The course of life is fixed. “Nature” only arranges one road, and everyone can only take one trip; every stage of our lives has its own characteristics; therefore, childhood childhood, weakness of youth, middle -aged middle -aged, middle -aged, middle -aged, middle -aged The stability and the wisdom of the elderly — have some natural advantages, people should enjoy this advantage suitable for time.

—— “On the Liability for Friendship on the Elderly”

I think if a person has a strong interest in things other than individuals and engaged in appropriate activities, then his old age is likely to live well.

—— Betland Russell

Sixty is old. Seventy said. Eighty said. Ninety is 曰.

Someone asked me: What is the rare thing in life? I told him that the most rare thing in life is the elderly, and the elderly is our golden age.

—— Wang Dingjun

1. On the responsibility of friendship theory of friendship


Elderly happiness

What I praise is the kind of old age who has already found a good foundation in the young age.


The course of life is fixed. “Nature” only arranges one road, and

Everyone can only take one trip

; Our life


Each stage has its own characteristics

; Therefore, childhood childhood, weakness of youth, middle -aged stability, and wisdom of the elderly — have some natural advantages, people should be suitable for timely





On the old age, it is a article

Dialogue about the elderly



Respect for the elderly


Health and other issues

Discounted in a whip.

2. Living to old, it’s nice

Mr. Wang Dingjun’s essay in his later years

Write a clear life perception

The wisdom of life

● Repertory “National Memory Award” winner of Mr. Wang Dingjun’s classic essay collection

● Divide “Life”, “Friendship” and “Wisdom”, and add 16 in recent editions

● Articles are mostly authors

Life in his old age

The evaluation is that the reason is profound, the text is appropriate

I have dealt with it for so many years, and I wrote so many words in true and false. Finally, on this day, I saw the original color and hear the main tone. I also started to have my own spiritual appearance,

The alarm comes from spirituality and does not come from the vulgar world

Essence New intentions do not drive from reverse, extending from forward. Writing miscellaneous text is not to shout to the enemy, to talk to friends, not to turn ink into other people’s blood, but to turn your blood into ink.

This book is a collection of authors, both


Writing in life, essays of life

There are also

Literature and art comments, social talks

, Mainly the author

Thinking about life in old age

Essence Although the article received in this book is not long, but

The text is exquisite and profound

, Very readability.

3. Song Shou: New Book of Shouqin Pension

Classic ancient books of ancient Chinese discussion and health care

China has entered an older society,

Health care

Has become people

Pursuing health and high quality life

A common choice, this book


Pay attention to the health scholars of all ages

It is a rare reference book that integrates food treatment and health. Book

The book is collected by Wenjin Pavilion’s “Siku Quanshu”

, Publishing, retaining the original appearance of handbook books. In order to increase readability and artistry and enrich the content of the book, the high -level masterpiece of Ren Bonian’s high -level masterpiece “Fairy Life Map” in terms of conception and composition is an illustration.

4. Chinese road and population aging

Countermeasures and ways to explore the problem of aging population


In -depth study of the aging of China’s population and analyzing the corresponding countermeasures

Mr. Li Yining set the theme of the 2018 China Road Series as “Chinese Road and Popularization.”

Mr. Li Yining analyzed in the theme article that the population aging should be aging

One of the main countermeasures



Relying on the new population dividend, that is, innovation

The whole book is intended to be divided into




Two parts, including: the study of the elderly, the development of the health industry, the wealth management of the elderly as the social capital, the wealth management of the elderly, the aging of the rural population and the rural revitalization, the significance of the British rural pension project, and so on.

5. The life of the elderly

Family is the center of the life of the elderly

Entering the life of the elderly

Care about the life and emotions of the elderly

Explore the meaning and value of “old”

This book is mainly from



Two aspects of research

The elderly in our country

Introduced our country from a macro level

Population aging characteristics

Government aging work mechanism

,as well as

Social security, medical security and welfare service development status quo

Tell from the micro level

Interpersonal relationships in the life of the elderly

important events

And they

Emotion and feelings

Hope through the research results of this book, you can

Solutions on aging and elderly problems in our country

Some help.

6. Old man and sea

Hemingway to himself “The best work that can be written in this life”

“Old Man and Sea” tells the story of an old fisherman, but in this story, it reveals the common destiny of human beings. I admire the courage of the elderly, the spirit of unyielding struggle, and also admiring Hemingway.

——The contemporary famous writer Wang Xiaobo

People are not born for failure. A person can be destroyed, but cannot be defeated.

– “Old Man and Sea”



Dare to live a hundred years old

Food, food, housing and transportation, leisure exercise,

Psychological and physiological self -regulation …

99 suggestions for modern longevity health

Live a healthy and happy old life in a scientific way

“Know your age and create your own age with action.” “Dare to live one hundred years old” combines the basic scientific knowledge with the philosophy of philosophy, integrates molecules with talent, and linked individual needs with society, unified rights and responsibilities, and establishes new in the life expectancy of human beings. The concept of time.

