Autumn has quietly arrived. Have you started preparing a few popular shoes for your shoe cabinet? Today Audrey found a few popular women’s shoes in autumn.


What women’s shoes are popular in autumn

1. Platform boots


By this fall, boots are still very popular, but the popular boots are more popular! High -heeled boots were a little outdated. This black flat boots are simple and generous. This classic boots are the most durable. It is really fashionable to wear, and it can also stretch the legs visually. It’s more slender!


2. High -top canvas shoes

Canvas shoes have long been classic shoes, and since Audrey has begun to rise in elementary school. But in this fall, high -top canvas shoes are popular! This style of canvas shoes is really cool to wear, and is popular with many young men and women. Especially friends who like to wear jeans in autumn must be equipped with this high -top canvas shoes.

3. Women’s leather shoes single shoes

The autumn climate is relatively cool, we all start to change from sandals to single shoes or small white shoes and short boots! In autumn, this kind of female leather shoes are also popular, which can also be called single shoes. This style of shoes is a bit similar to men’s leather shoes. Friends who like to wear shorts or skirts in autumn, coupled with this women’s leather shoes, and a pair of black socks, don’t be too fashionable!


4. Thick heel boots

Since this year, short boots are no longer popular shoes in spring and autumn and winter. Even in summer, many girls like to wear short boots! But the summer boots are hollow and breathable! This solid -colored coarse heel boots looks particularly stylish and high -level. It is so good -looking to wear and match, and it can also play a role in modifying the legs visually.


5. Puretic dwarf shoes

Single shoes will not be out of date, no matter what kind of season, this kind of square dwarf shoes are popular in autumn. The style looks particularly elegant and elegant, and it is particularly elegant to wear! Wearing shorts, short skirts, long skirts, or long pants with single shoes are particularly beautiful! And this square head dwarf -heel shoes do not pick the feet at all, and the feet are wide and wide.

These five shoes are very popular in autumn. I hope everyone likes it! Well, today’s content is introduced here, thank you for reading and attention!

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