The exquisite decoration can enhance the grade and temperament of the home, and it can also highlight the taste of the owner, so hurry up and take a look at the large -scale printing of these living rooms. If you have a suitable, start with your home!

01 Tulip series of cross stitch

This three -united tulip series of cross -stitching, conveys a tranquility of spiritual cultivation, the charm of Hengxin and art and the true feelings of embroidered, decorate the exquisite home taste.


02 Vase red rose triple painting cross stitch

The simple and atmospheric vase red rose triple painting cross stitch, hanging in the home to make the entire room full of life, make the taste of the home sprint and pleasing to the eye.


03 Character Print Trinity Painting Cross Endor

The retro -style character printing triple painting cross -stitching, incorporating elegance into today’s living room, presenting full scores, awakening the artistic charm of home decoration.

04 Ninefish lotus map triple painting cross stitch

The living room has a large number of nine -fish lotus map triad painting cross stitch. The lotus and the branches and leaves are lush. The yellow background symbolizes the distinguished status, which can bring a strong wealth and make the career fly yellow.

05 Flower Hao Moon All -in -Moon Triple Painting Cross Stroke


The preferred flower of the home decoration is the cross -stitch of the three -united three -in -day painting. Magnolia flowers mean the meaning of rewarding grace, purity, love, and fragrance. At the same time, literature and art also represent the family and everything.

After watching these living room large printing cross -stitch three -united series, you may wish to decorate your home!

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