The image of the skeleton first came from “Zhuangzi · Kelle”. It tells that I encountered a skeleton in Zhuangzi Road and had a dialogue on life and death with it. In this text, the skeleton is unrestrained and happy, and they are on the other side of the life, very open -minded.

In ancient Egyptian civilization, the skull was a symbol of death and rebirth; pirates printed it on the flag to pose a threat to people; people regard it as a sign of danger; anti -mainstream cultural groups use it as synonymous with rebellion.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the motorcycle gangs also used the skeleton map to pull themselves from the genre of society; the heavy metal band in the 1980s also favored the skull pattern. However, for a long time, the skeleton has always been an alienate and niche spokesperson.


With the development of the times, the unknown meaning of the skull gradually dilutes, but its personality, fun, and mysterious qualities have become the inspiration elements of designers’ sought after, and have become the most deserved fashion darlings. Let the skulls a fashion element that sets off a fashion frenzy is the British design master Alexander McQueen.


The design of Alexander McQueen is empty. His works are full of skull elements, or weak or rigid, conservative or slutty, or magic or reality, with a gloomy romantic feeling. Perhaps it is from the fascination of “death” that the element of the skull is particularly in line with his work. When the silk scarf with a skull pattern appeared, it immediately caused a lot of sensation.


Under the influence of McQueen, the skull elements quickly spread in the fashion industry. The designers were happy to explore the new interpretation of this element, while fashion enthusiasts use a skull fashion single Your own popular label.

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