We often see the vertical freezer in the supermarket, which can be preserved and intuitive, which is convenient for customers to choose products. Let’s talk about it today

Which brand of vertical freezer is good

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Which brand of vertical refrigerator is good

1. White snow

The independent humidification hole plan developed by the white snow ice container allows the water vapor generated in the freezer to flow out of the damp hole. It will not be contaminated on the glass door of the freezer, so that the glass door of the freezer is transparent, and it has always been clean. The low -consuming and high -energy import compressor equipment of the white snow ice container can evaporate and refrigerate all sides during the work, and emit the cold volume evenly, and the refrigeration effect is super strong. The characteristics of low energy consumption make you consume less energy per night during the process of use. Its common noise reduction skills, advanced mute technology, will also give you a quiet rest environment at night.

2. Stars

Xingxing freezer is a product produced by Xingxing Group. The freezing fan produced by Xingxing Group. The heat dissipation fan inside the freezer is a three -dimensional cold flow fan. It can well balance the internal temperature of the freezer. Glass doors, vacuum treatment in the glass expansion, increased the heat insulation of the freezer. The door seal of the star freezer is made of antibacterial PVC raw materials. This raw material has an amazing suction power. It can be lifted near 5 pounds of heavy objects. It matches the double -layer glass door with insulation, and the heat insulation continues to rise.

3, Haier

The tempered hollow glass door of the Haierli display cabinet not only has the function of thermal insulation, but also avoids glass condensation. The brand temperature controller it uses allows the temperature inside the freezer to be freely conditioned within 0-10 degrees Celsius. EBM’s high -efficiency fan has a solid quality, high -efficiency and stable air volume, and adheres to the internal temperature of the freezer.

Vertical freezer price

1. Lechuang refrigerator display cabinet -style commercial refrigerator freezer drink beverage beverage preservation cabinet double -door cold cabinet display cabinet 1798 yuan

2. Haier/Haier LC-137J 137 liter Bing Bar Computer Control Win Red Wine Cabinet House Refrigerated Broker 2788 yuan

3. Meiling/Meiling SC-316 freezer vertical display cabinet refrigerated commercial single-door beverage cabinet refrigerated cabinet 1599 yuan

4. Xingx/Star LSC-206E freezer vertical refrigerator display cabinet single-door beverage cabinet commercial display refrigerator 1999 yuan

5. White Snow SC-600F Home Freshy Frozen Cold Cabinet Commercial Frozen refrigerator Cabinet S quiet energy-saving display cabinet 4599 yuan

Vice freezer size

There are many types of vertical refrigerators, the brands are different, the size is also large, and the size of the size also determines the size of the capacity.

The size of the vertical refrigerator is:

The size of the two-door refrigerator 180-240 liters is about 53cm*57cm;

The size of 250 liters-300 liters of the three-door refrigerator is about 60cm*65cm;


The size of 310 liters-400 liters of the four-door refrigerator is about 80cm*60cm;

The size of 510 liters-610 liters of the door of the door is about 90cm*60cm;

On the top is the size of 410 liters to 450 liters of the refrigerator of the drawer about 71cm*71cm.

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