are high and deep, generally distinguished in volume, and have a wide range of uses in the kitchen. It is generally used to cook dumplings, noodles, milk, etc.

Dishes with liquid

Essence Usually choice


Thick bottom stainless steel material

The flat -bottomed deep pot thermal items are the best.

Soup pot

The soup pot usually exceeds the diameter and has a large capacity. Can be used for cooking

Large amount of food


, Suitable for making meat, poultry or vegetable broth. Due to its large volume, when there are enough soup inside, it can keep the temperature even after turning off the fire.

Relying on the cooked meat

In this way, the meat is more tender and juicy, and the taste is plump. The “

It’s better

“That’s the truth.

Steamed pan

The porous steamer with a pot bottom, add the water to the pot and boil, use




slow cook

Steaming is a more

Healthy cooking

Essence in



More practical, you can steam different foods at the same time, and use it to ensure that it can be served quickly at the same time when the guests are served. Many parts of our country have their own “eight bowls”. The ingredients used may be different, but most of them are fried or stewed by the food first. temperature.


Non -stick pot


Non -stick pots are the “small public” among many pots. Although its non -stick characteristics have reduced the inconvenience of many cooking, because it has non -stick coating in the pot, pay special attention when using it, otherwise you should accidentally care about it. These coatings will be cut. Therefore, use in use

Wood or silicone

Stir -fry the spatula of the product;





Steel ball


Rough tools; even


It can also cause


Coating off

Use shallow pan for pancakes

The thick and flat pot is usually made of cast iron, which is very thermal conductivity and is used to make pancakes. The steak stove with the edge is used for fried fish, meat and vegetables, which can make “

Carbon burning



Japanese egg roll pot

Rectangular shallow pot, use

Cast iron or aluminum


production. Bring a strong pot to make thin and uniform egg rolls. Use the rectangular Japanese -style egg roll pot to make thick eggs, which not only makes the dishes more regular, the success rate increases, but also brings a full sense of ritual, so that you can not stop ~

Stir -fry

The bowl with a handle is the most suitable for cooking. The iron pot with two handles will be frying, stewing, or steaming more stable. Family use

35 cm diameter


It is more suitable. Wok is suitable for

Quickly stir fry

Cooking, so the pot wall is relatively speaking

Slightly thin


Some are easy to complete the action of turning through spoons.


Deep and heavy, with a deep pan with a lid, with a pressure gauge and metal valve, using in the pot

steam pressure

Come cooking food, it’s about


Save half time

Essence But cooking is the art of time and fire. It also means that the taste of the dishes will not be as mellow as low as low heat.

Pot, sand pot, stewed pot

Cast iron, pottery, and porcelain are common materials for making such pots. This type of pot has a lid, which is suitable for soup. This kind of pot is thicker than ordinary iron pots than ordinary iron pots, so

Heat more uniform

The heat storage performance is good

The dishes made are naturally more delicious. But because their materials are special, they cannot adapt to the rapid changes in temperature, otherwise it is easy


Cause damage to the pot.

“If you want to be good, you must first benefit your instrument.” The same is true for cooking. Although some masters can complete the cooking with a small amount of kitchenware, some special appliances can achieve more effort, especially when using these appliances when making foreign food, which may make these foods more brilliant!

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As well as

Affect the service life of the pot

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