The curtain is no more ordinary home software,

However, there are not many homeowners who can hang it correctly, resulting in only part of the function of curtains.

It’s a pity!

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Therefore, if you want to hang the curtains like a professional software designer, some basic rules must be known first, so as to achieve better functions and effects at lower costs. According to the experience of experts, the most important key to correctly install curtains is:


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Before buying curtains, remember to find tape measures, this action is very important! Because you need to know the size of the floor -to -ceiling doors and windows, half -high windows, etc. to avoid expensive costs; as for the size information you need to obtain, including:


Size 1 │ The length of the curtain rod

Key point:

There are 10 to 15cm on each side of the doors and windows


The width of the doors and windows is mainly to confirm the length of the curtain rod. In principle,

The length of the pole should be 20 to 30 cm more than the width of the doors and windows


(10 to 15cm on each side of the left and right sides), there are two purpose of doing so.

1. When opening, the curtains can be completely pulled to both sides to introduce sufficient sunlight.

2. When closing, the curtains can completely cover the doors and windows to avoid external sight and prevent outdoor light from leaking in from both sides.

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Size 2 │ The width of curtains


75% of the width of the doors and windows

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To achieve better tightness, and consider the additional fabrics required for curtain wrinkles


It is recommended that the width of each (single) curtain should be 75%of the width of the doors and windows, and the shielding effect will be better.

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Size 3 │ The height of the curtain rod

Half or two -thirds between the top of the doors and windows and the ceiling

The location of the curtain rod is also particular! if

The position is too low, and the proportion of space will be strange


Proper installation will help pull up the level of height and relieve the sense of oppression


It will be more comfortable visually.

It is recommended that the position of the installation of the curtain rod should be based on one -half or two -thirds of the edge of the doors and windows and the ceiling to create a higher illusion of window and ceiling.

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Size 4 │ The length of curtains

The distance from the curtain rod to the ground plus 12 to 25cm length

In routine, once the height of the curtain rod is confirmed, the length of the curtains can be determined. But before cutting the cloth, there are several things to remind.


The curtains should be added with an additional 12 to 25 cm length as a pocket (suspender) pocket (suspender)

; Second, also


You can increase the length of the curtain according to the space style, thereby creating a formal, leisure or romantic atmosphere

Essence Tips, if you do n’t know the relationship between space and curtains, you may wish to refer to the ingenuity commonly used by designers.


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living room


The atmosphere is from the living room between formal and leisure,

It is recommended that the lower edge of the curtain “just contact” the floor

, Present a similar effect of hovering on the ground. Small reminders, to achieve this effect perfectly, it is more accurate during measurement, it is best to tailor it.

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If you often banquet at home, you need to create a relatively formal atmosphere for the restaurant; so the choice of the length of the curtains,

It is recommended to have a length of 5 to 10 cm more


, Make the curtains a little dragged on the ground.


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In the bedroom with rest and sleep, the space atmosphere should be as relaxed and casual as possible; in routine, there are 2 choices in the length of the bedroom curtains.


The first is 1.5 to 3 cm in the lower edge

Let the curtains look slightly “wrinkled” after contacting the floor.


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The second type can increase the length of the lower hem of 15 to 40 cm

, Make the bottom of the curtain similar to “fan -shaped”, which is also like the state of wedding dress, adding a romantic atmosphere to the bedroom.

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Simply summarize, to help the home installation of practical and beautiful curtains, please master


“Measure is everything”


The principle of the color, style, and other details.


TIPS: Curtain color

How to choose the color of curtains? There are a few simple principles to provide reference:

1. Modern and simple style

: Select the color of curtains that are close to the wall color or a little darker.

2. Elegant French style:

Nude, gray -brown and brown are good choices.


3. Comfortable MUJI:

The light gray tone is the first choice.

Common curtain styles

After completing the measurement, then you can determine the style, color, and material, and conceive how to use curtains to achieve the effect of shielding and decoration. Let’s share common curtain creativity below.

Simple style curtain

Whether it is a horizontal pull -up curtain or lifting curtain (rolling curtain, Roman curtain), this style should be

Soft color, simple details are preferred

: For example, the color is beige, cream, and light gray, and with the installation method of “cover” to create a clean and comfortable atmosphere.

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Modern style curtain

Such curtains are similar to simple style, but


The details emphasize clear, clear lines, and contrasting color

Essence in,

The lines can be designed with stiff folds


Come to reach; as for

Color matching will be presented by double curtains (cloth curtains, screen curtains)

Usually, the curtains use a deeper single color, while the curtain is mainly white.

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▲ The contrasting effect is achieved by the different colors of the double curtain

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Printing pattern curtain

Create visual focus for space, and the use of printed patterns with printed patterns is a good choice; and common patterns include flowers and plants, geometry, plaid, animal, human shape, etc. Please pay attention, please,

In order to avoid decentralized focus, the accessories of the printed curtains are simplified or not used as much as possible. At the same time, it should also be based on simple installation methods such as the ring and the suspender.


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Rural style curtains


Comfort is the feeling of rural style! So, might as well

Use solid color curtains with “curtain”, or lattice pattern, neutral color curtain

, Except a simple and relaxed space atmosphere.

In addition, it should be reminded that the use area of ​​grid curtains should not be too large, so as not to make the visual focus of the space dispersed; it is recommended to install a small window or less decorative space.

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▲ The lattice curtain is suitable for small windows

Luxury style curtain

To create a luxurious atmosphere of space, special attention should be paid to the selection of curtain materials. Generally speaking,

Velvet and silk materials are the most popular

Secondly in detail design, except

Install the fan -shaped curtain, some will help the curtains or the velvet ball, or even the tassel

But remind everyone,

Using curtains with complicated details, you must also consider the overall space


, So as not to see dazzling, but lose the decorative effect.

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Bohemian curtain

If you love ethnic style and romantic and unruly atmosphere, then Bohemian curtains should be suitable. In terms of routine,

It mostly uses a neutral warm color, and is designed with knot, beads, embroidery, lace, streaming, lace or pleated edges to handle details

, Present a free and casual fashion atmosphere.

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Cafe curtain

This curtain style is very common in European and American families, and

Small windows that are usually installed in the kitchen, so they are also known as “kitchen curtains”

Essence Its function is mainly to cover local light and have the effect of modifying the aesthetics of the space. The installation is very simple, just one telescopic rod plus a camisole (a ring) curtain.


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Roman curtain

The horizontal folding Roman curtain, in addition to the shading effect, and

It can keep the doors and windows clean, neat and stylish appearance

; And it can also be matched with traditional curtains, which is a kind of curtain with high practicality.

During the installation,


Can be installed in the window frame and outside according to needs

Essence The decoration is in the window frame (inner side), which can avoid the decoration or wall lamp on the window; if it is installed outside the window frame, the effect of pulling the height of the large window and the concealed column body indirectly makes the overall space greater.

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▲ Roman curtains can be paired with horizontal pull curtains to enhance function and decorative effect


The curtains are almost the fabric software that every family has, but the effects and functions present are greatly different. Therefore, if you are still upset for the curtain style and decoration effect, you may wish to refer to the above design, you should find a suitable curtain for your home.

The above content provides your reference, and please continue to pay attention to us,

Welcome to leave a message to share your curtain decoration experience!

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