After experiencing the cross -border joint names of top film and television IPs such as “Dragon Ball Z”, “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars”, Adidas will continue to be new on this road in 2020!

Recently, a 007 James Bond theme Ultra Boost 20 has emerged on the Internet. I am afraid the next wave of cooperation will fly with the legendary agent!

▼ James Bond 007 x adidas ultra boost 20 exposure

重磅影视联名!007 x adidas 实物曝光,邦德同款来了

The latest 007 series “No Time to Die Die Die Die” will be

重磅影视联名!007 x adidas 实物曝光,邦德同款来了

April 2, 2020

The official release, as the 25th work of the James Bond series film, is still played by Daniel Greg!

With the Queen biography film “Bohemia Madon”, Lami Malirk, who won the best male lead in Oscar, will be the latest villain BOSS!

重磅影视联名!007 x adidas 实物曝光,邦德同款来了

▼ Chinese trailer, Bang girl appeared

重磅影视联名!007 x adidas 实物曝光,邦德同款来了

After introducing the film, the shoe itself is based on the latest specification Ultra Boost 20 as the blueprint. The overall use of a cool black coverage, presumably it must be on the foot when performing the stealth task, and it is appropriate!

007 words appear on the heel, highlighting the exclusive identity. It seems that in addition to driving Aston Martin in the future, adidas running shoes will also be closely linked to James Bond!

重磅影视联名!007 x adidas 实物曝光,邦德同款来了

At present, this James Bond 007 X adidas Ultra Boost 20 has not been released exactly whether there are other coloring. It has not been known whether there are other coloring!

I believe that all the suspense will be announced in advance with the release of the film in April. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention!

Image: solebyjc

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