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Recently, a “China has 100 million people pretending fitness” trigger hot topic. The so-called fitness 100 million people pretend to say, is a measure of conclusions based on “Consumer Trends Report 2019 Movement” and public data. Concluded that there are 100 million people buy sports equipment but little movement, but rarely do the gym the gym, they are pretending fitness.

Although the estimated figures and the actual circumstances will differ, but their sights circle of friends, many of them really close “to pretend fitness” friend. Some of them, although ambitious physical fitness, but in the face of the actual situation after sweating hard, but prohibitively difficult to adhere to; some are really candid in their own pretend fitness, in addition to the optical equipment does not buy the gym, shoot light photos do not exercise, they “cloud fitness” – the microblogging forward, in all kinds of sports tutorial, “turn equals do, and do equal lost.” there’s laugh at yourself, do gym card, “is not bath (sauna) card? “

Of course, in life there are a lot of people really exercise. With the enhancement of living standards and health awareness, people in sports and fitness more and more attention, VR, AR and other emerging technologies are constantly enrich people’s movement. Who knows who is who in the flesh, it’s time to tear down the “pretend Fitness” this “unhealthy”, the real move up.

1 Thanks to a large balcony,

Idle equipment

It does not appear to be so obtrusive

It may be middle-aged, that they will have a rude awakening one day, suddenly realized: hey, how you own it old? Zage thick waist so much more than before? Zage face a big circle than before it? Oh not OK, not OK, have to lose weight, and physical activity must be a!

45 years ago, my brother sister apparently experienced such a day.

My brother sister developed from the university campus into a revolutionary couple husband and wife. Then a Department of Mathematics, a Chinese, two are school man – big brother is the school’s fall edition Chin, 8 1 meter tall, long hair fluttering, any time an old old T-shirt, a radish loose baggy pants, walking shoulder oblique cases, a slovenly cynical look, play guitar, breakdance, wherever are a landscape.

So Big Brother, brother sister can put the binding junior year, it is no ordinary person is. So, so two people, when suddenly realized that aging approaching, the kind of panic and urgency, even better than I and so on.

During that time, his brother in the first circle of friends (this friend that friend on a non-micro-channel circle circles ha) was announced: the afternoon of mahjong Bureau would not have joined Ha, if you want to play badminton, welcome ×× see the stadium.

Such people Brother, go all centers. He shouted this, mahjong circle flapping in the wind on the Beat part of it, a large group of people shout three drink four, rushed to the sporting goods store and bought the finest badminton racket and shuttlecock, also bought several sets according to season devoted to the fight badminton clothing and shoes. I was surprised inexplicable, he said: “specifically for the wisdom to buy clothes and shoes do not do the usual sportswear ah??” This time, Big Brother looked very professional, said:. “Intolerable certainly thiophene (shoes) focal point is different, and (clothes) sweat is also different. Now determined to fight (badminton), you would have to buy a professional point of thiophene. no blood, it is easy to give up halfway up. “Consider also ha, compared to the young state, this What money count. Rest of my life hard, we middle-aged man, this money is still there.

However, a blood brother did not last long on halfway. According sister said they these people, or indeed the beginning of badminton played, and played in two games is Zuzu Di, sweat streaming over the ground, so after the kick, we are super sense of accomplishment, think consumption calories there are at least two meals so much, then kick down to eat a meal together can total thiophene or, at least, lose calories a meal thing.

So the motion late afternoon, dinner one night. After more than a few times, forget forget, do not fight do not fight.

Do not play badminton, and that Zuosha Zi it? Big Brother reflect for a while and decided riding. “This sport thing, too many people still can not be together, otherwise it is easy to become entertainment, and finally turned into food and drink.” But to a large Xiaoshuai, was surrounded by people who used to, a person on the road is always too lonely, so his sister also decided to call on, “anyway, wanderers went to college, she idle is idle.”

With this idea, they first went to Deyang city center bought two very high-level sport bike, then drove to Chengdu, went straight to Decathlon, knee, wrist, helmets, flashlights, wiping the sweat towel, hanging glass shelves, and ride all car service, and have to buy socks ……. Big Brother is all of us despise holding a white cotton socks, great research, said: “Do not look at the socks cheap, but it’s really good sweat absorption, wear very comfortable, I get a few good buddies are riding and I recommend this. “checkout time, the two of them sports equipment will be installed two trolleys full to the brim!

More than forty years of age, but also have the determination and courage, their backs are the words “handsome” word. Send them back to Deyang, I found them in the trunk of the car, as well as folding chairs for outdoor use and mats, “If the ride too far, too tired to ride, can be used to sit down and rest.” Look my brother is not the foresight cautious, such as hair? Through this a trunk full of equipment, I seem to see two speeding on the mountain wilderness, but after the vigorous figure.

However, all of the episodes have been written, the outcome is far from the outcome is not imagination. It is said that two people riding back up to four times, because of the spring in the past, the advent of summer, the sun is growing, sister UV allergies and had to give up.

Fortunately, their home has a twenty square meters large balcony, so when two high-level cycling, several pairs of badminton rackets and a bunch of other messy device is mounted in a pocket heap on the balcony, not quite that eyesore . (Liuba)

Fitness 2 with some friends,

They have thousands and thousands reasons

Refused to participate

I was only two years ago at the beginning of the law of fitness. At that time the company issued benefits to employees, the company away from the subway near the gym to do sports time cards for everyone. That gym where you can swim, sauna can also be used equipment, a variety of courses and the like, 20 times per person per year, every time I go to sign.

