The cross -crossing warning symbol, we can often see at the crossroads that the triangle brand, which is a unity of the warning card shape. The triangle shape plays a warning role. The corners are sharp and more prominent.

The black peripheral lines are very serious. The interior is yellow. Yellow represents the slow meaning of it. It can pass, but it cannot be quickly. Pay more attention to the complex situation of the surroundings. The warning sign is a cross shape. The meaning.


The cross shape represents the crossroads. The crossroads are crossed. There are many past vehicles, or vehicles in the direction of east, south, south, and south must pass. The traffic conditions are relatively complicated.

The cross -crossing warning signs usually set up 10 meters to 20 meters in front of the crossroads, leaving a distance of dozens of meters to the driver to reduce the buffer and remind the driver in advance.

The frequency of this logo is relatively high. Many roads are cross -intersection. The cross -crossing warning signs are used to warn our drivers to pay attention to the crossroads in front. Pay attention to slowing down and observe. The car is intersecting.

There is no signal light intersection, and there is an intersection that is not very good. This warning sign is particularly important, so the driver should pay attention to deceleration and observation when he sees this logo.

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