“Sun Zhao on the Sanggan River” successfully shaped the image of advanced farmers. Here are deep and sophisticated and loyal, but because of the complicated struggle, it is not decisive enough for a while. However, once the mind is clear, the determination is determined, and the heroine is brave and brave. Justice, but because of personal relationships, there are all kinds of doubts Cheng Ren; Li Chang, who has a positive enthusiasm, practical, but not mature, but the branch propaganda member Li Chang; Liu Man; bold and spicy sheep museum woman Zhou Yueying and so on.


Through the shaping of these images, the novel shows the awakening of the farmers who have been suppressed at the bottom of the society for thousands of years, revealing the historical trend of the land reform movement that will achieve a complete victory. Like Ding Ling’s other novels, “Sun Zhao on the Sanggan River” also pays great attention to the method of analyzing and psychological descriptions to shape the image. For example, the depicting portrait of the landlord Li Zijun’s wife here uses these methods: she starts to pretend to be a hundred relying, and wants to soften and deceive the poor hiring farmers’ liquidation struggle on her house. The clothes are filled with smiley faces, but the heart is full of hatred. Her psychological activity in the orchard painted the dark psychology of a landlord in the land reform into three points, revealing the winter. This is a character image with distinctive classity and personality.

In addition, the scene description and atmosphere are also very prominent. This not only helps to deeply reveal the psychological changes of the characters of all levels in this struggle, but also can more vividly show the magnificent momentum of the mass movement.

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