“Oh, Xiangxue” is the current short story of the Federation of Literary and Art Federation and the Association of Writers. Once the work was published, it caused different repercussions in the society. It was well received by readers and experts. Tie Ning won the national excellent short stories and the first “Youth Literature” creation award in 1982. The novel was also filmed in 1989, and won the 41st Berlin International Film Festival Youth Film.

In this short story of less than 10,000 words, Tie Ning uses clever ideas, refined language, vivid descriptions, lyrical expressions, and poetic brushstrokes presenting to readers. In Xiaoshan Village, because of the train for a minute, the far -reaching impact on a group of young girls such as Xiangxue, which reveals the longing for modern civilization and the pursuit of a better life in remote mountain villages.

1. Taiergou closed in Dashan

Taiergou is an inconspicuous small mountain village. There are only a dozen households. The people here live in Dashan for generations. They live in the sunrise every day and live in the cultivation of the loess. , Follow the rules, live poverty, backward, occluded, passive


The Taiergou people came to the quilt after dinner, and they seemed to hear the silent order at the same time. As a result, the small stone house of Taiergou suddenly was completely still at the same time, as deep and true, as if silently telling Dashan’s piety to Dashan.

Yes, Taiergou is still, and there is no climax in the end of the year and the hot scenes and movements. It is like a silent old cow. Like the devout believers, the mountain people live in the pattern of the mountain, and they willingly accept the “warm” and “rude” given by the mountain.

But they have a simple quality. The girls in the mountains are also simple and pure, and they are like snow. Just like Xiangxue has

The eyes of clean crystal have a clean face that was born like a minute ago, and the soft lips like red satin. This is the warm memory of Dashan

Breeding a pure and indifferent girl.

The rudeness and grim of Dashan hindered the pace of the Taiergou people out, and closed their thoughts. It gave Shanmin a closed world, let them be imprisoned here, there is no chance of development, no long -term plans, and no more desires.

Their life is simple to eat only two meals a day. They are accustomed to this life, and no one tries to change.

More people do not have the pursuit of cultural knowledge. There is no school in the mountains. Xiangxue is the only student in the mountains in the mountains. She needs to go to the commune to school. Xiangxue can not even buy a pencil box. The wooden pencil box, compared with other classmates’ pencil boxes, is awkward and old. Students laughed at Xiangxue because they couldn’t eat three meals a day because they could not eat three meals a day.

Taiergou deep in the deep mountains is a remote, poverty, backward synonym in the eyes of others.

2. The arrival of the train opened the door to modern civilization

One one time the Temple of the Temple was paved into the raily, the train was opened, and a minute after staying, the tranquility of the entire mountain village was broken, and the hearts of the girls of Xiangxue were also set off.

Whenever the train galloped, they stood in the village entrance, raised their chin, and looked up at the train greedy and focused.

The girls no longer couldn’t bear curious hearts, they became interested in the train.


The girls in Taiergou panicked the table just after the dinner. They had a few bites in their hearts, throwing off the bowl and starting to dress up. They washed the loess and dust of the loess for a day, showing a rough and rosy complexion, combing the hair on the hair, and then wearing the best clothes. Some people put on new shoes that were worn during the New Year, and some people quietly applied to my face. Although the train was dark when they arrived, they still deliberately considered their clothing and appearance according to their own minds. Then they ran towards the village entrance and the train passing by the train.

The train is like a magnet, which is too attractive to them! The train brought them a novel world outside the mountain and let them open their vision. A row of golden circles on the women’s heads, watches smaller than nail caps, “patch bags”, electric fans like blades, and the white noodles covered by the train all day to them all day. “Beijing dialect” like scholars …

The increase in knowledge makes them have more topics to argue and wonderful reveries and longing.

Gradually, they made a minute parking time colorful. They used specialties in the mountains: eggs, walnuts, and jujubes in exchange for Taiergou’s rare hanging noodles, matches, carding hair cards, soaps of smelling, and a lot of colors. Silk scarf and loose nylon socks.

Feng Jiao, who has a spicy personality, loves to find “Beijing dialect” to buy and sell, and every time she is grinding. She replaced a bundle of noodles and two sand scarves from him with eggs, and Feng Jiao must pull back a pound of noodles. Give him back. She feels that only this is worthy of her relationship with him, and she is willing to have a difference between this interaction and general sale. This can’t help but say that Feng Jiao’s simple girl’s heart is faintly hidden in the “Beijing dialect”. Although she hasn’t thought about anything, she also hinted Hands hazy yearning.

Finally, on the train, Xiang Xue got her fascinating pencil box.


The train stays at Taiergou for one minute at 7 o’clock every day. This is a short minute, which awakens the sleeping mind of the girls in the mountain village, stimulate their enthusiasm for life, and also change their way of survival in Dashan for a long time. Change the girl’s spiritual appearance and closed ideas. Every day they have strong expectations for the next minute, and they are extremely excited about the arrival of that minute.

It is the train of the train to the girls. The material and spirit of material and spirit. The girls’ performance in the train stayed for a minute, deeply revealing their infinite longing for modern civilization and a strong desire for a better life.

