Which three defenses are the three anti -lamps

Three -proof light refers to: waterproof, dustproof, and anticorrosive.

Although the name of the three -proof lamp is popular on the market, as for the “three defense” of the three -proof lamp, in our daily habits, it is not clearly defined.

In terms of habits, because of the use of different lighting environments, it may require dustproof, moisture -proof, anti -corrosion, explosion -proof, waterproof, etc., but not every lamp can have these functions at the same time. The special lighting fixtures of the three functions are called three -proof lamps, and there are also three -proof lamps that adapt to direct tube fluorescent lights.

Dust: In some special interval, there is no dust purification requirements, and the lamp must be required to prevent dust;

Wide moisture -proof: Some lighting spaces and high humidity, moisture -proof must be anti -moisture to avoid damage to the electrical appliances of the lamp;

Anti -corrosion: For places such as chemical industry, the content of corrosive substances such as acid and alkali in the air is high, and there is anti -corrosion requirements for lights;

Explosion -proof: such as warehouses and other areas, to prevent the possibility of flammable and explosive, lamps must be explosion -proof;

Waterproof: For example, outdoor lamp fields, when it is often washing rain, it may need lamps to prevent waterproof.

How about three -proof lamps

The protection requirements of lamps are used to protect the protection requirements of lamps. This lamp performs anti -corrosion, waterproof, and anti -oxidation treatment of the circuit control board. For the characteristics of weak cooling and heat dissipation capacity of electrical boxes, smart temperature control three -proof lamp -of -specific working circuits reduce the working temperature of the power inverter, and to isolation and protection of strong electricity. Double insulation treatment of plugs ensure the safety and reliability of the line. According to the actual working environment of the three -proof lamp, the surface of the lamp protective box is treated with nano -spraying and moisture -proof anti -corrosion treatment, eliminating the entry of dust and moisture.

Three -proof lamp application environment

Three -proof lamps are generally used for industrial lighting demand places with strong corrosiveness, more dust, and rainy industrial lighting, such as: power plants, steel, petrochemicals, ships, venues, parking lots, basement, etc.

Three -proof lamp specification


T8.PC material. Specifications of three -proof light: 1. Dimensions of appearance: 1265 × 88 × 92 (mm); 2. Installed hole distance: 800mm; 3, nominal power 36W, working voltage 220V, frequency 50Hz, working current 0.43 A, power factor 0.50; quality level: compliance with type I lamp test standards, passed 3C certification. The biggest features: leak -proof, anti -vibration, anti -interference.

LED three -proof lamp specification: appearance size: L1250*W124*H40mm; lamp material: aluminum profile, PVC plastic; power efficiency: ≥85%; power factor: ≥0.95; harmonic: ≤15%; insulation resistance: 2 trillion Europe ; Electric -resistant voltage: 3000V; out of light angle: 90 °; lamp protection: IP65; test certification: CE.

T5 three -proof lamp specification: appearance size: L1208*W100*H77mm; lamp material: ABS outer frame+curved PC cover (PC cover has the characteristics of pressure resistance, folding, not easy to break)+iron bottom plate bracket; power supply efficiency: ≥88%; power factor: ≥0.94; harmonic: ≤15%; insulation resistance: 2 trillion Euros; lamp protection: IP65; detection and certification: CE, main features: fast start, non -frequent flash, and more energy saving.

Three -proof lamp performance characteristics

*Anti -glare function: The optimized design of the advanced lighting optical principles of transparent parts is uniform, soft, no glare, no heavy shadow, and effectively avoids unwelling and fatigue of construction operators.

*Light efficiency Energy saving: The selected gas discharge light source, high light effect, long life, life span of up to 10,000 hours, power factor greater than 0.9, high light emitting efficiency, good light transmittability.

*Seismic function: Multi -seismic structure and integrated design to ensure that it has long -term safety in high -frequency and multi -frequency vibration environments.


*Applicable environment: Adopt high -intensity alloy shells to perform special surface spraying and sealing treatment, which can be used for a long time in harsh environments such as high temperature humidity and various corrosiveness.

*Installation method: multiple installation methods such as seat -type, ceiling and ceiling type to meet the lighting needs of different work sites. Dual protection of electronics and machinery, automatically cut off the power after opening, increases the safety, stability, and reliability of use and maintenance.

With the rapid development of the large petrochemical industry, production equipment tends to open up, coupled with factors such as explosive atmosphere in the environment, and the lighting lamps are proposed at the same time as outdoor use, anti -corrosion, explosion -proof, and three special protection performance requirements. The development of three anti -lamps will become an inevitable trend. Since the three anti -light lights are so important, how to choose a high -quality and safe three -proof lamp? Take a look at the following.

