Gu Ailing is a recognized fitness expert. Although the game has ended, she still maintains a very healthy living state. She is often encountered by netizens on the streets of Beijing and running with her mother. An accident encountered harassment. Gu Ailing is really a good temper! I don’t get angry when I was stopped by a vest and took a group photo. The abdominal muscles were super eye -catching

When a man ran directly on Gu Ailing that day, he stopped her and had to take a photo with her. After finishing the photo, she still stopped people, and even touched Gu Ailing’s body. At the time, the clothing she chose was a relatively cool sportswear. Such behaviors naturally attracted the criticism of many fans and netizens.

However, from the exposed Reuters photos, Gu Ailing’s literacy is very good. Even in the face of such impolite behaviors, he did not get angry. He maintained a very decent expression throughout the process, and his temper was really good.

As a sports fitness expert, Gu Ailing’s figure is the most envious of everyone. Although thin, the muscle lines are full of sense of strength, especially when he is wearing a tight -fitting sports vest, his body is more sexy and hot, especially that is that, especially that is there 6 abdominal muscles, even grabbing the limelight.

With such a healthy and sexy figure, Gu Ailing is also quite confident when making clothing matching. I often choose the appearance of the navel dress style to make a perfect combination of fashion and sports. Let ’s take a look together. Bar.


Gu Ailing’s navel pretend to wear

Wearing Demonstration: White Tight Short Veopal+short jacket+black high -waisted jeans+fisherman hat

Keywords for styling: leisure, high, delicate


Highlights of the shape 01: short and down high match, show high waistline

When wearing a navel installation, we often combine with the high -waisted lower installation. The biggest advantage of this is that it can further improve the proportion of the figure. figure.


Then increase the waistline through the high -waisted lower installation to create long legs. In this way, the classic upper and low -match tips formed can easily meet the high needs, especially for girls with more petite figures. , Very practical.

Highlights 02: Adding jewelry decoration to the shape is more conducive to creating a sense of fashion

Although Gu Ailing is an athlete, it is completely inferior to the fashion aesthetic ability. Even if it is matched with a simple foundation fashion item, he can use more small accessories to make the whole look full of exquisite and fashionable effects.

Like this set of white tight -fitting short vests with black high -waisted pants, she cleverly added the black fisherman hat and golden necklace jewelry to combine. Unity.

On the one hand, the golden necklace can greatly improve the eye -catching sense of shape, and the color elements are richer. On the other hand, it is also injecting metal elements into the wear of sports and leisure style, which highlights the personality effect.

Summary of Gu Ailing’s umbilical dressing skills


Although Gu Ailing’s exposed navel dressing has a variety of styles, we can learn universal dressing skills from the specific demonstration mentioned above:

① The selected short interior is best based on slim tight tailoring, which can more conveniently outline the body curve, create a refreshing and dry sense, and further highlight the sexy elements;


② When matching with a short top, high -waist pants or skirts can better improve the proportion of figure and meet the demand for high and thin;


③ Properly add jewelry and leisure items to combine the combination, thereby improving the integrity of the entire shape.

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Gu Ailing Street runs on the street and encountered harassment! The six -piece abdominal muscles of the vest is too eye -catching, and the body is so spicy

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