At first, I was afraid he could not be sustained, it is about the two friends go on a yoga class, swim and play water, steam saunas can be done, very interesting. To do this friend also bought a full set of fitness clothing, even bathing suits, goggles, swimming caps, cups are also fully deployed, looks like a good exercise to look.

But after a few times, she rarely appeared in both, I am the only one still exercise. I’m going to the gym every day, we will be in a small group in Q: Today you exercise? At first, they may feel unable to refuse, force yourself to appear in the gym. But one day, it varied reasons for their refusal to start up.

We joke, said, “Today you exercise?” Is “tortured soul” of our small group. Reasons “today skull a little pain.” “I do not want to take a big bag (Fitness clothes)” “Today I want to add a class” …… her son not to fitness: Whenever I sent tortured soul, will not receive a heavy kind of reply there are thousands of ten million, what advanced exercise equipment are all idle.

And my colleagues even more powerful! 50% have not been to one, 49% went once or twice to never go, leaving me – that 1% is still struggling. Because we do not go all the times have left me a card signature, it is also accounted for a colleague “lazy” cheap. After the effect of fitness quite obvious that desk after I no longer hard shoulder pain, the body lighter, more compact fleshy, exercise sweating is a good pressure vent the next day and more sober-minded.

Later, I changed jobs, in my neighborhood gym to do fitness-year card, I continue to enjoy the sport to bring change and happiness. One day the phone receives a message, the original home gym before that sale, he asked me how your company’s people do not come? I thought to myself: Hey, what do not come? I have always been a person in combat.

So long we insist on doing one thing in the end how much a test of self-control and perseverance it? Some would say that about people together, supervise each other, relatively easy to do – I do often encountered in the gym a couple pairs never absent, They often see the figure, all adhere to refuel inspire me . But look at my two girlfriends, ha ha ha …… in addition to what urge my adhere to the gym? Is inertia, inertia need sweating, muscle stretch after exercise a sense, and so on …… insist that it is one thing, there is no one to accompany nothing to do with. Only adhere to a habit, when adhere to become a habit, “do” is the only reason. (Member of the public ZhangDaJie)

3 adhere to fitness count Gesha?

After practice, I want to say,

Think twice about it

Three years ago, a lot of friends around to do a fitness card, joined the ranks of fitness, friend circle filled with their fitness photos everywhere. While I can appreciate the beauty of the body, not too seriously, because I was not obese wound up.

After some time, some of these people began to complain, saying that adhere to fitness it is too difficult! This is indeed deeply moved to my curiosity: I used to insist on the word back every day for three years, had insisted for two years in the accounting day …… “insistence” on this road I made great achievements, insist on fitness Gesha? I was young and fit, all right looking thing, determined to give them playing gentile!

In the “Teach your life” evil mind, I went to the gym spent 2,300 yuan large sums of money to do a fitness card. The card ends up in his pocket, just think of their own circle of friends is about to become a “mentor insists,” My heart is indescribably beautiful.

Do card after the first week, I was wearing his new purchase of fitness equipment, he came to the gym, start a trip “dumbfounded trip.” All the instruments do not know how to use, just time to go, not many people, steal no opportunity to learn about, and finally no way, armed only ran the treadmill for half an hour, pack up and go home.

Before leaving, the clerk said, “We have several stores, in addition to a swimming pool, the next time you go ah!” After that another need to drive to get to a store, I thought it was ready to start a prairie fire spark suddenly extinguished. Dragging the pace is not very tired, sweaty towel is not hung, I returned home, after back to back or continue to insist on the word or something.

Now, goes black gym still in my wallet, card color surface has been worn away, but I always comfort myself, it does not matter, valid for five years, this third year. Now whenever someone around to talk about fitness and do card, I may add a topic, but the role is no longer “stick mentor”, but advised them to think twice. (Hey mound)

@ Ai looks pretty: Parents weekend back home, just left the subway on the series was eyeing brother gym every walk some distance will come up to ask me to do a card does not do. Home casually said these things, my mother clear sky retorted: I do. What? My mother do the gym card? I looked at the puzzled eyes, she embarrassed. “I’m going, do not worry Well.” I did not speak up, my mother and timid added: “Oh, those evil of the whole project I did not dare, I went for a run on the treadmill, do some yoga with the teacher . “It is no exaggeration to say that my life, I really have never seen my mother movement! “I went to a big deal steam saunas take a bath every day, this card fee will not lose ……” she muttered. Haha, my mother is very clear understanding of their own thing!

@Autumn: buy a spinning ride at home but also fitness, one month less than an hour, but also self-comforting, buy equal practicing, practicing equal lost, lost approximately equal to the six-pack abs ……

@ ID change ah super trouble: Why? I would also like to pay a person to go ah?

@ Li Yong Huan: I is not the same, I am neither money, nor sports.

@ Gentle you: mouth shouting to lose weight, dieting, running …… but my body is very honest motionless. Fitness and health are not does not matter, it is important that there is no hair circle of friends.

@ Distant 🙁 for that gym membership) just bought a start every day to go, three days to go back again five days to go once a week to once, and then two weeks later go once …… finally expired can not go.

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