1. Places to see

China’s three -defense lighting enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Minnan region. There are many excellent three -defense lighting companies in these two regions, such as: Guangdong Yuanfeng. Its quality and technology are very mature. In 1999, it was founded in the forefront of reform and opening up, Shenzhen, and moved to Dongguan in 2007 due to business development needs, and was committed to creating a perfect, practical and professional technology lighting brand.

2. Look at the company

If you can visit the production line of the factory, it is best, of course, but the regular three -proof factories will not let ordinary citizens visit the factory production line. Because the dust -free and anti -static requirements of the electronic factory are high, it can be registered from the enterprise to register Whether there are authentication, whether there are websites, Baidu Google rankings, media reports, user feedback, etc. to judge.

3. Look at the product

(1) From the smoothness of the product component, we can see the level of the mold, which indirectly can see the quality.

(2) See if there is a consistent size of the solder joints, whether there is a sudden sharpness, etc., I can see whether it is hand -welded or uses back welding welding, wave welding, SMD patch machines, PCB tin machines and other equipment. Millions, if the three -proof lights made of these equipment are used, the quality reliability is very different from the products using hand -welded.

(3) See if there are defects and defects

4. Look at the parameters

The main parameters of the three-anti-light lamp, especially the high-power three-proof lamp beads, are luminous efficiency and color rendering index. The current indicator of light emitting efficiency is 80-100LM/W, which must be greater than 80lm/w, but this indicator is in a growing period of growth. , Next year will reach 100-120LM/W. The color rendering index is 0.8. This indicator does not need to pursue more than 0.85 at all, unless you are engaged in painting such as painting such as painting.

5. See if there is no glare


If there is a bright light, it will have a potential adverse effect on the children in the home. Simply put, the same brightness, the larger the light area, the better.

6. Look at the appearance and function

See if the appearance is what you like, whether it is artistic, whether there is intelligent control, and whether there are special functions you need, such as voice control functions.

7. After -sales and selling

After -sales service is important, because after all, the three -proof light can be used for many years, and the price is not cheap. You must choose well -known enterprises, because well -known companies often pay attention to reputation, and it is not so easy to think of being famous. Register a new company, or just go down. The easiest way for well -known companies is Baidu.

8. Comprehensive consideration of the above indicators and prices

Don’t just consider one of the indicators, but to consider it in an all -round way, a penny and a penny, countless past experience tells us: too expensive may not be good, too cheap is often trap.

Three -proof lamps are mainly used for industry, so his design is stricter. Production safety belongs to the top priority of the enterprise. It is also used in humid environments such as high -speed road tunnels, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, and hospitals. It has a great effect on safety production. Therefore, after buying a high -quality three -proof light, it is necessary to install it correctly to make it maximum. Let’s take a look at how to install it correctly!

The installation of the three -proof lamp is divided into two types

1. Ceiling installation: First use 4 M8 bolts to fix the lifting rotor on the lamp, pass the three -core cable through the G3/4 tube thread mouth, pass through the round hole and the introduction of the lamp seat on the side. Connect to the lamp, then twist the wiring steel pipe with the G3/4 tube of the lamp and the wiring steel pipe with a standard G3/4 tube thread.

2. Topping installation: According to the size of the installation hole of the lamp, the corresponding installation bolt holes should be installed in the position where the lamp is installed, and the M8 bolts are installed and fixed. The disassembly site of the lamp body uses a stainless steel buckle to lock the structure, which is convenient for replacing the light source.

installation method

1. Take out the accessories in the part package, and fix the expansion screws in the position to be installed;

2. Fix the stainless steel bracket with the screws of φ5*38mm. The screw must be tightened;


3. The lamp input is a 3 -core protective line, of which the brown line connects the power line, the blue wire connects the power of the power, and the yellow -green line is connected to the power floor. Waterproof insulation tape is bandaged at the wiring;

4. Deduct the three -proof lamp into the installed stainless steel bracket;

5. The power supply voltage is within the rated work range of the lamp, and then the lights are turned on to light;


1. Non -professional personnel must not install or disassemble;

2. Before replacing the light source and removing the lamp, the power must be cut off, and the lamp is strictly prohibited.

(1) The red line connects the fire line L, the black line is connected to the zero line N. When installing the lamp, the lamp should be safely grounded.

(2) Orchid color is the switching line, short connecting orchid lines, and the city’s long and bright;

(3) The main power line fire line L and zero line N. This second route is directly entered into the electric box, and the connection switch is prohibited in the middle.

3. When using, the surface of the lamp has a certain temperature ascending, which is normal; the center of the transparent part is high and must not be touched.

4. When maintaining the lamps, the power supply and municipal power must be disconnected first.

5. Put the lamps in the cardboard box during transportation, and install foam shock absorption and have a fragile sign.


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