Aquarium, one of the ethnic minorities in my country, only when it comes to its name, it will feel that it is a gentle nation. In fact, its connotation is diversified, and the virtues of respecting and respecting the elderly reflect its gentle side. The colorful festival fully reflects its enthusiasm. In particular, the enthusiasm of the aquariums is vividly interpreted.

The end Festival is calculated based on the water script and water calendar, also known as the “melon festival”, and the aquarium is also called “borrowing”. As far as the aquarium is concerned, the end of the festival is equivalent to the Spring Festival of the Han nationality.

At the time of the end of the festival, when the Qiu Nong harvest, people celebrated this festival with joy. At that time, in addition to the ritual full of sacrifices, it was worthy of rushing slopes.


“Polying” is the place of horse racing, also known as the “slope”.

After eating the New Year, people in various villages in the water villages rushed to the slope. After a while, the laughter flowed and ignited the atmosphere of the festival.

Horse racing hero

The enthusiasm of the festival is constantly rising, and people put a confession in the center of the runway and put on various sacrifices. Later, the elders of the highly respected festival of Zhaizhong and Germany presided over the ceremony.

The old -fashioned elder stands at the table, holding the wine glass full of wine, thinking of the words of the ancestors and praying for the auspicious words of the New Year, which represents the prayer of blessings of the water villagers.


After the ceremony, the village leaped on the horse, riding a horse along the runway, and announced the start of the horse racing.

The commander ordered, the riders raised the horses to fight. Aquarium’s horse racing form is very special, called “squeeze horse”. A flying riding rushed into the valley, squeezed out the valley in the struggle of each other, rushed towards the top of the slope, and first reached the top of the slope to win.

There are no lack of good riders in the aquarium. In the face of bloody men in their twenties, some people are not weak. In the field, it is not necessarily whoever loses and who wins. The ultimate winner is a heroic existence among water villagers.


Sing and dance to find good people

The young people rushed to the slope. In addition to watching the exciting horse racing, there was another purpose, which was to find good people while the event.

In addition to horse racing activities, there are colorful activities at the end of the festival, such as aquarium bullfighting dance, bronze inspiration, Lu Sheng dance, and singing.


Singing and dancing is an important link between lovers. The cheerful dance steps, beautiful singing, and embellishment of festivals have also become a powerful assistant for young men and women to complain about each other. In the process of singing and dancing, if you can find the people, it is also a blessing. After the singing and dance ended, those beautiful love stories played the prelude.

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