3. After getting a pencil box, Xiangxue has become a brave girl

Xiangxue is in school, because there is no decent pencil box, she is ridiculed by her classmates more than once. Her self -esteem was deeply hit, but she was unable to change the facts, and she could not have a iron -absorbing stone like her classmates. The wide foam plastic pencil box, such a pencil box becomes a dream of Xiangxue.

Xiangxue is the only junior high school student in the village. She and other girls have different ideas and pursuits. For example, she will notice the “patch bag” that other girls ignore. Although she is the youngest, but she is interested in the topic, she will ask questions fearlessly. She seizes the empty inquiries about whether the university in Beijing wants the Taier ditch and inquire about what “soundtrack recitation”.

When she was carrying 40 eggs with a basket and found the pencil box she thought about it day and night, she faced the door



go. When she wants to use forty eggs to exchange for that pencil box, the owner of the pencil box is moved by Xiang Xue’s behavior. She wants to give the pencil box to Xiangxue, but Xiangxue feels that no matter how poor it is, she can’t take people’s things in vain. The basket stuffed under her seat and quickly left.

Although Xiang Xue was anxious because she couldn’t get out of the car in time, she changed her to a pencil box as expected. As a result, she was brought to Xishankou Station, which was driving 30 miles away. Xiangxue stood down the train at the Xishankou, and she was scared from her boldness to her hair on her body; it would be scared to go to the yard alone at night; the caterpillar was afraid; The Xishankou and the dark mountains around me were silent, and even the sound of the small woods made of the small woods, and she was afraid.

However, when the bright moonlight handles the shining of the pencil box in the hand, Xiangxue carefully looked at it, and there were two white horseshoe lotus on the pale green pencil box.

She opened it carefully, and learned the appearance of the lid at the same table. With a “da”, it closed tightly. Only at this time, she felt that the pencil box really belonged to her, really. It thought of tomorrow. When she was in school tomorrow, how much she hoped that they would ask her again again.

In Xiangxue’s view, this pencil box is a powerful weapon that allows her to find dignity and realize equality.

She finally had the same pencil box as her classmates. Xiangxue seemed to have courage and strength. She also saw hope, so she was fearless, and she was not afraid of her mother because she used forty eggs to exchange pencil boxes. And blame her, she wants to tell her mother:

This is a treasure box. Whoever uses it can go all the way to college, take a train everywhere, and you can ask what you want. It’s right. The mother will believe, because Xiangxue never deceives.

The more Xiang Xue thought about the brighter heart, the futry the footsteps, the warmer, and when she encountered a black hole tunnel, she didn’t have a trace of fear. She just inserted a straw stick with the meaning of “avoiding evil” on her hair, and then did not hesitate to hesitate ,bravely


Enter the tunnel.

Thirty miles, Xiangxue kept walking and moved all the way forward until he met with Feng Jiao and others who came to meet her.

Xiangxue bravely completed the solo walking of the thirty -mile night road under the encouragement of the pencil box. It was a pencil box to defeat her. She was no longer the cowardly little girl. She was a brave girl!

“Oh, Xiangxue” through a group of simple mountain villages and trains intersection, in fact, it shows the opposition of rural backward ideological concepts and modern civilization. Different worlds; the other is the comparison of clumsy and rough wooden pencil boxes and plastic foam pencil boxes,

The former is a traditional rural life that is behind, and the latter represents modern agricultural civilization. It also demonstrates a yearning and pursuit of the people of Shancun for modern civilization.

As a responsible writer, deserves the mission given by the times. During the turning point of reform and opening up in my country, this work of Tie Ning is undoubtedly a call for the times. In particular, young people in the countryside played an incentive role to the advancement of modern civilization, which had a promotion effect on the rural reform and opening up at that time.


The novel “Oh, Xiangxue” is like a clear spring water, moisturizing the hearts of each reader. The novel is full of fresh poetry, beautiful language, smooth and natural. The author’s description of the natural environment is unique, and the description of psychological activities is very deep and vivid.

She stood up, and suddenly felt very satisfied, and the wind was softer. She found that the moon was so clear. The mountains are shrouded in the moonlight, like the solemn and sacred breasts of the mother; the autumn wind blowing a tree walnut leaf, rolled like a tree gold bell. Singing “唱 唱”.

This large paragraph description is extremely exciting


Fully showed Xiangxue because of the psychological changes after the pencil box, and also showed the beauty of poetic mood contained in the natural environment of the mountains.

The novel “Oh, Xiangxue” has no ups and downs, and there is no shocking scene. The seemingly simple story, but fully taps the more ideal and beliefs of human nature.


The poetic and beautiful titles, the aesthetic sentences are flowing, and it flows like poetic.


One heart is hidden in the deep wrinkles of Dashan, from spring to summer, from autumn to winter, silently accepts the warmth and rudeness given by Dashan at will

Essence “Such a poetic sentence can be seen everywhere, and the description of each paragraph is beautiful and pure, and the whole article is really like a long and lyrical prose poem, beautiful and gentle. The famous writer Sun Li once evaluated this year:”

“Oh, Xiangxue” is a poem from beginning to end. It is a thousand miles and is always the same. This is a pure poem, which is Qingquan. The places that it passed by is also a pure state.

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