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Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip.

The autumn meaning is getting stronger, and the cool wind and rain are slowly pushing us into late autumn and early winter. In addition to clothing, boots have gradually floated on our wearing schedule. Which boots will be popular this year? How to choose? Let’s follow Luo Wei.

As the fashion wave of fashion weeks gradually exit, looking at those shows and street shots, there is a

“Mid -boots”


Battle our sight.


In these years with naked boots and socks, it has emphasized the popularity of women’s curves. We are dismissive of these bulky and rough boots to match our delicate skirts and makeup.


When the middle boots disappeared almost, they returned strongly this year with a proud attitude. It can see its shadow when it is a big fashion week and street shooting show.


In addition, it is no longer a disaster that dwarfs can avoid. On the contrary, the right style will be significantly higher to a certain extent.


White horn sleeve top+patent leather skirt and middle boots, noble and generous, with the temperament of the lady.


The suit set+mid -horse boots, handsome and capable, free and easy.

It can be seen from the above wearing that the return of the middle boots will no longer emphasize

The lines and thinness of the legs

The problem, it does not have to work hard to please every matching item. Its tough contour lines, existing itself “

I am the protagonist, who am I afraid of


“Small and free stance.

Although the middle boots have distinctive characteristics, its exaggeration and its eye -catching will remind others that they are fashionable. However, we still need to avoid some minefields, especially for girls with thick legs, leg bending, and girls with various leg problems, you need to think about it in choosing and matching.


Selection of mid -boots


The names of the middle boots are the boots of the boots from the left and right positions of the lower legs to the knee length. In our past cognition, the middle boots are more raised. But in fact, this height is exactly the best way to modify the calf.

Common boots are divided into: ankle boots, short boots, high boots, mid -boots, and over -the -knee boots. The length of the boots is closely related to the leg shape.

Our general leg type is also shown above, and the most troublesome is O -type, X -type, XO type. If the legs are thick, it is really a disaster scene. It is not suitable for exposure. Essence

But autumn and winter are not the same. Autumn and winter boots can save various leg problems, such as middle boots.


If you have the above problems in your legs, you should pay attention when choosing the middle boots:


First: Material

Try to choose the hard cowhide or some texture leather.

The soft legs such as sheepskin and wool are avoided. They will only increase your calf to the eighteen curve.

Second: length

The length of the middle boots is also more critical.

If your calf is thin, it is just a bit curved, then the length of the middle boots can be covered with cornering.


Compared with naked boots and short boots, the middle boots are the best way to modify the leg shape.

The length like the picture above is the most suitable. The black wild is thin and the style is also neutral. It is suitable for pants and skirts.

Third: color


This year’s popular boots include black, white, snake pattern (or other patterns). Generally speaking, black is the most versatile. If the legs are thin, you can choose white or leopard print.


Fourth: Follow high


The middle boots are three types: fine heels, thick heels, and flat heels. The fine heel is biased towards feminine. The feminine is more obvious. Ping He is mainly handsome and neutral, and thick heels are between the two. You can choose according to your temperament characteristics.


However, for the little fairies with various problems in the legs, this kind of heel boots are still very suitable. The boots is a certain distance from the calf. It will not wrap the calf, and it will show thin legs.

Middle boots

1. Mid -boots+skirt

Various types of skirts in autumn and winter, come to the handsome and handsome middle boots, easily interpret the handsomeness of the fairy, beautiful and beautiful!

The charming and sexy hip skirt, with the middle boots of the same color, the temperament immediately prominent.

Coffee sweater+wine red leather skirt, the color is a bit heavy, but the two golden boots are different.

The romantic and gentle lace skirt is also available. It has the blessing of handsome boots, and the posture is high.


2. Mid -boots+pants

The work pants of the limelight, the heroic posture is refreshing, and the middle boot is just a family! The difference in color is no longer monotonous and boring, adding a little charm.

So handsome! Workers and wind pants and snake pattern boots are not ordinary bold.

Although the daddy’s pants this year, although the middle boots are suspected of five or five points, fortunately, the overall is neat and handsome, but it will ignore the proportion problem. It will also increase a lot of clenches and levels.

The return of the middle boots has broken the past we emphasized too much



The aesthetics, beauty is diverse, sexy, handsome, gentle, and neat, each with its own beauty. The popularity is also a wave of reincarnation.

This autumn and winter, let the handsome middle boots come to us



I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.


If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!

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