I hold you tightly into my arms

Hold you in my palm


Who told me really love you

In the pure world of love

You are the only one

Never doubt forever

On May 20th, in this festival that expressed love, the air was filled with a happy taste. Chocolate, flowers, dating, watching movies … people use all forms to prove their love for each other.


Love is an eternal topic. From ancient times to the present, we have expressed their love for TA in different ways.

Love in the 1960s

Love confession:

Great revolutionary truth

The name of the common revolutionary ambition

The most popular love token:

To send “Chairman Mao’s Quotations”


Or “Chairman Mao’s Poetry” is mainly

Gay male giving a square scarf, a hairpin to a gay female comrade

Gerandma returns to pens and notebooks

Love in the 1970s

Loyalty, heaven and earth are proved

“Butterfly” sewing machine, “permanent brand” bicycle

“Shanghai card” watch, recorder


Love in the 1980s

“I like you very much”

Play guitar outside the window

Singing pop songs for the beloved girl

love letter


Weaving a sweater secretly for the beloved

The furniture created by the man himself

Love in the 1990s

The phrase “I love you” is enough to make her remember for 3 days


Fresh gadgets such as couple ring, music box


Rose and chocolate powder ink symbolized love

Love at this time

I love you, I want to give you a warm home!

I want to be in a large house with floor -to -ceiling windows

Lying with you in bed to tell love

Leaning with you in the morning against the window


Look at this city just waking up

I feel like I love you

Happiness is probably like this

Ta cooking

You will never get tired of eating

Favorite thing


Just enjoy food with TA in the restaurant

Go out of the sun on a sunny day

Lie on the sofa on rainy days listening to the sound of rain

Long water flow, warm and romantic

“Home” is the best interpretation of love

Share with your lover every day

Comfort and tranquility from home

Happiness just spread out like this

Every corner of the home

There are memories that love each other

Everywhere in the home

Both witnessed the moment of “I love you”

I want to give you a home more than saying “I love you”, and in the small nests of our two, spend time with you.

Love confession:

Love confession:

Love confession:

Love confession:

The most popular love token:

The most popular love token:


The most popular love token:

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