Disposable cups shall not be used in the internal office.

On March 6, Shanghai Hongkou District issued the “Implementation Plan for Promoting the Construction of the Full Classification System” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) in Shanghai Hongkou District. Products, equipment and facilities, increase the use of recycled paper, reduce the use of disposable office supplies, internal office spaces must not use disposable cups.

Surging News (www.thepaper.cn) reporters learned from the Greening and Municipal Rong Administration of Hongkou District that in 2019, the district will build 269 “two -nets fusion garbage classification” service points, and 8 “two network integration” transit stations, classification classification, classification Facilities and equipment are fully equipped. The eight streets in the district should be created into a demonstration street in Shanghai’s domestic waste classification. The residential areas, units, and public places are fully covered. More than 80%of residential areas and units achieve the effectiveness of garbage classification.

Hongkou District also proposed that the construction of various types of raw garbage transfer venues and resource reuse can be used to use existing conditions. The average daily control volume of dry garbage in the region is not higher than 634 tons, and the daily daily amount of wet garbage is higher than 193 tons. In 2019, 942 were converted in time -oriented and garbage tanks, 586 residential area reached the standard residential area, and a total of 40 units of wet garbage collecting vehicles were allocated.

In order to ensure the effective advancement of garbage classification, Hongkou District issued the “Plan”. The “Plan” clearly clearly incorporates garbage classification into the grass -roots level, especially the party organization management responsibilities of the residential district party organization, give play to the core role of grass -roots party organizations, and form the “four -in -one” of community party organizations, neighborhood committees, property, and industry committees. The hierarchical garbage classification joint meeting system, especially the implementation of the garbage classification work analysis and evaluation system of the street joint and the neighborhood committee every 1-2 weeks, give full play to residents’ autonomy functions, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of residents.

The Hongkou District will also connect the network latitude management mechanism to increase the frequency of supervision and inspection of domestic garbage classification work in the residential area, analyze the problems discovered on a regular basis, and establish a report mechanism; adhere to the “typical leading path” and speed up the replication and promotion.

Hongkou District will also publicize the supervision phone of mixed mixed transport to open report channels; gradually implement the responsibility for the management of the quality management of domestic garbage in the collection and transportation units, and gradually extend from the mechanism of the management of wet garbage quality management to other classified garbage varieties. Forced the residential area to do a good job of the source of the source; implement the management responsibility of the classification of property enterprises and the management responsibilities of sanitation operations, and strengthen the quality of wet garbage in the transit links and mixed transportation. Yun “system.

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