Step 99 to a 100 -year -old · Dietary Article

1. Diet health.

2. Read food label carefully to ensure diet science.

3. Due to meals in time.

4. Understand the calories in food and body.

5. Be wary of fatness.

6. Planning to supplement cholesterol in appropriate amount.

7. Eat more carbohydrates.

8. Pay attention to protein intake.

9. Do not let your body dehydrate.

10. A small amount of salt is enough.

11. Maintain sufficient fiber.

12. Pay attention to vitamins -it can stop.

13. Calcium is important.

14. Drink a cup of coffee.

15. Wine: Enemies and friends.

16. Be careful of food with chemical ingredients.

17. Beware of freedom.

18. Use your diet to fight cancer.

Further reading:

Wisdom of Life

Everyone pursues a happy life, but happiness is elusive

For those who are pursuing happiness, this book is: youth medicine, middle -aged wine, older tea


Schopenhauer’s “Wisdom of Life”

Explore the art of happy life

Point out to face life

Two enemies

The first is

The pain of embarrassment manufacturing

,two is

Rich boring

: “Neither pain nor boring, it has realized the happiness of life in essence.” He believes that the most important thing for happiness is what people are, especially health; Human image. He explained in the language -like language of prose

Article 53 advice and motto

, Involved

General Life

How to discipline

How to treat people

How to deal with the world and destiny

Essence He also discussed

The impact of age on the realm of life

, Analyze the characteristics of the four seasons of life.

Life path stages

(Two volumes)

On those long winter nights

When I don’t know what to do

I will come up with this book

Read it with enjoyment

“The Road of Life” is a masterpiece of Kerka Guaur. This is a book

You can take out the books that read it often

In the book, Kerka Guoer discussed the stage of life:

Aesthetic stage, ethical stage, religious stage

Essence Kerka Guaer wants us

Facing the survival experience of subjective individuals to make choices

He wants us

Penetrate aesthetic life



After enjoying the illusion and joy of life


Discovering the misfortune and pain hidden behind it

Then recognize the limitations of ethical life,

Enter the quiet religious stage

8. The art of good ending: a practical guide to deal with aging, illness, and death

“How do we treat death, that is, how we treat life.”


This book enlighten older friends to treat aging and death optimistically, and properly handle the relationship between themselves and medical treatment. I believe

After reading, you can make your life more healthy and happy after reading

——Hang Kai Tak (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a famous pathologist)

The most important lesson in life is about

Course of life and death

This is an about

Must -answer in life

——The aging, serious illness, death —

Practical guide

The suggestions in the book are meticulous, considerate, pragmatic, professional, deep, and operable.

9. The path of life


A great writer’s final summary of life and society

Tolstoy is a person

Great writer

At the same time, it is also one

Great thinker

Essence In the winter of 1910, Tolstoy, who was seeking physical and spiritual liberation, quietly ran away from home. After a week, he died at a desolate station. After he died, he left a piece he did not see the publishing, but it was him

The book where the essence of life is located

This is this

Collection of philosophy

“The Road to Life”.


The content of this book is complicated, but writing is as simple and simple as the scriptures. Tolstoy

“In order to make them more concise and make them adapt to everyone and adapt to everyone”

Become a popular

The philosophy of life written to the public read

Tolstoy said desire

How can people overcome desire and sin?

Russian writer Tolstoy’s finale in his later years;

Crossing a century of soul torture,

Reflection of life, desire, happiness, fairness, justice, and regime

A great meditation of a great thinker, a philosophical book written to the public.

Tolstoy talks about happiness

Grandwen Hao Tolstoy’s ideological achievements on “happiness”

Happy families are similar, and unfortunate families have their own misfortunes. There is only one kind of happiness in the world, and what we need is only this kind of happiness. What is this happiness?

10. Walk to the edge of life

With a deep and unique experience, the courage of the strokes, and the vivid and full strokes


For those who are helpless for those who lack of faith in real life

Yang Yan

Ninety -six years old

Start discussing philosophy, what I discussed is

The most fundamental problem in life

At the same time, it is the most urgent issue she is facing. She is preparing for the most important thing. Walking to life, she wants to understand

What are you staying behind you

What is the one who is waiting for her

Essence This is

The two themes of this book:

The value of life

The whereabouts of the soul

Essence Her mentality and text are still peaceful, but there is an admirable bravery and keenness.

—— Zhou Guoping’s “Wisdom on the Edge of Life”

I was standing on the edge of my life, looking back, and looking forward. Looking back, I have lived for a lifetime. What is my life?

I want to explore the value of life

Essence Looking forward, I go forward, is there nothing?

—— Yang Yan

Mr. Yang Yan created this one at the age of 96

A collection of prose full of philosophy and interest


Fate, life, life and death, spirit and meat and other fundamental problems

, I realize the value of life lies in the value of life

Follow the requirements of “spiritual conscience” to cultivate yourself and improve yourself

—— Wang Dingjun

























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