Color magic, let art and life dance together

Marx once said: “The feeling of color is the most popular form in general aesthetics.”

Because of the existence of color, the monotonous of life is also changed. It is very interesting and agile, as if a silent language. Different emotions and charm are passed by vision, either escape, or subtle, or passion, or tranquility.


The harmony and matching of colors also contains infinite vitality and creativity. As small as people’s daily wear, as large as fashion art and home design, all are the extension and display of color aesthetics.


It can be said that the magic of colors has blurred the boundaries of life and art and dancing art and life.

This coincides with the brand philosophy of the Mu Si sofa.

Musi Sofa | Pantone Color Institute

Explore the optimal solution of color aesthetics and elegant life


As a high -end home brand under Mursey, Mursey sofa advocates elegant, exquisite, simple, and noble aesthetics, aiming to lead the art trend of home life: “let art integrate into life, make life full of art”, and extend it, and strive to be committed The search for color aesthetics to lead the more harmonious and beautiful lifestyle.

Speaking of color aesthetics, naturally I have to mention the existence of a wind -oriented presence like the Pantone Color Institute. As a global authoritative agency, Pantone has created countless popular colors models since 2000. Meituan yellow, green vegetable green, space purple …

Color creates a wonderful life, and color art interprets living space aesthetics. Take this as an opportunity to join forces in the industry’s attention.

On August 29, 2021, Mu Si sofa joined hands with PANTONE to open the color space exploring journey. Through the color dialogue and collision, give home life more art extension, light up the boundless imagination of life and art, and explore color aesthetics and elegant life together The optimal solution.

At the beginning of the press conference, the invited guests-Romanian artists made wonderful sharing on the color fashion trend of 22-23 years. Based on the integration and coexistence of color and home living space, it brought a new interpretation to the construction of a harmonious living. This wonderful feast that brings together the representatives of the Pantone China, authoritative media, industry representatives, home designers, and high -end customers, it will undoubtedly witness Murse’s high attention and unique insights on color.

And the biggest surprise of this color space search journey is from Mursey sofa

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Pantone Color Institute’s collaboration. Under the joint witness of the guests at the scene, the customized brand exclusive color interpreted by the two parties- [Mu Si Caliasofart Red] was officially released!


Color color is inspiration, extending the aesthetic tentacles and cultivation of life

Each color is a language that conveys its unique message. The recognizable and representative [Mu Si Caliasofart Red] is no exception. It is mellow and rich, which is not only a rich depth, and it is also the reflection of the ultimate connotation of the Mu Si sofa brand.

At the press conference, Vice President of Pantone shared the color story of Mu Si | Caliasofart -after Pantone deeply investigated the aesthetic intention of Chinese consumers and Musi | Caliasofart’s brand process, it extracted natural, elegant, romantic, art, art, art Warm and comfortable brand keywords, so as to find a color to convey the aesthetics advocated by Mu Si | Caliasofart, and awaken people’s ideals and love for life. This color is [Mu Si Caliasofart Red].


At the same time, at the press conference, a Bayorgino Nose sofa, which applied a new brand color [Mu Si Caliasofart Red]. The design of this sofa is inspired by the painter Berrugino during the Renaissance, and his work pursues the exquisite and beautiful harmony; and the designer also gives this sofa comfortable craft design, aesthetics and comfort and perfect integration, with a low -key elegant elegant and elegant [Mu Si Caliasofart Red], the Italian simple luxury temperament rushed to inject a calm and peace of mind into the home space, as if he inadvertently found a comfortable harbor.


The high-end designer channels, the joining of Knowledge Aerospace, pushed the conference to a climax. At the event site, the representative of the knowledge of the Knowledge Aerospace and the brand representatives of the Mu Si sofa held a cooperation ceremony, and the two sides officially started strategic cooperation. Design is the first productive forces of home art. With the blessing of top designer channels, the Mu Si sofa will accelerate the development of professional quality, IP activities, diversified resources, and directional channels. Chapter.


Art from life, and highly refined those abstract reveries in life. As a vane of the high -end home furnishing industry, the cooperation between Mu Si sofa and Pantone is more like an art communication and collision. Inspired by [Mu Si Caliasofart Red], the brand attitude outputs the attitude of the brand, extend the aesthetic tentacles to cultivate home life, and continuously leads the international trend and life fashion of the home industry. We also hope that the aesthetics transmitted by Mu Si Caliasofart Red can bring people a higher quality life experience and healthier and more comfortable lifestyle.

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