People have a different value, and of course shoes are no exception. If you have a bad vision and choose those old -fashioned leather shoes, no matter how good your temperament is, you will drag your legs, and your impression of others is not good. You will feel that you are a manless man. A pair of high -value leather shoes will not only add points for your overall image, but also show your men’s charm. Next, I will introduce a few high -value leather shoes.


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Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes were originally popular in Oxford University in the 17th century. It is characterized by the shoe’s hoe and sides of the shoe body. There will be carved patterns, and then a few holes on the upper and fixing with shoelaces. Oxford shoes first originated from the countryside of Scotland and Ireland. At first, it was non -heel. It was made of unprepared thickened cowhide, which will also be lined with dried grass and wheat straw roots. The upper is Confucius just for drainage and sludge. Until the development of the times, the improvement of people’s taste was that today’s Oxford shoes.

Since its founding in 1977, Sona has a history of more than forty years. It has been committed to the expansion and innovation of the brand. Through continuous accumulation and technical support, it has won the hearts of many consumers in the market. Each of its leather shoes stems from original design, group discussions, coupled with careful polishing, will only be produced in batches after no problem, and always adhere to the most perfect service for consumers.

This leather shoes selected high -quality header cowhide, low -heeled pointed design, and patterns stitching on the upper, adding a trace of vitality to the calmness. The soles are made of rubber, high elasticity, and more abrasion. The shoe body is spliced ​​from three different leather. The exquisite sewing line makes the shoes perfectly picky. Whether it is a male or young man, you can easily control it.

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Derby shoes


Derby shoes in Europe are a very popular name for strap shoes. Its biggest feature is that whether it is the shoe body or the tongue, all use a piece of leather, and then leave the gap directly on the two shoe ears for straps. It plays a role in adjusting and loose. The biggest difference between Derby shoes and Oxford shoes is that the former covered the tongue and the latter was exposed.

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One of the biggest advantages of Derby shoes is that it is very suitable for those with very wide feet or thick back. While retaining the styles, they also want to leave a free space for men to give men. It is not only suitable for business activities, but also very suitable for many formal occasions, more versatile than Oxford shoes. This type of shoes gives people a quiet and comfortable feeling.


Sona’s leather shoes have always been known for their high cost performance and super satisfactory comfort. Coupled with their ingenious design and the spirit of continuous innovation, they have been active in the middle of the consumer group. The most important thing is that it considers the needs of all ages. Regardless of the maturity and stability, or leisure and vitality, men can immediately find the shoes that suits them best.

This rounded shoes can be said to be a style that will never be out of date. First of all, the wild black, plus the lace design, is the trend of the past. Its body and tongue tongue are made of a piece of leather. It has selected high -quality cowhide, soft and comfortable, and has a breathable. It can effectively relieve foot sweat. In addition, it is easy to wear and take off. The trouble of laces.


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Lefu Shoes

“LOAFER” is the original English word of loafers, and the original meaning of “LOAF” refers to a comfortable, casual lifestyle, and it also represents these lively and optimistic people with their own attitude of life. FINLAY, the head of the men’s shoes brand Fin’s, once commented that the Men’s shoes “this kind of men’s shoes is simple but everything is just right”; PrenderGast, the founder of the British brand The Duffer of St. George, calls the idle characteristics of loafers ” Random, the style of the Ivy College “; it can be seen that Lefu shoes are extensive and recognized.


One of the biggest advantages of Lefu’s shoes is that it is particularly easy to wear and take off. The design of the feet is one of the must -have for many men in choosing casual shoes. Regardless of China or foreign countries, wearing and taking off shoes are an indispensable etiquette, and Lefu shoes are not only easy to wear and take off, but also highlight high quality.


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